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Museibyrån fältarbeten 2014

Part of the presentation at Vuoden 2014 arkeologisten kenttätöiden esittelypäivät

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Museibyrån fältarbeten 2014

  1. 1. Statistics 2014 105 archaeological field assignments (almost 9 assignments per month) 47 inspections 27 monitoring works 20 surveys-mappings 11 investigations-excavations
  2. 2. Monitoring works e.g. ditching in the Bomarsund fortress area
  3. 3. Surveys-mappings e.g. Late Iron Age gravefield in Sålis
  4. 4. Excavations e.g. * test-pit excavation of a late-Neolithic/ Bronze Age settlement site near Borgberget * archaeological excavation of a Bronze Age burial mound (Jo 9.8) * archaeological excavation of a Late Iron Age burial mound (Jo 37.7) * two archaeological excavations of an early modern production site in Kastelholm * archaeological excavation of a II WW military road (Ec 6.59)
  5. 5. Archaeological excavation of the Late Iron Age burial mound – Jomala, Överby, Jo 37.7 • Investigated 22.5-11.7.2014 • Project leader Kristin Ilves, archaeologist Daniel Anderberg
  6. 6. Situated separate from the main cemetery
  7. 7. • The grave has been excavated and reconstructed after which it has been subjected to a looting attempt • Mass material such as burned bones, pottery and iron rivets were re-deposited during the reconstruction • Burnt layer under the mound, largely intact, did not constitute the grave’s burial
  8. 8. Do you want to work (with me) on Åland?