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What is an infinite grid system


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One of the most central mechanisms for any graphic design company is the Grid systems which are simply indispensable. There were times when designs were developed only for canvases with fixed dimensions.

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What is an infinite grid system

  1. 1. What is an infinite grid system?One of the most central mechanisms for any graphic design company is the Grid systemswhich are simply indispensable. There were times when designs were developed onlyfor canvases with fixed dimensions. But, with the change in technology and theintroduction of an entirely new medium with an array of smart phones, an environmentspread across an infinite canvas without any fixed dimensions has become imperativeto be designed. Today we need a medium that adjusts to better suit its ownenvironment and is capable of demonstrating a single design on a Smartphone as wellas a commercial advertisement or a life-size cutout of a leader on hoardings.That is the scope and the requirement as we’re designing for an infinite canvas – andthat is where an infinite grid system comes into the picture!So, what is an infinite grid system?Grids are used mainly in creating the visuals. They are simply a tool for solving thevisual problems and are used in creating striking layouts of a website. Today, the webdesigners are designing for different mediums right from the tiny mobile screens ofmobiles with a large to larger displays, phablets, tablets, desktops, etc. They take theresponsive designs as multiple layouts suitable for most common dimensions. But, theproblem lies in the sizes between these extremes which suffer because of differentdimensions and as a result they end up with layouts that look great at more commondimensions such as 320, 720, 960, but with the rest of the dimensions, the designssuffer. Compatibility becomes very crucial in such cases.Constructing a grid is like creating a boundary for a certain layout or plan of a websitewhich is no less than solving a jigsaw puzzle! You have your components laid scatteredand you need to work out a perfect dimension to create a smart website that looksequally good on different canvasses. You can have a satisfactory solution if you knowthe relationship of different components and their limitations. But, when you have aninfinite grid, you need to define the boundaries not just for a single layout, but for anentire layout system where there are too many variables to set them right! So, for aninfinite grid, we need to define important relationships to fill the blanks automatically.
  2. 2. In the traditional media, companies used to hire a professional web designer when theedges and their relationships with them were all known to them. But with the digitalmedium and unknown canvas, the base itself is very poor to start designing a goodlayout. So, the infinite grid system is something that overcomes the limitations of fixeddimensions and gives a single, smooth viewing experience irrespective of any size. For aseamless viewing experience, you can hire a web designer for a perfect solution to yourwebsite designing.