Raymond’s restaurant


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Raymond’s restaurant

  1. 1. Raymond’s Restaurant28 Church St., Montclair, NJ 07042(973) 744-9263
  2. 2. Retail Food EstablishmentInspectionAreas inspected include: Upstairs Kitchen Basement Front Service Area Dumpster Area
  3. 3. Violations & Corrective ActionsUpstairs Kitchen Cooked bacon on shelf above stove was 87F. According to 8:24–1.5 of Chapter 24, apotentially hazardous food an animal food (afood of animal origin) that is raw or heat treated. Although bacon is cured, it is dependent on theHealth Officer’s definition Corrective action was taken immediately andRaymond’s staff put the bacon in the fridge
  4. 4. Violations & Corrective ActionsUpstairs Kitchen Chlorine Test kit was not provided at the three bay sink. According to 8:24–4.8(n)2 (k) of Chapter 24, A test kit or otherdevice that accurately measures the concentration in mg/L ofsanitizing solutions shall be provided. Sanitizer test kits are important, they are used to check theconcentration of a sanitizing solution, and concentration belowrecommended could fail to sanitize objects leaving them unsafe The manager should purchase a test kit immediately
  5. 5. Violations & Corrective ActionsUpstairs Kitchen Working food containers not labeled with food productscontained inside Packaged food shall be labeled as specified in N.J.S.A. 24:5-17, Food Misbranding, and Food Labeling 21 CFR Part 101 Food must be labeled with the name & use by date, Proper labeling helps prevent food borne illness by makingsure customers are not eating spoiled food Employees should dispose of the improperly labeled food, andnever forget to label again
  6. 6. Violations & Corrective ActionsUpstairs Kitchen Thin probed thermometer not provided to take temperaturesof thin meat or fish patties. According to 8:24-4.2 of Chapter 24, temperature measuringdevice designed to measure the temperature of thinmasses…readily accessible to accurately measure thetemperature in thin foods such as meat patties and fish filets Thin probe thermometers improve the accuracy of readings inthin foods such as patties or chicken breasts The owner of Raymond’s can purchase a Thermocouple orother thin-probed device suitable for taking such temperatures
  7. 7. Violations & Corrective ActionsUpstairs Kitchen Floor tiles below deep fryer were in disrepair According to 8:24-4.2 of Chapter 24, materials for indoor floor,wall, and ceiling under conditions of normal use shall besmooth, durable, and easily cleanable… The manager should purchase new flooring immediately Raymond’s may have to invest in some quarry tile forunderneath the deep fryer, while expensive, it is also wearresistant and durable for a heavy use are like the deep fryer. Raymond’s could invest in a rubber mat to further protect thearea.
  8. 8. Violations & Corrective ActionsBasement The Ice scoop handle was found in direct contact with the ice,instead of a clean container outside of the ice storage unit. According to 8:24-3.3 (k) of Chapter 24, during pauses in foodpreperation.... dispensing utensils shall be stored…in a clean,protected location if the utensils such as ice scoops, are usedwith a food that is not potentially hazardous Ice IS considered a food A dirty scoop can spread bacteria just as easily as dirty hands. Scoops must be sanitized at least once a day. If the scoop is dropped or comes in contact with anything otherthan the ice, it must be sanitized again
  9. 9. Violations & Corrective Actions PIC did not demonstrate adequate knowledge of the NewJersey Food Code According to 8:24-2.1 of Chapter 24, the PIC shalldemonstrate to the health authority knowledge of food bornedisease prevention, application of HACCP principles, and therequirements of Chapter 24 PIC would be able to take corrective action by getting hisServesafe managers certification at Montclair State University.
  10. 10. Opinions about this facility According to the Health Inspector, Mr. Costello, Raymond’sRestaurant is;
  11. 11. Opinions about this facility Of their seven violations only one was corrected on site After their inspection hopefully Raymond’s PIC learned he hadto study and learn Chapter 24 better He also has some purchases to make; durable flooring or evena rubber mat, chlorine test strips, a thin probe thermometer anda smoother food contact surface The PIC must remember to give additional training to hisemployees in areas of PHF holding temperatures, proper foodlabeling, and the fact that ice is indeed food
  12. 12. Opinions about this facility I found my lunch to be satisfactory too.