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Reference Tools


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Guide to using Reference Tools

Published in: Education
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Reference Tools

  1. 1. ReferenceTools
  2. 2. When you want to findinformation, where can youlook?You can use specialtypes of tools calledREFERENCE tools tofind information.
  3. 3. What are some examples ofREFERENCE tools?•Atlas•Dictionary•Thesaurus•Encyclopedia
  4. 4. There are many printREFERENCE tools.A few examples are.....
  5. 5. REFERENCE tools are alsoavailable online.
  6. 6. DictionaryOne BookAlphabeticalOrderGuide Words
  7. 7. DictionaryFor each entry, adictionary gives usdefinitionspellingpronunciationpart of speech
  8. 8. Inside a Dictionary Guide Words Definitions
  9. 9. DictionaryWhat does the wordmean?How do I spell theword?How do I use it in asentence?How do I say it?
  10. 10. ThesaurusOne BookAlphabeticalOrderGuideWords
  11. 11. ThesaurusFor each entry, athesaurus givesuspart of speechsynonymsexamplesentence
  12. 12. ThesaurusSynonyms arewords that have happy-almost the same cheerful, joyful,meaning. glad, delighted, pleased, satisfied, content
  13. 13. Inside aThesaurus Guide Words Synonyms
  14. 14. Encyclopedias multiple volumes alphabetical order LOTS of information about LOTS of different things
  15. 15. Encyclopedias one volume (book) may cover only one letter of the alphabet articles on many different subjects people places events inventions history
  16. 16. Inside an EncyclopediaGuidewordsInformation onTopicPictures
  17. 17. EncyclopediasWhen would we use anencyclopedia?find out informationabout a specific topic
  18. 18. Atlas book of maps arranged alphabetically or by places
  19. 19. AtlasAn atlas is atool people useto findinformation andmaps of astate, country,or partof the world.
  20. 20. Inside an Atlas • Maps • Map Key • Compass Rose • Information
  21. 21. AtlasWhen would you use an atlas?To find where a place is.To find information about aplace in the world like  how many people live there  what language people speak  the flag  special food  special animals
  22. 22. Lets Review!Dictionary Thesaurus Encyclopedia Atlas one book one book many books one book basic synonyms detailed informativeinformation information mapsalphabetical alphabetical alphabetical alphabetical by word by word by subject by place
  23. 23. Any questions?