Why WordPress Web Development is So Popular?


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WordPress is one of the most successful, easy-to-use, blog and website building platforms. It is the result of the teamwork of developers from across the world which was started out as a free blogging platform and created a blogging revolution in the world.

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Why WordPress Web Development is So Popular?

  1. 1. Why WordPress Web Development is So Popular?WordPress is one of the most successful, easy-to-use, blog and website buildingplatforms. It is the result of the teamwork of developers from across the world whichwas started out as a free blogging platform and created a blogging revolution in theworld. And with the passage of time, it only grew in popularity and has turned into oneof the best blogging platforms of the world. Presently it is hailed as the best open sourcetool for developing and websites and for great customization.The site has pre-built “child themes” very basic in nature and pretty easy to use andequally fast for the developers or designers and the users also. Besides, it is also secureand safe and users can also do SEO work as well for ranking in the search engines. Andthese are among the top benefits then why WordPress web development is a much usedby a number of developers and designers across the world who maintain on creatingwebsites with the help of WordPress.So, what makes web development with Wordpress so popular?The use of WordPress is extremely easy both for the designers as well as for thedevelopers. The users can pretty easily manage it and if they hire a perfect PHPprogrammer for the web development, they can run the site within no time. Besides,they can also customize it to suit their business requirements. Users can use the back-end – which is specially made to meet the requirements of the common, non-technicalusers – to tailor-make all your needs. So, it is extremely easy to use and you don’t needto have even any basic knowledge of the internet and computers to use and manageyour Wordpress site.This web development and blogging platform is almost free or much cheaper than theother development platforms. With WordPress web development, designers anddevelopers can use several building blocks to make a website. There are many add-onsand plug-ins which are free to use and therefore the biggest advantage of the Wordpressis that the users don’t have to build the basic website from a scratch. And it is very easyto have a fully functional website with all the features with the help of hundreds of freetools and various technologies.
  2. 2. Moreover, as WordPress has been developed by a large and well-organized communityof developers and designers, the users can also get any freelance developers andprogrammers for any of their WordPress requirements who are expert at creating lotsof Wordpress themes and plug-ins customized for their WordPress site or blog.Ultimately it is these developers and designers of the community who voluntarily workfor the development and nourishment of this vibrant community and keep the platformlive. And it is because of this vibrant Wordpress community that we are assured of itslong presence on the web giving us a kind of a solace.Even the greater reason for the immense popularity of this amazing platform is thescalability offered by this wonderful open source framework. With the expansion ofyour business, you can add more functionalities and extra facilities to your website also.Or you can always hire a PHP developer who is highly experienced and reputed to helpyou further with any of your queries and suggest you a suitable solution.WordPress is highly search engines friendly as it has been built to charm them. Becausefor a website to get business, it has to be visible to the search engines, it has to rank wellin the search engine page results, and for all these it must be fully optimized for allsearch engines. Unless it is not optimized for the search engines, it won’t attract thedesired audience to your website. This is all very easy with the WordPress website orblog as the coding behind your site is very easy and search engine friendly which makesit easy to index for different search engines whereas the backend gives a simple yet easyway to optimize the content and URLs.