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  1. 1. Business PageHow To Increase Followers For YourMARKETINGMADE EASY WEBINARSERIESBusiness Page
  2. 2. What is ?is a platform where users organize andshare things that interest them.- Pictures e.g.Celebrities / Clothes /Cool PicsPets / Food / TravelClothes / Hair / Makeup Tips-VideosThe most frequently pinnedcategories are home, arts & crafts,fashion, and food.
  3. 3. 70% of Pinterest users are female in the US.50% of Pinterest users have children.Who Uses ?
  4. 4. IsGrowing.Pinterest has accumulated 10 million unique visitors faster than any otherindependent website in history.Pinterest is connected to over 10 million Facebook users.
  5. 5. Users set up a “Board”Users can have several boardsOrganize boards by topicsUsers can “Post” images:Called “Pinning” or “Pin” an imageUsers can add a captionCan be a link or uploaded imageCan also be a videoUsers can “Repin”Users liked an image and want it ontheir own boardHow To Use ?
  6. 6. Pinterest visitors stay an average of 16 minutes versus Facebookvisitors’ average of 12 minutes.*47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based onrecommendations from Pinterest.Why Should You Create ABusiness Account?*Source:
  7. 7. Generate salesBuild BacklinksDrive Traffic to OffersImprove Website SEOIncrease ConversionsBusinesses Can Use To:
  8. 8. It now drives more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ andLinkedIn combined.It drives more traffic to websites than Yahoo, Twitter and Bing.Is Driving Traffic.
  9. 9. Links Build Backlinks &Improve Website SEOPins and repins with links to your website will build backlinks to your site.More backlinks to your site will increase your SEO.
  10. 10. According to the Wall Street Journal:Pinterest users are 79% more likely to purchase items they see pinnedon Pinterest.59% of Pinterest users have made a purchase based on seeing it onPinterest versus 33% of Facebook users who have made a purchasebased on seeing a Facebook ad.Users AreBuying!
  11. 11. CompanyContributor BoardsAre Win-Win ForBusinessesFree followers: anyone following a board contributor’s boards willautomatically follow the company’s contributor board.Free backlinks: any items repinned by followers become links to thecompany’s website.Free board content: board contributors generate free content for thecompany’s contributor board.
  12. 12. ’s Visual NatureEncourages User Engagement8020Content80% of pins are repinned ontoother boards.Only 20% of content is original,ensuring that helpful, interesting,and unique information is likely togo viral.
  13. 13. Add a “Pin It” button to thecompany website.Add a Pinterest account to thecompany website’s social mediabuttons.Add a Pinterest tab to thecompany Facebook page.Make Your Business innable
  14. 14. Businesses WinBy SponsoringContestsRequire participants to follow thecompany’s Pinterest boards.Require participants to pin imagesfrom the company’s website, therebyincreasing backlinks.Require participants to becomecontributors to the company’scontributor boards.The winner is the participant with themost board followers.
  15. 15. Hey Businesses!Create Custom Infographics!Encourage user repinning.Provide value to the user.Build a relationship with the user.Establish company credibility withthe user.
  16. 16. Link Your Valuable And OriginalContent To Company Blog Posts,Opt-In Pages, And Product Pages
  17. 17. The likelihood of a user repinning an infographic or pin is directly proportionateto the pin’s height – taller pins are repinned more often than shorter pins.Users Love Tall Pins!
  18. 18. Optimize Your Images With TextUse as a free image customizing tool.Text in images will not be altered in repins, unlike captions, whichmay be altered in repins.Text in images is much more likely to be read than text in captions.When possible, include the company website url in images.
  19. 19. Videos are visually stimulating and engaging to users.Only videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo can be added to a pin.Businesses can upload their promotional videos to YouTube orVimeo and pin to boards.Businesses:Pin Your VideosTo Gain Followers
  20. 20. Tips Businesses CanUse To IncreaseAdd calls to action in pin captionsto increase user engagement by 80%.Relate posts to trending topics i.e.,Hurricane Sandy.Posting in the early afternoon andlate evening.Add a $ symbol in the pin description to increase repinning by 36%.Optimize the pin for keywords by adding the # symbol in thecaption and increase the pin’s search results potential.User Participation:
  21. 21. How To IncreaseFollowers For YourBusinessPage Takeaways:Add the “Pin It” button to the company website.Add a Pinterest tab to the company Facebook page.Create useful, original content and strategically linkthem to company offers.Utilize captions to optimize for SEO and backlinking.
  22. 22. setup of your Pinterest pageincluding optimization and basic designand Pinterest integration on your businesswebsite,(617) 615-9895Get Your Business onJSA Interactive is offering an exclusive deal toattendees of this webinar.The Introductory Package includes:for only $97.To take advantage of this exclusive deal, contact JSA Interactive at(617) 615-9895 or