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Turtlesprouts updated ppt

  1. 1.  Health and nutritious conscious consumers Environmentally aware and sustainable living Buy organic because of superior taste Active and healthy lifestyle Interested in trying new products Consumer with higher education High discretionary income Consumers interested in niche products and servicesTarget Market
  2. 2.  Young Digerati-tech-savvy and live in fashionable neighborhoods on the urban fringe they are affluent, highly educated and ethnically mixed. The type of communities they live in are typically filled with trendy apartments and condos, fitness clubs, clothing boutiques and casual restaurants with all types of bars from juice bars to coffee to microbrew. They order from expedia.com for their love of travel, read the Economist, go waterskiing and indulge in Independent Films and might drive an Audi A3 (claritas.com PRIZM 2011).PRIZM Lifestyle Group
  3. 3.  Bohemian Mix-This is a collection of mobile urbanites that represent the nation’s most liberal lifestyles. It’s residents are typically diverse with a progressive mix of young singles, couples and families ranging from students to professionals. Bohemian Mixers, are quick to check out the latest movie, nightclub, laptop and microbrew” They drive VW Rabbit, watch foreign films and read Details magazine. They are college graduates but most are renters (claritas.com for PRIZM 2011).PRIZM Lifestyle Group
  4. 4.  Drives a Prius or BMW Participates in recycling programs Wants to breathe clean air, drink filtered, clean water and eat food not filled with pesticides or poisons Does yoga or enjoy nature hikes, very active and concerned with a healthy body, lifestyle and overall well-being Might engage in political and environmental groups or causes Most likely young and trendy, enjoys shopping and the finer things in life May be a complete Naturalist, interested in food grown locally and organically with sustainable agriculture practices Likely to be interested in alternative medicine, homeopathic remedies and acupuncture Enjoys massage and spa treatmentsPsychographics
  5. 5.  Females 49.5% population (typically buy organic products) 75% Living in same house over 1 year 74% Bachelor’s Degree or Higher- ages 25+ Median household income 106k 29% are women-owned business’ Median value of owner occupied housing 572kDemographics:Hoboken, NJ
  6. 6. Energy Efficiency ◦Achieve energy efficiency in design and facilityTop-Notch Service ◦On-going training for staff in front and back of restaurantInnovative “Green” Cuisine ◦Fun food presentations using uniquely designsInternal Marketing ◦Set aside a menu page to advertise the restaurant ◦discount on booked parties, catering, or other products aside from mealsGoals
  7. 7. Cash-flow and SWOT Analysis ◦Proper allocation of $2.3 million loan to set up & achieve our goals ◦Cash capital back-up of $735,000 to buffer the initial 6 months of operation ◦Carefully review our strengths, weaknesses, the opportunities, and threatCommunity Involvement ◦Giving back to the community by participating in community programs that focus on the health and well-being of the constituentsGoals
  8. 8.  Renovate an existing facility ◦ Usage of recycled materials Conventional food service operation with a fully operational kitchen Energy Efficient equipment for storing, cooking, lighting, water usage, and technology Achieve LEED (leadership in environmental and energy design) certificationTarget Facility
  9. 9.  Comfortable and Cozy Atmosphere ◦ Bamboo veneers covering fixtures ◦ Recycled glass light coverings over compact fluorescent bulbs ◦ Living tree wall ◦ Seating for no more than 30 customers at a timeSustainable Design
  10. 10. FOOD TRENDS: Society is Going Green
  11. 11. Macoun Apples – Sustainable Acorn Squash – Sustainable Butternut Squash – Sustainable Cilantro – Sustainable Green Beans – Organic Summer Squash – Sustainable Cherry Tomatoes – Sustainable Green Bell Peppers – Sustainable Green Tomatoes – Sustainable Red Tomatoes – Sustainable Spinach – Organic Asian Pears – Sustainable Plum Tomatoes – Sustainable Red Onions – Sustainable Beets – Organic Lima Beans – SustainableSeasonal Foods from AlstedeFarms- Chester, NJ
  12. 12. o Pumpkin Ginger Waffles w/ Blueberrieso Arepas w/ Scrambled Eggs and Tomatilloso Chicken & rice topped w/ avocado, tomato and red onion drizzled w/ lime juice.o Mint, papaya and mango Quinoa served in a halved papaya.o Asian Pear Bread PuddingMenu
  13. 13. “Sprout out of yourshell” and “GO GREEN!”