Factors to consider_while_choosing_a_pre_designed_


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Factors to consider_while_choosing_a_pre_designed_

  1. 1. Factors to Consider While Choosing a Pre-Designed Web TemplateThe technology has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years. Businesses have boomed andways to spread the businesses have also changed. Almost all products and services have startedmaking their presence felt on the internet. Web sites are coming up for almost all products andthe internet has become a virtual platform of business transactions.Now that numerous websites are being developed so new ideas for website designs are to bedeveloped and integrated in the website. And then web development knowledge is to be appliedto developing a good website. Now there are website templates available to help one create awebsite without much of programming know how.There are many pre-designed website templates available on the web and many of these areavailable free of cost. When you a hire a web designer they tend to use these web templates afterproper customization. Choosing the right template from the vast choice that is available is veryimportant. The objective or the purpose of the website should be clear for choosing the perfectweb template. There some other factors which are also important apart from the objective inchoosing the best web template.Type of website:There are few of the factors of the website like number of web pages like whether the site will bea single page site, a 10 page site or more or it will be a catalogue based site. Such factors shouldbe helpful in choosing the structure of the template, its look and design as well.The template should be chosen in such a way that it should be matched up with the theme of thewebsite. Like the site which is made for bookstore might have a book shelf in its design whilethe site made for real state would have something like houses or estates in the design.Layout of WebsiteThe look of the web page of the website includes colors, background, placement of ad andcontent and so on. All this look of the web page comes under layout of a website. Effective webdesign should be used which works well with the business requirement for which the site isdeveloped. Templates requiring excessive redesigning for practical needs should be avoided.Need of customization:The templates which are available on the internet for developing a website are normally such thatit can be customized based on the business requirement. This customization includes logoplacement, changes in color and font and adding flash and multimedia content which wouldenhance the web pages.Templates designed by professionals:
  2. 2. As mentioned earlier that numerous web templates are available on the web. However all thesetemplates are not good or customizable which can be used for making a good website. Thusalways professionally designed web templates should be used. This is because such templatescan be reliable and can offer maximum usability to the users. The templates which you chooseshould be speedy in loading, should look attractive and work well on all major browsers.All this is necessary because just getting very beautiful website design and the time in loadingthe website is too long doesn’t get many users. Thus perfect design and usability is veryimportant while deciding on the web template.