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An overview of some of the Social Media Monitoring Tools that are available in the market. A big challenge is knowing what's out there and what these tools offer, since the landscape is very fragmented with multiple vendors. This presentation hopefully will provide some guidelines in understanding the tools available

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  • Listening platforms aggregate hoards of social media data but rely on customers to take action. For firms to move from passively collecting social media to acting on the data, they must instill a formalized process for managing incoming data, identifying insights, and escalating the insights into action. One agency we spoke to conducts listening strategies for many of its clients. It employs a team responsible for managing the data. Multiple employees monitor the everyday conversation and escalate important discussion to a team leader, who in turn writes summaries and directs campaign improvements for the client.
  • Keywords operate on OR function. i.e. Berio Olive Oil returns results that include Berio, Olive or Oil
  • Social media monitoring report -Turning conversations into insights Social media influencers 2010 - Social media monitoring tools, mummy bloggers and organic baby food.In June 2010, Nielsen and McKinsey launched a joint venture under the name NM Incite, focusing on “Social Media Intelligence.” This combination of technology and services brings together data from Nielsen’sMyBuzzMetrics dashboard with McKinsey’s business consultants. The Forrester Wave™: ListeningPlatforms, Q3 2010My BuzzMetrics dashboard with McKinsey’s business consultants
  • In most of these tools these filters need to be set in the search setup. The search has to be rerun whenever the language/location is changed, which is time consuming
  • Social Media Monitoring Tools

    2. 2. Social Intelligence
    3. 3. Social Intelligence The concept of informing marketing and business decisions with insights found in social media data Social intelligence is not possible without a technology platform Technologically based listening platforms exists to enable social media monitoring
    4. 4. What is social media monitoring It is the process of analyzing, understanding, acting upon and responding to conversations about brands, products, reputation and consumer opinions on the web Social media monitoring helps  Discover conversations in real-time  Analyze and measure trends  Determine geo-locations of active conversations  Gather information on demographics (e.g. gender and age)  Evaluate sentiment  Identify key influencers
    5. 5. 3 step approach to social media monitoring Listening Measuring ActingListening: Discovering real- Measuring: Acting: Identifyingtime and relevant consumer Monitoring, analyzing and insights, and transforming theconversations tracking those insights into action conversations
    6. 6. It all starts with objectives Market research Competitive analysis Crisis management Campaign analysis Obtain general “pulse” of online buzz within given topic area(s)
    7. 7. Topic selection to monitor dependson the objectives Brand Products Competitors Category/industry In order to see success start small, tracking a manageable number of topics, and tie them back to a specific business purpose.  Eg. For instance, instead of monitoring for its popular consumer brand, one CPG company tracks a few isolated products. This gave it the opportunity to connect its recent campaigns to the volume and sentiment of online discussion, to understand how its messaging resonates with customers
    8. 8. Metrics tell us whether the objectiveshave been met
    9. 9. Some realities regarding listeningplatforms Market is in relative infancy Market is highly fragmented – plethora of startups New players coming into market ALL the time Vendors come in all shapes and sizes Questionable data quality - challenges with sentiment analysis, inability to weed out spam, influencer identification issues
    10. 10. Three tiers of social media monitoringtools Top-Tier Mid-Tier Depth of Analysis Bottom-Tier Pricing
    11. 11. Comparison of different tiers Bottom-Tier Mid-Tier Top-TierPrice Free $100-$300 a month $600 and above Blogs, Sites, News, Facebook, Blogs, Sites, News, Blogs, Sites, News, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Forums,Coverage Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Forums, Discussion Boards, Buy-Sell, Social YouTube Discussion Boards BookmarkingData Filtering None None Data is de-duplicatedReal-Time Data Updates None Yes Yes Delivers analytics based on Depth of analytics with flexible drillData Visualization None to basic Facebook, Twiitter, Google sites downBrand References by None Yes YesGeography Mainly English but varies based on Multiple languages (English,Languages Covered English tool Chinese, Japanese, French, etc.)Demographic Information None Yes YesIdentifying Influencers None Yes YesSentiment Analysis None Yes YesReporting None Data Download and reports Data download and reportsHistorical Data None Mostly, one month to a year More than two years SocialMention,SocialPointer,Examples Hootsuite, ViralHeat, Ubervu Radian6, Nielsen,Sysomos Google Alerts
    12. 12. Moving forward1. Step 1  Decide which tier we think we should pursue based on objectives and budget  Identify which topics we want to track  Define metrics we would like to track2. Step 2  Select tool within the relevant tier  Set up the tool3. Step 3  Begin monitoring  Measure results  Generate insights
    13. 13. Appendix
    14. 14. Bottom-Tier Tools
    15. 15. Comparison of Bottom-tier tools Tools SocialMention SocialPointer Google Alerts Price Free Free Free Twitter,Facebook, Web sources (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Coverage YouTube, etc., Blogs, websites, press YouTube, etc., Blogs News release) Point-in-time search Point-in time analysis of Analytics NoneFeatures and analysis keyword mentions Reports available only as Reporting None None web page Basic ability to track top Identifying users based on None None Influencers keywords Sentiment Included None None Analysis
    16. 16. SocialMention Provides list of social media mentions and links for a specific keyword Mentions don’t have filtering capabilities  E.g. Search for “Coke” returns results including the term but not in context of the brand Additional measures include  “Passion” that estimates the likelihood that consumers talking about the brand will continue to do so  “Reach” that measures the number of consumers referencing the brand Also, gives a list of top hashtags associated with the keyword
    17. 17. SocialPointer Online tool allows keyword, brand and competitive tracking Keywords can be chosen to be exact matches  Broad matches will return results including any of the terms Results can be tracked on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis or a date range can be specified Reports are not clickable to display the results from the different media Report doesn’t display “Buy- Sell” No ability to identify
    18. 18. Google alerts Google Alerts return results from different media based on keywords
    19. 19. Mid-Tier Tools
    20. 20. Comparison of Mid-tier tools Tools Hootsuite Ubervu Viral Heat Price $5.99/mo $179.99/mo $89.99/mo GooglePlus, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Coverage Facebook, Twitter Flickr, Picasa, News sites,Blogs Flickr, Picasa, News sites, Blogs Mentions, URL tracking, Mentions, Demographics, Analytics Google Analytics, FB Mentions, Reach Reach,Features Insights Brand References (Geographic No Yes Yes Locations) Automated Reporting Daily/Weekly reports Daily/Weekly reports daily/weeklycustom reports Identifying Built-in Klout integration to Yes Yes Influencers identifyinfluencers Sentiment Analysis Included Included Included
    21. 21. Hootsuite Hootsuite has a free, a pro version at $5.99/mo Vanity URL shortener at $499/mo 30 report modules to choose from Reports include  Twitter brand mentions  Twitter profile follower growth  Facebook Likes and demographics  Social link clicks and website visits from Google 1 Free report with Pro plan Also offers an Enterprise Plan  At $1499.99/mo  10 Free reports
    22. 22. UberVU Tool allows tagging consumers to classify them as influencers/c
    23. 23. Viralheat Data from the last 30 days is available Provides mentions based on Facebook, Twit ter, YouTube Multiple profiles
    24. 24. Top-Tier Tools
    25. 25. Comparison of top-tier tools Tools Radian6 Nielsen Alterian ScoutLabs Sysomos Blogs, Twitter, Twitter, Web sources Blogs, forums, Twitter,Facebook Social Facebook, Facebook, (blogs, websites, News, Twitter, , YouTube, etc., Integration YouTube, News, YouTube, etc., Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,Faceboo Blogs, News Forums Blogs press release) k, Flickr Best tracks Tracks Tracks influencerFeatures Identifying influencers on Influencer influencers Best tracks depth across Influencer blogs, Twitter, tracking and across different influencers across platform (provides s includes Klout outreach platforms (Data YouTube stats on followers Integration Segmentation) of influencers) Included (doesn’t Sentiment Included Included extract sentiment Included Included Analysis from Twitter)
    26. 26. Comparison of top-tier tools Tools Radian6 Nielsen Alterian ScoutLabs Sysomos Ease of set-up Low Medium Medium High High User Friendliness Low Medium Medium High HighFeatures Data Latency Low High Medium Medium High Tool High Low Medium Medium Medium Responsiveness Consulting Medium High Low Low Medium Sentiment Medium High Medium Medium High Accuracy Note: Data Latency: The speed at which the conversations can enter a tool, the faster the tool the lower the latency
    27. 27. Radian6 4 tiers of pricing  $600/mo for 1 Topic Profile  $1800/mo for 4 Topic Profiles and web analytics  $4100/mo for 10 Topic Profiles with set up by Professional Services  $!0K/mo for 20 Topic Profiles with Omniture and Google Analytics Different widgets for data visualization Personalized dashboard Flexible drilldown
    28. 28. NielsenBuzzmetrics Robust drilldown of data Excellent reporting capabilities Provides Brand Monitoring, ThreatTrack er, Brand Association Map and Digital Strategic Services Free BlogPulse – online search engine analyzing and reporting on daily blog activity
    29. 29. Alterian  Detailed classification of content emotions such as:  anger, sadness, social, family, friend, anxiety, bio, body, sexual, in gest, achieve, home, money, religious, death and leisure  Flexible data segmentation  Identifies sites of influence and influencers in one
    30. 30. Scoutlabs Includes Quotes feature which pulls out emotive text and categorizes it into:  loves, hates, wishes, comparisons, recommendations, issues and caveats Provides good long term coverage of major changes, so that big trends in the past can be analyzed from graph spikes
    31. 31. Sysomos Offers global filters to change the language or location Monitors a broad spectrum, and provides analysis of extent of interest on a topic/brand Analytical tools that provide insight and sophisticated drill down capabilities Influencer tab has “Twitter Mapping”  It provides a pictorial representation of Twitter handles, indicating their level of engagement and their influence, giving a quick overview of Twitter