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Daytona beach pp

  1. 1. A True Hot Spot in Floridaby Kristopher Townsley
  2. 2. Daytona Beach Where all walks of life canvisit and enjoy more than just sunning on the beach.Visitors can enjoy the beach, major racing events or a trip to an historic park.
  3. 3. Daytona Beach was settled in the 17th century bySpanish Fanciscans (“Daytona Beach”).According to the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia,Daytona was incorporated in 1876.The city is located on the north east coast of Floridain Volusia County.
  4. 4. Although known for it’s beaches, Daytona is apopular racing venue. Daytona Beach is hometo the Superbowl of auto racing, the Daytona500.
  5. 5. The time that any college student should enjoy whileat school, spring break! the sun the fun, and freebiesbring the collegians to Florida (Garcia and Koepp 68).
  6. 6. Post Secondary Education• Daytona Beach is home to universities as well.• Bethune-Cookman, founded by Mary McLeod Bethune is located in Daytona (“Bethune-Cookman College”).• Not to far from the wealth of Black History at Bethune-Cookman is Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University.
  7. 7. Black HistoryThe city of Port Orange, also know asFreemanville, once housed 500 freed slaves(Allman-Baldwin, Wealth 24).Daytona could be renamed “Bethune-Town” forthe many entities that pay homage to Dr. MaryMcLeod Bethune (one of the 20th century’smost prominent civil rights leaders (Allman-Baldwin, Wealth 24).
  8. 8. Black HistoryIt’s difficult to talk about black history inDaytona Beach without recognizingJackie Robinson (Allman-Baldwin,Wealth 24).Jackie, who broke the color barrier inprofessional sports, started his majorleague baseball career in Daytonastarting for the Montreal Royals.
  9. 9. Historic locations Native Americans visited DeLeon Springs 6000 years agosimilar to how spring breakers visit Daytona today (Allman- Baldwin, Nature 26). Native Americans visited these springs for it’s healing properties.
  10. 10. Historic locations Completed in 1887, the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse and Museum is located in Daytona.This lighthouse is considered the tallest in Florida and the second tallest masonry lighthouse in the nation(Allman-Baldwin, Nature 26).
  11. 11. Aside from the wide variety of historic locations,someone coming to visit Daytona has the Daytona International Speed way to encounter.
  12. 12. As it can be seen, Daytona Beachbrings in all walks of life.Daytona Beach is a true hot spot inFlorida.
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