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Technology Assesment


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Technology Assesment

  1. 1. Technology Assessment #2 Kristina Terrell ED271-Instructional Technology Dr. Cyrus Fall 2010
  2. 2. • Moodle was an absolutely great tool. I found it very useful for this certain class, my ED271 Instructional Technology class. It kept me up to date with what assignments are due and most especially the deadlines. I was able submit my assignments through this technology tool, and I was able to see my progress in the class. • Rating: Thumbs up !
  3. 3. It was hard for me to move on up to Firefox. I was used to running Internet Explorer, but after learning about safety issues and faster speed, I definitely had to give it a try! Rating: Thumbs up !
  4. 4. Google apps allowed me to open up a GMAIL account, chat with my group members instead of having face to face meeting sessions with each other. I used the spreadsheet from Google Documents to store important information, and also learned how to create new presentations. Rating: Thumbs up!
  5. 5. • Sounds delicious? It is delicious! I signed up for a Delicious account in which I can now bookmark many sites, and also organize them all into different categories. This tool made it so much easier for me to bookmark all my favorite sites and being able to find them all together on one site • Rating: Thumbs up !
  6. 6. • I was able to blog down all my assignments through Blogger, which was good considering that I did not have to submit a single piece of paper throughout the semester. I can proudly say I have a blog, thanks to my ed271 class! • Rating: Thumbs up
  7. 7. • I recently signed up for slideshare to upload my power point presentations. This technology tool is awesome and can be really useful and convenient for teachers. It was FREE and user friendly too! • Rating: 4.5
  8. 8. • I learned a new way of saving important files and documents on the web through Mediafire. I sure don’t need to stock up on flash drives anymore, and I’m now able to pull up these files anywhere where there is internet access. • Rating: 4.5
  9. 9. • The latest web conferencing tool I learned how to use. This web meeting tool allowed me to join a meeting with a few of my group members in which we were able to live chat, video chat, see and share each others desktop. It is a perfect tool to present and work with other people. Rating: Thumbs up!