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          3-5 Reps for stretching, 10 reps for balance and coordination, 20 reps for strengthening and 30 reps for endu...
NR. POSITION EXERCISE            STICK CONTINUED                                                TOOL         COMMENTS   ...
NR. POSITION EXERCISE            ½ OR FULL ROLL CONTINUED                                     TOOL        COMMENTS      ...
                 ½ way.             other leg is coming down.                                            rotate.
NR. POS...
                                          position as you extend the arms again.
NR. POSITION EXERCISE                  ...
                                    Bend knees slightly as you step                                       head.

NR. POSITION EXERCISE                   CHAIR/BENCH                                                   TOOL         COMM...

NR. POSITION EXERCISE                  12 FOOT-TUBING CONTINUED                                      TOOL   COMMENTS   ...
NR. POSITION EXERCISE              12 FOOT-TUBING CONTINUED               ...
                                    belly button up and in.
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Dance Fitness Program


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Dance Fitness Program

  1. 1. 1 3-5 Reps for stretching, 10 reps for balance and coordination, 20 reps for strengthening and 30 reps for endurance. DANCE-FITNESS PROGRAM Core Strengthening, extremity conditioning and stretching. NR. POSITION EXERCISE EXERCISE DESCRIPTION TOOL COMMENTS 2-5 10 20 30 REPS REPS REPS REPS WARM UP 1. Standing Walking/Run Forwards and Back-wards. Bend Knee behind, heel hits Burdenko Set lower x floor first. Extend leg and let the toes hit floor first Belt abdominals (Suck when running backwards. Think that you are 2” taller belly button up than what you really are, inhale through nose, exhale and in). The spine through pursed lips. Shoulders slightly retracted and in O-position head in neutral position between shoulders. 2. x 3 way reaching Run 3 steps, bend front knee deep, extend arms x Maintain straight x forwards, next time sideways and last over-head spine 3. x Sweeping Sideways, extend one arm; bend knee deep, other leg x Maintain straight x straight, and sweep floor with other arm. 3 sweeps, then spine 3 around the clock. Both arms. Travel L/R. 4. x Skating Alternating arms and legs extend leg behind, front leg x Can cross leg x bend deep and arm forward straight. behind. 5. x Hip swing 3 steps, swing leg 3 times, let knee bend behind. Up on x Maintain spine x toes. Alternating arm swing. Travel back and forth. alignment. 6. x Forward/backwar Extend front leg, when leaning on back leg, rock to front x Maintain straight x d leg and lift back leg, then rock to back leg and extend spine. front leg. Alternating arms. STICK 20. x Rotation Walk with stick behind neck arms along stick each side, Stick Maintain straight x extend front leg, deep knee bend, back leg should be spine. Travel straight. Rotate spine towards the front leg. Rotate for backwards and each step. Turn head with the spine. forwards. 21. x Jump L/R Arms extended over head, swing stick behind to touch x Maintain straight x straight back leg, kick front leg straight and make small spine. jump. Look behind. Travel backwards and forwards 22. x Sideways Lean Long Step, front leg deep knee bend, and back leg x Maintain straight x straight. Reach over with stick and touch the floor to the spine. Travel side of the front leg. Stick should be vertical. back and forth. 23. Standing Forward Kick Stick against chest, walk 3 steps and push arms straight x Maintain straight x out, kick end of stick, alternate L/R. spine
  2. 2. 2 NR. POSITION EXERCISE STICK CONTINUED TOOL COMMENTS 2-5 10 20 30 REPS REPS REPS REPS 24. x Upward Kick Stick against chest, walk and push arms straight up x Maintain straight x towards ceiling, kick towards the end of stick, alternate spine. Go up on L/R. Kick for each step. Travel back and for-wards. toes. 25. x Trunk Bending Walk 3 steps with stick behind back at waistline. Stop Stick Keep balance. x with both legs together, bend over and let stick come Bend over as far over head towards the knees. as you can. 26. x Forward Reach Walk 3 steps with stick behind neck, reach forwards x Leg arms parallel x with straight arms, stands leg straight and kick opposite with floor. leg straight out in the back. Straight back. 27. x Walk and Squat Walk 3 steps, stick at chest level, put one foot in front of x Maintain straight x opposite knee, and push arms straight up and squat spine and hips down. As far as you can. level. 28. x Step Over Walk 3 steps, stick straight over head. Reach forward x Maintain straight x with straight arm, step over stick with one foot, and step spine. back. Alternate L/R leg. 29. x One Leg Stands Put leg on top of stick, hold stick in same side hand. x Maintain straight x Push arm forward and let leg came up as far as possible. spine. Head up. 30. x One Leg stand Put leg on top of stick, hold on to stick with both hands. x Maintain straight x Sideways Push arms down and let leg come up sideways as far as spine. Go up on possible. toes. ½ OR FULL ROLL (May turn ½ roll with flat side up to decrease pressure on sacrum and spinal processes). 41. On Back Breathing On ½ or full roll, diaphragmatic Breathing. Put hands ½ Roll or Diaphragmatic 1-3 min. over lower chest wall. Low Back should be in contact full roll. Breathing. with the roll (suck your bell button up and in ) 42. x Head Rolls Turn Head L/R. Back of head in contact with roll. x Slow, exhale. x 43. x Arm Reach Reach over head, and pull back. The scapulae should be Belt Relax shoulder. x Parallel relaxed. 44. x Arm Reach Reach over head, and pull back. The scapulae should be Belt Stretching x Alternate L/R relaxed. 45. x Arm Over Head Start with hand down by thighs, use bands and lift over Belt Control of pelvis. x head. Keep low back down, set abdominals. 46. x Arm Stretching Arms over head, parallel with floor, alternate L/R arms Belt Let upper back x reaching towards the wall. shift L/R. 47. x V-W Arms touching back of head, may use bands, let elbows Belt Control of x drop down to form a W. shoulder blades.
  3. 3. 3 NR. POSITION EXERCISE ½ OR FULL ROLL CONTINUED TOOL COMMENTS 2-5 10 20 30 REPS REPS REPS REPS 48. x Shoulder Press Arms over head, let elbows down to the floor, push up. Person or Exhale when x May use a counter partner to give resistance or use free free - pushing up. weights. weights. 49. x Pelvis Tilt Think of your pelvis like a clock, 12 is towards your Roll Diaphragmatic- x belly button; push your pelvis in to 12 clock. breathing 50. x Bridging Feet up towards end of roll, a fist apart. Tighten your x Even hips. x gluteus muscle and lift you back up. For progression you may put feet up on a step or another roll. 51. x Bridging Same, but kick one leg out from the knee when up. x Don’t let hip drop. x 52. x Bridging Reverse above, start with one leg straight, bend knee x Keep hips even. x back and put foot down when up. 53. x Modified Arms out to the side, palms down, knees bend and feet x Keep low back x Sit-ups up against the roll. Lift head/upper back up, exhale as down and stay you also lift the arms up and cross arms over chest and balanced on the let knees out to the side. Reverse coming back down roll. 54. x Frog Palms down, knees bend up, let knees out to the side. x Prevent hips from x Both first, then alternate L/R. To progress the exercise shifting. put feet up on another roll or a step. 55. x Hip/Knee flexion Palms down, and bend up to 90 degrees at the knees. x Keep low back x Lift one leg at a time up to 90 degrees at the hips, lower flat against the back down slowly. To advance the exercises lift both roll, do not arch legs up at the same time. Then put the legs up on a LB. roll/step. 56. x Sit ups Palms down, lift both legs up to 90 degrees at the knees x Diaphragmatic x and hips, lift up head and upper back, exhale on the way breathing, don’t up. Advance by straightening both legs. push stomach out. 57. x Leg lift Palms down, Knees bend up. Lift one leg, straighten x Don’t allow hips x knee, lower slowly to the floor. Keep low back down. to shift. 58. x Leg lift Same as above, add opposite arm reaching up towards x Coordination. x Alternating arms. ceiling. 59. x Leg lift, Same as above. Go L/R the lift both legs up, straighten x Keep back flat x Alternating arms both legs up as you also lift up you head/upper back. against roll, bend Both legs. Keep palms down. Exhale as you lower the legs to the Knees if starting floor. to arch. 60. x Bicycle Palms down, bend one leg up 90/90 then straighten leg x Keep back flat. x to the floor as the opposite knee comes up. 61. x Bicycle, As above, add sliding alternating arms over head. x Keep hips from x alternating arms. rotating. 62. x Leg kicks Palms down, both legs down, heels touching floor. Kick x Keep back flat. x straight leg as far up as able, lower leg controlled. Then opposite leg. 63. x Leg kicks, switch Same as above but let the opposite leg come up as the x Don’t let hips x
  4. 4. 4 ½ way. other leg is coming down. rotate. NR. POSITION EXERCISE ½ OR FULL ROLL CONTINUED TOOL COMMENTS 2-5 10 20 30 REPS REPS REPS REPS 64. x Side leg lifts. Palms down, bend both legs up, straighten legs up x Prevent hips from x towards ceiling, then let one leg out to the side, kick leg rotating, stay on ½ in and out and lift leg back up. Repeat with opposite leg roll, may turn roll then to both legs at the same time, bend knees back over. down. If to hard, you may keep knees bend 90 degrees instead of straightening them up towards the ceiling. 65. x Jumping Jacks, Keep legs and heels down. Let arms follow parallel to Belt Back flat. x Arms only the floor to over head, palms up when coming above the shoulders. 66. x Jumping Jacks Palms down, keep feet off the floor, bring legs in and x Back flat. x Legs only out. Keep low back flat against the roll. If difficult lift the legs up higher and lift your head up. 67. x Jumping Jacks Same as the 2 above, arms and legs moving together. x Back flat. x Arms and legs To make it easier you may lift the legs further off the floor, or lift up your head/upper back. 68. Sitting Butterfly Sit on the end of the roll, may turn it over. Back straight Roll Back Straight, x and soles of feet touching. Hands behind neck. Extend slide feet along one knee and the same side arm out to the side, come the floor. back to starting position, repeat with the other side, then do both legs at the same time. 69. x Knee Bending Sit on end of roll. Bend knees up towards the end of the x Balance on roll, x roll. Back must be straight. Straighten one leg and reach back straight. forward and grab ankle if you can, pull up. Repeat with other leg, and then try to extend both legs and reach with both hands at one time. 70. x Hamstrings Put both feet on ½ roll, reach for feet. If very tight you x Exhale as you X; hold Stretching may sit on the ½ roll in stead, for more stretching use a stretch towards 30 to 60 full roll. An alternative is to bend one knee and put the the end range. seconds foot towards the groin. Keep back straight, Pull ankle each. and toes towards you to stretch the calf muscles. To stretch the outside of ankle turn the foot inwards as you reach for the ankle. 71. Kneeling Chest Stretching Put hands on ½ roll, thumbs up at each end off the roll, x Exhale as you x Keep hands on the roll as sit back on you feet. stretch towards the end range. 72. Stomach Swimmer Long neck, arms reaching over head, alternate lifting Belt May use the bands x opposite leg and arm up about 4-6”. for resistance. 73. x V-WW Same as on the back and may use the bands for Belt Slow x resistance (Nr. 24). 74. All 4’s Push up One knee on ½ roll, assume quadruped position, long Roll Keep back x Knee Extension neck. Straighten opposite leg put as you bend elbows straight, exhale as and do a push up, flex knee and come back to starting you push back up.
  5. 5. 5 position as you extend the arms again. NR. POSITION EXERCISE ½ OR FULL ROLL CONTINUED TOOL COMMENTS 2-5 10 20 30 REPS REPS REPS REPS 75. x Quadriped Kneel on ½ roll, may use second roll for hands. Use the Rolls Keep back x resistance bands. Otherwise the same as the swimmer. straight and long Tuck stomach in. neck. 76. Plank Position Push Ups Hands on ½ roll, toes on the floor. Long neck and keep Roll Straight back. x back straight. To advance the exercise put feet on a ½ roll, and or hands on a full roll. Lower the body by bending your elbows. The further apart your hands are, the more difficult. 77. x Push Ups with Same as above, but keep arms straight wile extending x Do not arch back. x Leg Lifts one leg at a time 78. Sideways Trunk Stabilizer Go up in sideways plank position, up on elbow first. Roll Keep back from x Plank May put elbow on ½ roll, later on full roll and straighten swaying. the arm fully. Lift top leg up sideways. This is a very advanced exercise. 79. x IT Band Stretch Sideways position, bottom foot on ½ or full roll, x Straight body x Top leg bend over the other leg foot on the floor. from shoulder, hip Bottom arm straight. Make sure that your body is lined to ankle. up straight. Should feel stretch on the outside of leg/knee/Hip. 80. Standing Step Over Out side foot on the outside edge of ½ roll; stand on ball ½ Roll Do not use arch of x of foot, not the arch. Must watch posture and body Belt feet, but alignment. Step forward and back over the roll with stand/balance on opposite leg, putting the weight over on to the swinging the ball of your leg. Arms swings opposite from the legs and may use feet. Think you bands. Then step sideways so both feet are on the ½ roll self as being 2” and squat with both arms going up sideways to the taller then what horizontal plane. Then shift weight over and repeat on you really are. the other side. 81. x 2 Leg Squat Stand on ½ roll, feet shoulder with apart, squat down x Don’t arch back. x while the arms swings up sideways over head to a clasp and back down as you straighten back up. 82. x Heel Raises Stand on ½ roll long ways, drop heels down, keep knees x Stay on ball of x straight, raise arms over head sideways, palms forwards feet. when going over head. May use bands. 83. x Walk and Squat Stand on ½ roll heel to heel, squat down as you reach x x x down to touch the floor with hands. 84. x Single leg Squat Position on ½ roll heel to heel. Place one foot on front x Try not to step off x of the other knee, squat down as you bring your arms the ½ roll. sideways over head. Stand up as you bring arms down. Step and do ever other leg. Travel forward and backwards on the ½ roll. 85. x Sideways Walk Walk sideways on the ½ roll; keep arms out to the sides. x Look straight a x
  6. 6. 6 Bend knees slightly as you step head. NR. POSITION EXERCISE ½ OR FULL ROLL CONTINUED TOOL COMMENTS 2-5 10 20 30 REPS REPS REPS REPS 86. x Hip Swing Stand parallel on the ½ roll, swing one leg forward and x Stand up straight. x back. Keep knee straight. Arms moves opposite of the leg. Swing as far as you can in each direction. Swing 3 times, and then switch legs without stepping off the ½ roll. Mau use bands. 87. x 3 way Leg Kick Stand on ½ roll, long way, put one foot on front of other x Back straight. x knee, extend leg forward, arms goes opposite of the leg forward and back,, then bring foot back to front of the knee, kick out to the side, both arms goes out to the side, move leg back down and put foot behind knee, extend leg behind and arms out to the side. May go up on toes as you extend leg. Alternate L/R leg. 88. x Jump On and Off Stand on ½ roll, jump on and off roll, arms goes out to x Smooth landing x the side. One foot on each side off the roll. Feet cross when landing on top off roll. May use bands. CHAIR/BENCH 100. Sitting Jogging Feet off the floor, flex knee up and extend knee fully. Chair Keep back x Use arms like you are jogging. Belt straight 101. x Extend and Reach Seated, bend knee towards chest, straighten knee and x Keep back x reach for ankle. L/R then do both legs. straight 102. x Side to Side Sit in a 45 degree angle, hold on to the chair, bend knees x Straight knees and x up and extend the legs when coming across the chair back. flex knees and touch down of floor when 45 degrees in the other direction. 103 x Seated Leg Lifts Bend knees up; extend both leg forwards and down as x Keep feet off the x both arms goes up sideways, use bands. floor. 104. x Calf Stretching Put feet on ½ roll flat side up, knees bend 90 degrees, x Keep back x roll heels down towards the floor, and hold stretch. straight. 105. x Trunk Rotation Seated with legs apart, arms out to the side may use the x Pull shoulder x tubing, pull shoulders down and back, rotate you trunk blades down and L/R, and you will feel a tightening around your shoulder back, elbows blade area. slightly bend. 106. x V-W Seated holding on to the tubing. Hands behind head, Chair x x drop elbows down by drawing the shoulders down and Belt together.
  7. 7. 7 NR. POSITION EXERCISE CHAIR/BENCH TOOL COMMENTS 2-5 10 20 30 REPS REPS REPS REPS 107. Standing One Leg Squats One foot on chair, knee straight, bend stands leg as you x Keep hips level as x Sideways lift arms over head sideways, stand up and lower arms as you squat down. you bend chair leg and stretch the inside of the stands Maintain stretch leg as arms moves over head. May use bands for added position for 16-30 resistance. sec. 108. x One Leg Squats, Same as above, but facing the chair, pull ankle towards x Maintain stretch x Forwards you as you squat down on the stands leg. As you bend position for 16-30 the knee on the chair, keep stands leg straight so that you sec. stretch the muscles on front of the hip (Hip flexors). 109. x Step Ups Step up and down on chair, keep hips even. x Do not lean x Let arms swing forward and back. No double steps. backwards 110. x Step Up, kick Same as above, but kick swing leg forward when up and x Set the x reach over head with opposite arm. Add bands for abdominals to resistance. prevent arching. 111. x Jumps Stand on top of chair, jump off and land with arms out to x Don’t advance the x the side. Slightly bend the knees when landing to brace rotations too the impact. Do 1/4- - 1/2 – 3/4 and 1/1 turns L/R. quickly. 112. Stomach Plank Use ½ roll for the hands, feet on the seat, lift L/R leg Chair Stabilize your x alternating in to extension. ½ Roll back 113. x Push Ups Same as above, do push ups. x Do not sway back. x 114. Sideways Plank Straight arm, hand on ½ roll, lift leg sideways. x x x 115. Back Plank Feet on seat pan, hands on 1/2 roll; lift L/R leg x x x alternating off the chair. 116. x Hip Flexion Same as above, bend leg up and straighten knee, bring x x x leg down straight, alternate L/R. 12 FOOT-TUBING 130. Side lying Skiing Attach tubing at waist height to rib wall/bars, loops to 12’ tubing Knot should be up x feet. Face towards attachment. Swing leg back and on the feet. Lay forth parallel to the floor, let leg swing loosely behind. on top of the Arms swings opposite of the leg like in a skiing motion. bottom tubing, The further away from the attachment, the more perpendicular to resistance. Also do in opposite direction and on the attachment point. other side. 131. x Hip rotation, leg Elbow bends 90 degrees and hand on the floor. Lift top x x x kick. Leg up, bend knee back behind, externally rotate the hip and leg, kick leg up, then lower leg. Do L/R and also do the exercise in opposite direction.
  8. 8. 8 NR. POSITION EXERCISE 12 FOOT-TUBING CONTINUED TOOL COMMENTS 2-5 10 20 30 REPS REPS REPS REPS 132. x Leg kick sequence Bend both knees up, bring legs back out straight. Kick x x x top leg forwards, then back out, kick bottom leg out, opposite leg should stay straight. Then bend both legs up and back out. Bend both legs, kick bottom knee out, top leg kick straight up towards the ceiling at the same time, and then both legs back out. 133. Supine Splits Start with head towards the attachment point, arms x x x (back) straight out to the side palms down, bring both knees up straight backwards, tilt forwards and go in to splits, pull through and bring both legs together. Reverse, and do also in opposite direction. 134. x Trunk rotation Start with the head towards the attachment point, arms x x x straight out palms down, bend one leg up, straighten the knee and bring the leg across the body, rotating the spine keeping the hands down, bring the leg up as far as you can with the knee straight. Come back to neutral position and repeat exercises to the opposite side. Also do in opposite direction. 135. x Obliques Lay with legs towards the attachment point and arms x x x palms down, bend both knees up, straighten both legs and bring the legs together to one side, bend the knees, kick both legs out and bring legs over to the opposite side, repeat L/R. May start in opposite direction to ease the exercise. 136. x Leg kick. Start with head toward the attachment point, arms x x x straight out palms down, legs straight out, kick one leg up at the time, legs straight, keep low back flat against the floor. Then go to alternate legs, switching ½ way. Also do in opposite direction for increased resistance. 137. Prone Plank Start with the head towards the attachment point, go up x Tubing on feet or x (stomach) in plank position, hold for as long as possible, go to in hands. sideways plank L/R, the go back to plank, spread feet and walk back, keep legs straight, stand up, bring arms out and all the way over head, reverse. Can choose to hold the bands in your hands. 138. Standing Sweeping Face the attachment point (AP), bend the LT knee other x Tubing in hands, x leg straight, LT arm straight out, sweep towards the floor put your hand with RT hand. Keep back straight. Alternate L/R. Also through the loop do sweeping with both arms, inside and outwards. Do in and grasp the opposite direction as well. tubing. 139. x Leg kick Face AP, bring both arms back as you kick one leg x x x forward, and alternate L/R. Also do in opposite
  9. 9. 9 direction. NR. POSITION EXERCISE 12 FOOT-TUBING CONTINUED TOOL COMMENTS 2-5 10 20 30 REPS REPS REPS REPS 140. Standing Stepping Face AP, step forward and back as you bring straight x x x arms forward and back parallel with the floor, alternate with arms going over head and pushing both arms forward like in a push up. Do in opposite direction as well. 141. x Lunge Step forward in to a lunge, arms down to the side and x x x clasp over head, alternate L/R and also do in opposite direction. 142. x Boxing Face AT or away, do small jumps forwards, backwards, x x x sideways and in angles as you box with hands L/R, upper cuts and jabs. NR. POSITION EXERCISE EXERCISE IN PAIRS TOOL COMMENTS 2-5 10 20 30 REPS REPS REPS REPS 150. Standing Side to side Face to face, feet 2’ apart, hold hands, keep arms straight Partner Synchronize x out to the side, lean over to the L/R, and turn head to the movement. opposite direction. 151. x Mini squats Face to face, hold each others shoulders, squat and x x x straight leg kick L/R, turn your head away to the opposite side, make sure you both start with the same leg. 152. x Lean and kick Face to face, lock hands, lean away from each other, x x x kick to the side, alternating L/R side 153. x Push ups Face to face one leg in front of the other, pushes with x x x alternating arms, switch leg in front, also use both arms at the same time. One person lets the arms back resisting the movement as the partner pushes forward. 154. x Reaching Face to face, step close and bring arms sideways over x Keep the core, x head, step back and bring arms down to the point arms abdominals are straight forward. muscle tight. 155. x Jumps Face to face, holding each other’s shoulders. Jump as x x x far and as high as you can back and forth and sideways. 156. x Leg Sidekick Face to face, hold hands, go up on toes, look away and x x x kick leg to the side, alternate L/R side. Arms go out to the side. 157. x Squat push ups One partner holds on to the legs of the other doing push x x ups, do squats keeping your back straight, feet a shoulder with apart. To ease the exercises for the one doing pushups, you can hold on to the knees instead. Make sure that the back does not arch by tucking the
  10. 10. 10 belly button up and in. NR. POSITION EXERCISE EXERCISE IN PAIRS CONTINUED TOOL COMMENTS 2-5 10 20 30 REPS REPS REPS REPS 158. Standing Squat-Jumps Hands on the hips, bend knees to about 90 degrees and x Keep the core, x jump up and down. Keep back straight. Partner gently back straight. resists the motion by pushing down on the shoulders standing from behind. 159. x Back extension, Back to back, hold hands, step forwards and swing arms x Synchronized x forward step. over head while you extend the back and look up in the ceiling. Alternate L/R side. 160. x Wake up call Back to back, hold hands, arms swing over head while x x x you go up on toes. Feet stay together. 161. Sitting Squats. Back to back, lock elbows, bend knees up, lean back on x x x each other backs and stand up. 162. Sitting Hamstrings Sitting on the floor, knees 2-3’ apart, feet touching the x Slow and x partners. Hold hands, rotate the spine around clockwise, controlled. the counter clockwise. Motion. 163. x Forward reach Sitting on the floor, feet torching, lock hand across the Partner Slow and x body with your partners, pull back as you swing the controlled. opposite arm forward and back. The switch sides. 164 x Bridging One partner sitting with the knees bend up and a foot x x x apart. Grab the other partner’s elbows who squats down from behind. The partner assists by spreading the hands behind the shoulder blades. Stand up, extend your spine and head as the partner assist you up from the sitting position. 165. On Back Pushups One partner on the back, the other locks hands with the x Keep the core x partner from the head side, up on toes. Do push ups, the partner have to keep straight arms and stabilize the arms? 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150.