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Gce reflection for understanding families


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Gce reflection for understanding families

  1. 1. G.C.E Reflection forUnderstanding – Communication with Families Course Code: ECEP232001 Professor: Sheila Student: Kristy Molnar Date: November 22, 2012
  2. 2. Understanding Communicating with Families ReflectionThis course offered the students a great opportunity to learn and explore thedifferent types of families we will see within our ECE careers. I enjoyed learningfrom others and seeing the passion and attachment that all groups had for theagencies that they visited. We explored families and situations that some parentsmay be facing and how to be prepared to offer help. Some of the areas wetouched on were, native families, persons with a disability, organizations that helpthose who are new to Canada, Center for Black people in low income area(Malvern), shelters, and a church.I gained the most knowledge and passion for the agency that me and my partnerchoose. I myself come from a low income family and have dealt with living inotherpeople’s homes and my mother has been in a shelter. The only two areas that IfeltI knew the most little about was disabilities and new citizens that have come toCanada. I knew about Variety Village because I have raised money for thembefore I memory of a childhood friend I had who had multiple sclerosis. Welearned that by 2025 all of Toronto must be accessible to all persons with theAODA in place. (Accessible Ontario Disability Act) That means that all public
  3. 3. buildings and services will be able to serve all. This relates to our ECE workbecause we will be able to assist those with disabilities in our daycares. We asECE’s want all children to feel included and equal so I hope that all day care dothis sooner rather than wait until 2025.After hearing all of the presentation I became very aware that there are going tobe many types of families that I will meet in my future as an ECE. It was veryuseful to hear about all the different agencies that help these individual families.As an ECE I want to have some background knowledge to help those if they needit and to be educated myself to spot signs of potential concerns or danger. I thinkwith the wide variety of different agency’s I saw it enabled me to do just that.