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SEO Tools for Bloggers


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SEO Tools for Bloggers

  1. 1. SEO Tools for BloggersWorking on the SEO of a website is completely different from working on the SEO of a blog.The latter one is quite easier than the former. Still there is no harm done if the task is made easierwith some tools. There are different type of tools that can be helpful: • Traffic analysis • Writing unique content • Follow positioning • Backlink analysis • Site analysisSEO software for pre audit If someone is new to SEO and wants some analysis of the blog then softwares are available for such a pre-audit. Submit the blog to the tool that you are using and it gives the information regarding what all features are working on site and which are not working. Examples of such tools are Grader and Woorank. SEO Consultant in India who are well versed with all the SEO techniques use such tools to get insight before entering into complete optimization.Estimate your position A free positioning software is a tool which tells you where would your site rank for the particular keywords. In such softwares one need to specify the URL of the site and the bunch of keywords for which you want analysis. SEO-Soft is one such tool which gives a chart to see the curve positioning of the blog for each of the keywords you mentioned. One big problem of such software is that antivirus programs consider such softwares malicious and closes the window in error. However this can be fixed by configuring anti virus to make an exception for such useful tools. Online solution for such work is also available like Positeo.Traffic analysis Google analytics is a great tool to analyze the traffic and it can be customized in any way the user want for the report generation. The Adsense and Adwords accounts can be linked and analyzed along with the site in Google Analytics. One can evaluate the number of visitors, pages visited, bounce rate etc.Analysis of backlinks
  2. 2. Getting a backlink analysis software of good quality is very difficult as a freeware. Even the professionals pay for the tools they use. ahref is one of the best freeware online tool available which provides loads of info of the site. The webmaster tools by google is good as well. It provides information, problems of the site along with some links that point to the webpages of the site.Content spinning tool Content spinning tools help to create a unique content from already existing or say copied content. Thus it cannot help in creating real content it just gives spun content. For creating a real content almost everything is to be done manually in these tools as well. “Sp1n Me” is an example of content spinning but it has frustrating rules so one need to understand it carefully before starting.Follow such tools and your blog can reach to good positions in rankings without spending a lotof SEO processes. Indian SEO consultants have been reviewing such freeware tools for variousoptimizations which can help grow a blog.