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The Collision Theory

The collision theory

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The Collision Theory

  1. 1. The collision theory states that gas-phase chemical reaction occurs when molecules colliding have sufficient kinetic energy.
  2. 2. What is activation energy? Activation energy is the energy required to proceed and reach the transition state.
  3. 3. Reaction rate Reaction rate is intuitively defines as how quickly or slowly a reaction takes place.
  4. 4. Factors affecting reaction rate Temperature Surface area Concentration of reactants Catalyst
  5. 5. Temperature If the temperature is increased: * the reactant particles move more quickly * the reactant particles have more kinetic energy * the reaction rate increases
  6. 6. Surface area Larger surface area would have a larger space of collision between particles of a reaction.
  7. 7. Concentration of reactants If the concentration is increased: * the reactant particles become more crowded * there is a greater chance of the particles colliding; * the rate of reaction increases
  8. 8. Catalyst Catalyst is a substance that makes a chemical reaction faster.