The Why & How Of Social Media In English


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For the small business and individual business person:
This is an English explanation of the following questions:
1) Why use social media?
2) How will it benefit my business?
3) What's the point?
And yet, as a small business or individual business person.....
1) Are you focused on your business & too busy to learn about Social Media?
2) Do you have time to learn about Social Media technology?
3) Are you confused by all the different Social Media Tools?
4) Do you understand why Social Media is so important?
5) Have you figured out how to use Social Media to market your business?
SocialNet Productions can help:
Let us:
1) Set up your Social Media Network
2) Create your marketing plan
3) Guide you into the world of Social Media

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The Why & How Of Social Media In English

  1. 1. Want  More   Business   ???  
  2. 2. Want  Less   EFFORT   ???  
  3. 3. Want  NO   COST   ???  
  4. 4.    Less  EFFORT      No  COST   Exposure   More  Business     Social  Media   Leads   Clients   Leap  straight  to  clients  as   they  come  to  YOU  
  5. 5. Social  Media  Tools   WHY   ???  
  6. 6. HOT  Leads   Cold   Leads   Social  Media   Ask  all  everyone  you   Exponen;al  exposure  &  Clients   know  for  3  references   come  to  you   Exposure   (Cost:  Time   (Cost:  Minimal  ;me   Process:  Strained  1:1   Process:  Connect  with  people  you   Door  Knocking  /  Mailers  /   contact  with  people  you   know  &  Provide  informa;on   Email  Blasts   know   Result:  Word  spreads  like  fire  in   (Cost:  Time  &  $$$   Result:  Few  leads  and   the  woods  and  hot  leads  come  to   Process:  Crea;ve  design  &   likely  cold  leads  that   you)   contact  management   need  follow  up)   Results:  Uncertain)  
  7. 7. Social  Media   Reaching  New   Audiences  &   Bringing  LEADS   to  YOU!  
  8. 8. Why   Does  This  Work   ???  
  9. 9. Imagine the biggest cocktail party you have ever been to including all your contacts and all your contact’s friends….
  10. 10. Face  Time   People  Feel  Good   Search  Visibility   Viral  Spread  
  11. 11. If  I  comment  on   what  people  are   Dan the saying,  it  will   Real Estate make  them  feel   Man good.  
  12. 12. If  I  make  them   Dan the feel  good,  they   Real Estate will  be  thinking   Man of  me  
  13. 13. Jan  just  got   “Hi  Jan,  did  you   back  from   have  fun?    Are  there   Mexico….   any  margaritas  leY   down  there?”  
  14. 14. That  Dan  is  too   funny….  
  15. 15. “Hi  Stan,  how’s   the  job  going?”   “Great,  in  fact,  I  just   got  a  promo;on.     They  are  moving  me   back  east.”  
  16. 16. “That’s  fantas;c.     Are  you  going  to   sell  the  house   too?”   “Yes,  now  I  just  have   to  find  a  realtor.”  
  17. 17. Hmm,  Dan  is   “I  know  a  great   a  realtor….   realtor.    You   should  call  Dan”   “Great,  thanks  for   the  ;p….”  
  18. 18. Face  Time   People  Feel  Good   Personal Facebook Wall Comment on 3 postings every day 3 people feel good – they have been noticed 3 people have you on the top of their mind
  19. 19. FACE TIME & PEOPLE FEEL GOOD Goal: Make people feel good and have them thinking about you Action: Personal Facebook Wall - Comment on 3 people’s posting every day Result: 1) 3 people feel good – they have been noticed; 2) 3 people have you on the top of their mind A Story: Don (a realtor) comments on 3 people’s postings located on his wall. One of them is George who just got back from Mexico with his family. Don tells George that he hopes George had a great time and that he hopes there are still Margaritas left and available for other visitors in Mexico. George goes to the grocery store and sees his friend Sally. Sally mentions that she just got transferred to Atlanta. George asks if she has a realtor, she says she is trying to figure that out, George mentions DON. George has numerous friends who are realtors but thinks of Don first because of the interchange on Facebook. Time: 5 Minutes to comment on 3 people’s postings on Facebook Wall
  20. 20. Did  you   Interes;ng   know…   Cool   I  like  this…   Search  Visibility   Varied  info  keeps   more  people   Viral  Spread   interested  
  21. 21. VIRAL SPREAD & FACE TIME SEARCH VISIBILITY Goal: 1) Provide interesting and relevant information; 2) Have people thinking about you; Be found in tool searches (Google, Yelp, etc) Action: Provide content on a blog which is fed (automatically or manually) to a Facebook Page or just provide the content on the Facebook Page. Result: 1) Friend’s friends will see your content; 2) People searching on the internet for your services will find you and research you to see if you are the kind of person with whom they want to work; 3) The more content on the internet related to you, the higher in the queue you will show up for searches. Impact Just to Facebook: Facebook   Content   Wall   Facebook   Wall   Facebook   Facebook   Fan’s   Wall   Facebook   Page   Wall   Wall   Time: Depending on content, 15 minutes to 1-2 hours
  22. 22. Side Effect: Quality Conversations Side Effect: 1) When you encounter face-to-face any of the people you have visibility to on Facebook, you can start conversation on a meaningful level. You do not have to discuss the weather to eventually get to a conversation of substance. 2) You will see clues that may give an indication that an agent’s services are needed (eg A friend may mention that their spouse may have to relocate soon.).
  23. 23. Old  MarkeOng   New  MarkeOng  
  24. 24. OUTBound  MarkeOng   Is  it  safe?   Is  it  true?   Is  it  real?   14%  Trust  adverOsing  
  25. 25. INBound  MarkeOng   Social  Media   1)  Website   5)  LinkedIn   2)  Blog   6)  Plaxo   3)  Facebook   7)  YouTube   WALL   8)  Flickr   4)  Facebook   9)  Slideshare   PAGE   78%  Trust  Word-­‐Of-­‐Mouth  
  26. 26. INBound  MarkeOng   MESSAGES   1)  Personal   2)  InteresOng  Info   3)  Community  Info   4)  General  News   5)  RE  Mkt  –  Economy   6)  RE  Mkt  –  Farm  Specific   Personal   Interes,ng   Fun   Informa,ve   Helpful  
  27. 27. In  Summary   OUTBound  vs  INBound   OUTbound  MarkeOng   INbound  MarkeOng      Telemarke;ng      RSS  Feeds  –>  Blog      Direct  Mail      Subscrip;ons  -­‐>  Blog      Email  Blasts      Viral  Marke;ng  -­‐>  FB      Print  Ads      Searches  –>  LinkedIn,  Blog,      TV/Radio  Ads   Website      Following  Updates  –  Twider   INTERRUPTION  /  INVASIVE   PERMISSIVE  /  PURSUED   Hubspot photo Hubspot photo INBOUND  MarkeOng:   Marke;ng  Yourself  by   Crea;ng  /  Publishing  content   and  haves  Leads     COME  TO  YOU  
  28. 28. Tools  Tools  Tools   Purpose   ???  
  29. 29. 3  Components  to  Social  Media   MESSAGE   Services/Tools   Audience   Libraries:   Content   Storage  
  30. 30. 6  Types  of  Messaging   MESSAGES   1)  Personal   2)  InteresOng  Info  –  Non  biz   3)  Community  Info   4)  General  News   5)  RE  Mkt  –  Economy   6)  RE  Mkt  –  Farm  Specific  
  31. 31. Numerous  Social  Media  Tools   Services/Tools   1) Website  (Assume  already  in  use)     2) Blog   3) Facebook  WALL   4) Facebook  PAGE   5) LinkedIn   6) Plaxo   7) Twieer  
  32. 32. 4  Main  Audience  Groups   Audience   1)  Friends  &  Family   2)  Clients   3)  Agents   4)  Associates  &  Business   contacts  
  33. 33. Tools  to  load  Content  Media   Libraries   1) Flickr   2) YouTube   3) SlideShare  
  34. 34. Messages  &  Purpose   To  Become:   TRUSTED  ADVISOR   Caring   Reliable   Respected   Insighgul   Credible   Transparent   Expert   Knowledgeable  
  35. 35. Messages  &  Purpose   Knowledgeable   Transparent   General   Reliable   Personal   Caring   News   Credible   Knowledgeable   Expert   Community   Caring   RE  Mkt   Insighgul   Info   Reliable   Economy   Respected   Knowledgeable   Expert   InteresOng   Caring   RE  Mkt   Insighgul   Info   Reliable   Farm   Respected  
  36. 36. Messages  &  Tools   Selected  Short  Clips:   1)  InteresOng  Info  –  Non  biz   1)  InteresOng  Info  –  Non  biz   2)  Community  Info   2)  Community  Info   3)  General  News   Blog   3)  General  News   Twieer   4)  RE  Mkt  –  Economy   4)  RE  Mkt  –  Economy   5)  RE  Mkt  –  Farm  Specific   5)  RE  Mkt  –  Farm  Specific   1)  Comments  on  friend’s   If  desired,  all  posOngs  from   posOngs   Facebook   Facebook  Wall,  including   2)  Personal     posts  from  Facebook  Page   Plaxo   Wall   can  be  propagated  to  Plaxo   1)  InteresOng  Info  –  Non  biz   1)  InteresOng  Info  –  Non  biz   2)  Community  Info   2)  Community  Info   Facebook   3)  General  News   3)  General  News   LinkedIn   4)  RE  Mkt  –  Economy   Page   4)  RE  Mkt  –  Economy   5)  RE  Mkt  –  Farm  Specific   5)  RE  Mkt  –  Farm  Specific  
  37. 37. Tools  &  Audience   Facebook   Facebook   Blog   Wall   Page   FRIENDS   FANS   SUBSCRIBERS   (Any/All  Audience  NO   (Any/All  Audience   (Any/All  Audience   unknown)   including  unknown)   including  unknown)   Twieer   LinkedIn   Plaxo   VIEWERS   FOLLOWERS   (Clients  &  Any  unknown)   CONTACTS   (Any/All  Audience   CONTACTS/CONNECTIONS   (Any/All  Audience  NO   including  unknown)   (Agents,  Associates,  &  Business   unknown)   Contacts  NO  unknown)  
  38. 38. Reaching   New  Audiences  
  39. 39. How  Do  People  Find  You?   BLOG   Internet  searches  for  name/services   Link  on  your  website   Your  Facebook  Page   Twider  messages   Your  LinkedIn   Etc   Blog  
  40. 40. How  Do  People  Find  You?   FB  Page   Facebook  Page  Searches   Messages  propagated  from  your  wall   (to  your  friends  wall)   Your  website/Blog   Twieer  messages   Your  LinkedIn   Etc   Facebook   Page  
  41. 41. How  Do  People  Find  You?   Twieer   Twieer  subject/name/service  Searches   Your  Facebook  Wall/Page  posOngs   Your  website/Blog   Your  LinkedIn   Etc   Twieer  
  42. 42. How  Do  People  Find  You?   LinkedIn   Internet  searches  for  name/services   LinkedIn  Name  Searches   LinkedIn  Business  Searches   Your  website/Blog   Twieer  messages   Your  LinkedIn   Etc   LinkedIn  
  43. 43. Great  Idea   But…..  
  44. 44. HOW  DOES  IT   Work   ???  
  45. 45. MESSAGE   Services/Tools   Audience   1)  Personal   1)  Blog   1)  Friends  &  Family   2)  InteresOng  Info  –  Non  biz   2)  Facebook  WALL   2)  Clients   3)  Community  Info   3)  Facebook  PAGE   3)  Agents   4)  General  News   4)  Twieer   4)  Associates  &   5)  RE  Mkt  –  Economy   5)  LinkedIn   Business  contacts   6)  RE  Mkt  –  Farm  Specific   6)  Plaxo   Libraries   1)  Flickr   2)  YouTube   3)  SlideShare  
  46. 46. Message   Service/Tool   Audience   Personal   Facebook   Twieer   Plaxo   WALL   FRIENDS   (Any/All  Audience  NO   unknown)  
  47. 47. Message   Service/Tool   Audience   InteresOng  Info   InteresOng  Info   Community  Info   Community  Info   General  News   General  News   Facebook   Facebook   Blog   Twieer   Plaxo   PAGE   WALL   SUBSCRIBERS   FOLLOWERS   FANS   FRIENDS   CONTACTS   (Any/All  Audience   (Any/All  Audience   (Any/All  Audience   (Any/All  Audience  NO   (Any/All  Audience  NO   including  unknown)   including  unknown)   including  unknown)   unknown)   unknown)  
  48. 48. Message   Service/Tool   Audience   VIEWERS   (Clients  &  Any  unknown)   CONTACTS/CONNECTIONS   (Agents,  Associates,  &  Business   Contacts  no  unknown)   RE  Mkt  Info   RE  Mkt  Info   LinkIn   Facebook   Facebook   Blog   Twieer   PAGE   WALL   Plaxo   SUBSCRIBERS   FOLLOWERS   FANS   FRIENDS   (Any/All  Audience   (Any/All  Audience   (Any/All  Audience   (Any/All  Audience  NO   including  unknown)   including  unknown)   including  unknown)   unknown)   CONTACTS   (Any/All  Audience  NO   unknown)  
  49. 49. SocialNet  Productions   SOCIAL  Networks   Reaching  new  audiences  &  Bringing  LEADS  to  YOU   ?      Are  you  focused  on  your  business  &  too  busy  to  learn  about  Social  Media?   ?      Do  you  have  ;me  to  learn  about  Social  Media  technology?   ?      Are  you  confused  by  all  the  different  Social  Media  Tools?   ?      Do  you  understand  why  Social  Media  is  so  important?   ?      Have  you  figured  out  how  to  use  Social  Media  to  market  your  business?   Let  us:   1)  Set  up  your  Social  Media  Network   Kris;n  McCullough  (408)  656-­‐6555   Fax  (408)  540-­‐7555   2)  Create  your  markeOng  plan   3)  Guide  you  into  the  world  of  Social   Kris;n@SocialNetProduc;   Media   www.SocialNetProduc;