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Empowering Business Users with Process Management Tools


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Demo of the various tools that are part of the upcoming jBPM6 release (and BPMS6 platform) that can be used by business users (business analysts, end users, etc.) to model, manage and analyze their business processes.

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Empowering Business Users with Process Management Tools

  1. 1. Empowering Business Userswith Process Management ToolsKris VerlaenenPedro ZapataRed HatJune 14, 2013
  2. 2. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL2Agenda- Introduction to BPMS 6 business tools- Process modeling & simulation- Data modeling- Form modeling- Execution- Dashboards and reporting- Products & community projects- Q & A
  3. 3. What to expect in BPMS 6.0 ?
  4. 4. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL4BusinessAnalystsEndusersDevelopers / ITManagers4. Monitoring, auditing and analysis (BAM)• Dashboard interaction• KPI monitoring.• Process auditing.• Reporting .3. Execute• Task list• Process instance tracking• Custom applicationsAnalysis & Modeling• Process models.• Data models.• Forms.• Business Rules.• Create dashboards.• Simulation.Develop & Deploy• Manage dependencies• Deployment methodology• Versioning• Develop codeBPMS 6 business user tools
  5. 5. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL5Process Modeler & Simulation
  6. 6. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | Pierre Fricke, Ken Johnson6Enable process modeling and simulation in abusiness user friendly, web-basedenvironment.Key features:■ Web-based process modeler■ Based on BPMN 2.0■ Context menu for easy creation of flows■ Visual validation■ Integration with service repository■ Simulation of business processBenefits:■ Enable non-technical and technical users tocollaborate creating (executable) businessprocesses■ Simulate the execution of a business process(cost, duration, etc.)Key features
  7. 7. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | Pierre Fricke, Ken Johnson7Target usersProcess Analyst Creating and simulating business processesDevelopers. Creating business processes, collaboration with processanalysts / developers adding execution details
  8. 8. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | Pierre Fricke, Ken Johnson8Demo – Process Modeling & Simulation
  9. 9. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL9Data Modeler
  10. 10. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL10Enable the configuration of logical and physical data modelswith no coding.Key features:■ Simple data modeling UI.■ Supports multiple physical representations of data model.■ Conceptual information added, such as user friendly names.■ A common tool for analyst and developers.■ Automatically generates all assets required for execution.■ Single representation enables developer roundtrip.Benefits:■ Make data models first class citizens in the process improvement cycle.■ Capture and document data models by analyst.■ Allow for full process automation with data and forms, without the need fordevelopment skills.■ Productivity tools when generating multiple type of assets that might be required(SQL schemas, JPA annotations, XML, PDF reports, ...)Key features
  11. 11. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL11Target usersDevelopers.Create data model.Process / Data Analyst.Capture requirements. Create data model.
  12. 12. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL13Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4024681012Column 1Column 2Column 3Demo – Project data model
  13. 13. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL14Demo – Create new data model
  14. 14. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL15Form engine & modeler
  15. 15. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL16Enable the configuration and execution offorms with no coding.Key features:■ Form Modeling WYSIWYG UI for forms.■ Form autogeneration from data model / Javaobjects■ Data binding for Java objects■ API for embedding and rendering forms withcustom data.■ Customized forms layouts (*)■ Forms embedding■ i18n support.Benefits:■ Enable non technical users to create forms andexecute them in processes.■ Develop complex UI in a WYSWYG fashion fordata capture and presentation.Key features
  16. 16. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL17Target usersProcess Analyst & developers. Building & testing forms.Developers. Add advanced configuration to forms. Embed forms incustom components.End users. Using forms in tasks or other modules.
  17. 17. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL18Demo - Setting input/output data bindings
  18. 18. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL19Demo – Create form from available fields
  19. 19. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL20Demo – Add fields by selecting type
  20. 20. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL21Demo – Manage form layout
  21. 21. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL22Process Instance & Task Management
  22. 22. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | Pierre Fricke, Ken Johnson23Process instance management and task listmanagement.Key features:■ Starting process instances■ Inspecting the current state of process instances■ Visualization of current state■ Managing process instances■ Task list management■ Claiming, starting, completing task (using taskforms), etc.Benefits:■ Enable business users and end users to start andmanage process instances in a user-friendly manner■ Task list management and task life cyclemanagementKey features
  23. 23. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | Pierre Fricke, Ken Johnson24Target usersEnd users. Starting, inspecting and managing process instances andtasksAdministrators. Managing process instances and tasks
  24. 24. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | Pierre Fricke, Ken Johnson25Demo – Process Instance & Task Management
  25. 25. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL26Business Activity MonitoringDashboards & reporting
  26. 26. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL27Enable the configuration of businessdashboards by configuration with no coding.Key features:■ Visual configuration of dashboards(Dragndrop).■ Graphical representation of KPIs (KeyPerformance Indicators).■ Configuration of interactive report tables.■ Data export to Excel and CSV format.■ Filtering and search, both in-memory or SQLbased.■ Process and tasks dashboards with jBPM.■ Data extraction from external systems, throughdifferent protocols.■ Granular access control for different userprofiles.■ Looknfeel customization tools..Example: Editing an indicator.Example: Dashboard with active filterKey features
  27. 27. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL28Target usersManagers / Business owners. Consumer of dashboards and reports.IT / System Architects. Connectivity and data extraction.Process Analyst. Dashboard composition & configuration.
  29. 29. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL30DEMO (Create indicator)1. Click on the panels palette2. Select Key Performance Indicator3. Select Create panel4. Drop panel in the layout region
  30. 30. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL31DEMO (Edit indicator)
  31. 31. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL32Click on columns to filterClick to export filtered dataSummary tablesDEMO (Report tables)
  32. 32. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL33jBPM Process dashboard
  33. 33. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL34jBPM Process dashboard – selected process
  34. 34. RoadmapBRMS 6BRMS 5BRMS 6.0 (Scheduled : Q4 CY13)5.25.2 6.1 (Target : Q1 CY14) 66.16.0BPM 6.0 (Scheduled : Q4 CY13)BPM 6.1 (Target : Q2 CY14)
  35. 35. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL41Questions?