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E commerce web_design_what_to_bear_in_mind

  1. 1. E-Commerce Web Design: What to bear in mind?E-commerce which is an acronym for Electronic commerce is a virtual platform for buying andselling the products or services. These transactions are carried out over systems like internet orother computer systems. There are many technologies included under e-commerce like onlinetransaction, inventory management systems, automated data collection system, electronic fundstransfer and so on.E-commerce is considered as being a sales aspect of e-business. It handles payment aspects ofbusiness transactions and also the financing.Now that in today’s modern age the internet transactions cover up a huge chunk of totaltransactions taking place continuously the importance of E-commerce websites has increased. Asthese sites have to carry out monetary transactions the design and development of these sites isquite complex. The web pages on these sites are created in such a way that users can access thefacilities and do business from anywhere.The components which are included in a good E-commerce website are generally: • Shopping cart • Payment gateways • Database management • Supply chain management • Inventory managementThus only an a good eCommerce web designer expert can create a high level of website whichcan carry all the transactions perfectly. Thus a good web designer should be hired to design aneCommerce site. The credentials of the of the designer should be properly verified before hiringhim. The past work of the designer should be reviewed to check if he has the proper knowledgefor designing an e-commerce site or not.Apart from these there are other important factors to be considered for proper designing of E-commerce website.Whom to hire? A designer or developer?Many a times the web service providers offer a single service which includes web designing andweb development both. But both these are totally different because web designer does the workof making the site visually appealing, and easy to navigate while the web developer createsapplications connecting website data and content. So according to web design in India aneCommerce web designer should be hired for designing the site for commercial purposes.Experienced professional
  2. 2. The designer who is selected must have relevant experience of designing similar E-commercewebsites. While carrying out the initial consultation one should find out how responsive andcompatible the designer is because it can affect the future designing process. A good designerwould always ask many questions related to the business goal, the type of products which are tobe sold on the site or how the site should look like so on and so forth.Get all details in writingOnce you have finalized the designer you want to hire for the work of your E-commerce sitemake sure to get everything in writing. This would cover all the project details which thedesigner has agreed to fulfill. Some of the standard contract forms which are to be signed shouldbe read thoroughly before filling and signing.Hiring a team or an individual?Before moving forward in the designing phase one should decide if he wants to hire the wholefirm’s team of designers or an individual. A web designer who is sitting far far away can alsodesign a good website for his client. However many a times a client wants to deal face-to-face.All these details should be checked out first before going out to look for the designer.In India web design for eCommerce is provided by many of the web development firms. Theseservices are provided at very competitive rates as well because of the increasing competition.