Importance of Facebook Fan Page


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Zealousweb Technologies has created a Powerpoint Presentation on Importance of Facebook Fan Page. Create a FB fan page to improve social media presence of your business.

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Importance of Facebook Fan Page

  1. 1. Importance of Facebook FanPage By Zealousweb
  2. 2. Facebook Fan Page• Facebook Fan Page which is created especially to increase or generate moreand more fans of specific brands, businesses, celebrities, any company oragency. Anybody can create Facebook fan page.• The difference between Fan Page and Profile is you can make fans at Fanpage and make friends at profile page.
  3. 3. Basic Difference Between Fan Page And Profile Page1) First and foremost difference is, you can make friends upto 5000 in yourprofile page which is a limitation. But can have unlimited number of fans inyour page.2) You can add graphic designs in your FB page while in profile it is not possible.3) Fan pages have a lot of verities where simple profile page dont have.
  4. 4. How to Make Fan Page More Famous?1) Always post quality content on your wall.2) Like others fan pages of your same niche and keep commenting on theirwalls timely.3) Never ever forget to post your own blog on your wall.4) Arrange contests and promote your contest at your profile page, Twitter andin other blog posts etc. Reward your loyal supporters and winners.
  5. 5. 5) Place a FB ad to promote your page.(This is a Pro Service)6) Encourage fan or community interactions. For that you can do:A) Start Polls and ask questions related to your page.B) Start discussions while you post on your wall.C) Respond to their quests and comments.D) Give solutions to their problems.
  6. 6. BenefitsWhether you are a business holder or celebrity, youshould create your own FB fan page. It makes yourbrand more popular. It builds a strongbridge with your clients and fans directly as well. You canimprove your search results in search engines also.What the most sizzling actor and the hero of Fast andFurious series Vin Diesel says "Facebook really owes mebillions of dollars".
  7. 7. ConclusionTo give a brand name to yourbusiness you should create a FBfan page which will empoweryour business and indicates thesocial media presence.
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