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Example of a brand plan pitch for new business between agency and brand. Provides outline for plan, exicution and budget

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Epipen ppt

  1. 1. 1 EpiPenEpiPen®® Direct to Consumer - PromotionalDirect to Consumer - Promotional Activation PlansActivation Plans 20102010
  2. 2. 2 2010 Objectives Objective Encourage multiple purchases Encourage repurchase among current users Differentiate EpiPen from competitors by offering added-value premiums to patients and consumers Rational: Motivate anaphylactic patients to recognize EpiPen is the leading brand that cares to give more than just preventable treatment. Target Anaphylaxis patients; all demographics; Women 30+ with children USP: EpiPen offers consumers added-value premiums to help ensure compliance for anaphylaxis while also promoting overall well-being
  3. 3. 3 Promotional Marketing Strategies Strategy: Build awareness and motivate purchase and re-purchase though the following specifically targeted channels • ICOM Target Mail • ICOM Solo Mail • SDM Direct Mail Optimum Points initiative • In-School Program • Partnership with Kozyepi • Partnering with Dare Foods • On-pack promotions • Identification Bracelet Online program
  4. 4. 4 EpiPen ‘10EpiPen ‘10 A Direct Mail CampaignA Direct Mail Campaign
  5. 5. 5 1 2 3 4 5 Reach Brand Objectives via Targeting Use the survey to find them Segment Provide Multi-Channel Access Evaluate Results Opportunity To create an EpiPen FSI and distribute via ICOM targeted database. The Opportunity with Direct Mail Programs
  6. 6. ICOM Database Methodology Acquisition • Survey sent to 2 Million individuals nationally twice a year • Response rate equal or greater than 10%-12% – 500,000+ respondents every 6 months • Co-pack thank you packages send to respondents
  7. 7. ICOM Coop Target Mail 7 Opportunity: •Increase brand awareness and product adoption by targeting consumers through ICOM offering Rational: •Target anaphylactic patients. Example, consumers who indicate usage of Benadryl when responding to ICOM survey. •Touch target consumers with consistent value-added EpiPen message and products •Motivate consumers to purchase EpiPen based on similar category product through an FSI inserted into a targeted mail ICOM package. Reach: •40,000 current Benadryl users identified in ICOM database. •Measurement: •Number of responses to unique code offer
  8. 8. Solo Target Mail 8 Opportunity: •Increase brand awareness and product adoption by targeting consumers through a single direct mail piece message solely about EpiPen Rational: •Target same anaphylactic patients as ICOM target mail. Example, consumers who indicate Benadryl as part of ICOM survey database. •Using our own range of creative design and ICOM targeting and deployment EpiPen can maximise their abilities to reach targeted consumers •Target consumers without other competitive and non completive brands to ensure clarity of the program message Reach: •40,000 (using Benadryl respondents for finding similar consumers) Measurement: •Unique promo code for a tiered rebate • Example: Buy 2 get XX back
  9. 9. Budget 9 Target Mail Direct Mail: $97,000 (based on 40m targeted consumers) -Creative $9,000 -Management $2,500.00 -Production and Distribution $30,000 -List Rental Fee $32,000 Solo Mail Direct Mail: $114,500 (based on 40m targeted consumers) -Creative $15,000 -Management $7,500.00 -Production and Distribution $60,000 -List Rental Fee $32,000
  10. 10. 10 Shoppers Optimum Vendor Direct Mail ProgramShoppers Optimum Vendor Direct Mail Program
  11. 11. Opportunity: To increase product awareness and purchase though a customized in-store SDM optimum program Rational: Provides KPC with advantage to competitive brands by leverage Optimum points with purchase Emphasizes multiple purchase for reward Reach: Shoppers Optimum® Members - 11 million+ members Measurement: Tracking though number of Optimum points redeemed 11 Shoppers Optimum EpiPen Customized Program
  12. 12. Shoppers Optimum EpiPen Customized Program Program Overview:Program Overview: EpiPen to create a customized Optimum program for one week in 2010 that allows customers to receive Optimum points with purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart Program will be held nationally across Canada in Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix Stores for 7 days/1 week. EpiPen has the option of increasing their brand presence at SDM stores during duration of the program through: 1 week ¼ page flyer features Spotlight Banner on Shoppers Drug Mart Website Direct Mailer (Can tie this in with the previous Solo DM option) 12
  13. 13. Budget Shoppers Optimum Customized Program: $ 57MShoppers Optimum Customized Program: $ 57M (plus cost of points)(plus cost of points) Management: $7M Creative: $10M Program Cost $25M • In-section POP • ¼ flyer ad • Email Banner • Online Web traffic • Shipping of FSI material to designated stores Production: $15M Note: Cost of points are separate and not included in the estimated budget. EpiPen to pay $2.50 for each 1000 optimum points redemption Epipen to pay $5.00 for each 2500 optimum point redemption 13
  14. 14. 14 In-school ProgramsIn-school Programs
  15. 15. MIR Who is MIR Communications? • For the past 15 years MIR has offered brand and product awareness into Daycares, Elementary, and High Schools though their Student of the Year Award annual program. MIR had two objectives in mind • Schools and Daycares recognize, trust and respect MIR’s ability to create and deliver quality initiatives that add value to the learning experience. • We work with qualified educational experts to ensure campaigns meet with teacher and caregiver expectations. • Programs are offered at no cost to schools and Daycares and are distributed on a by request basis. • Clients that respect the needs of educators and caregivers allow us to develop programs that work. • We utilize a comprehensive up-to-date national network of: Why develop the Student of the Year Awards? • To recognize and reward kids for all they achieve within their schools and communities. • To provide our clients with a unique vehicle to increase brand awareness among students, parents and educators in a responsible, educational and engaging way 15
  16. 16. In-School Program Opportunity: • To offer EpiPen product awareness in schools trough a multilayered vehicle of product branding, awareness and usage above competitive brands. Rational: • Create a turn-key sponsorship package that has massive reach to parents students and educators across Canada. • Target teachers, kids and parents through compelling customized print and classroom communication tools that offer EpiPen added-value products • Promote EpiPen product and brand awareness though new avenues to increase EpiPens market leader image. Reach: • Students, teachers and parents of up to 9,000 Elementary Schools Measurement: • Tracking on-line nomination for sponsored award 16
  17. 17. In-School Program Sponsorship Announcement, posters for schools • EpiPen to sponsor one of the “Healthy Lifestyle” Student of the Year Award where students can nominated fellow schoolmates online on designated website. • To be facilitated by OSL and delivered and placed into school during campaign. • Posters to communicate both EpiPen product awareness sponsoring award (Healthy Lifestyle) Branded Teachers Lesson Plans • Creatively developed interactive workbooks for teachers and student to work on during the campaign period. • Booklet both increase brand and product awareness in schools along with award sponsorship • 4 different books to be created by OSL and MRI and sent to schools annually. • Sponsorship Prize: • EpiPen to also give out a sponsorship prize – $1000.00 cash prize to winner • A classroom gift basket to the winners homeroom class members filled with EpiPen premiums – Gift Bag to include; t-shirts with logo for student and teachers, branded note pads, pencils, erasers, 1 EpiPen Carrying case (for classrooms EpiPen) and two bean-bag reading chairs.
  18. 18. Budget: In-School Program Cost for Sponsorship program $80,000 Sponsorship media buy $60,000 • includes production, distribution and facilitation of of award posters and booklets for schools and classrooms Management $10,000 • Facilitation of program and all creative materials Creative $10,000 18
  19. 19. Partnering with KozyEpiPartnering with KozyEpi
  20. 20. 20 Partnering with KozyEpi Opportunity: To partner with KozyEpi, creating an additional revenue stream for EpiPen products. Rationale: - Strengthen EpiPen brand recognition through its partnership with KozyEpi - Provide practical solutions for increased use of the EpiPen product - Increase attention to EpiPen website Reach: 45,000 (annually) Measurement: Tracked through online orders
  21. 21. Partnering with KozyEpi 21 Min Vol Requirement: 25,000 pcs/year *W/ purchase of 45,000 – 15% discount Wholesale price: 1) $7.50/pc (classic pouch) 2) $8.63/pc (strap/clip option) Suggested retail price for each pouch: 1) $15/pc (classic pouch) 2) $18/pc (strap/clip option) *For four artwork designs (single print colour) on the classic EpiPen pouch (junior or senior) *Additional cost for packing and shipping out the order Creative: $5,000 Management $6,500
  22. 22. Dare Partnership In Discussion
  23. 23. PartnershipPartnership The EpiPen Partnership Opportunity: • EpiPen to pay for a portion of the Dare campaign and sponsor the Wagon Wheels Brochure • In return EpiPen can have a back panel devoted to their message • Font of brochure can connect Wagon Wheel and EpiPen with message “Wagon Wheels – sponsored by EpiPen” • EpiPen to have a message supporting the online brochure message and a link to their website. The EpiPen Message • List the commonality between EpiPen and peanut free products • Main message can communicate added value premiums EpiPen has to offer – Examples include: EpiPen carry case, medical bracelets, and rebate offers
  24. 24. Wagon Wheels ProgramWagon Wheels Program Opportunity: • Partner with Wagon Wheels and Bear Paws Cookies on a peanut free wellness brochure that will be inserted into Bear Paw Cookies Boxes as a spring 2010 program Rational: • Target anaphylactic patients and parents of children with peanut allergies within grocer stores though brochure partnership • Possible potential for EpiPen mention on POS material or sticker on boxes • Touch target consumers with consistent value-added EpiPen message though new avenues such as grocery stores and tier 1,2,3 accounts that sell Bear Paws. • Creative mail in offers for EpiPen add-value items to generate awareness in new markets and potentially new stores • Increased attention to the Epipen Website Reach: 250M brochures to be inserted into Bear Paw Cookies boxes across country Measurement: • Tracked though boxes purchased • Tracked though number of consumers who took advantage of the online promotional offer
  25. 25. Budget Program Total: TBD Management: $7,500 Creative: $6000 Production and Shipping: TBD post discussion with Dianne • XX% pf production based on EpiPen brochures exposure
  26. 26. The EpiPen Back-to-SchoolThe EpiPen Back-to-School KitKit 26
  27. 27. On-Pack Promotion Opportunity: Create a back-to-school kids package full of value-added BST premiums with the EpiPen logo to raise brand awareness though parents to schools. Rationale: Strengthen EpiPen brand recognition though logo placement on school materials in BTS kit Increase multiple-purchase of EpiPen products by offering added-value premiums though a mail in rebate program. Raising in school awareness for kinds with allergies and those students and teachers around them . Program Overview: • launch a Summer mail-in or Online rebate program just before back to school • For every EpiPen bought, consumers can go online and redeem their back to school package • School kit to include EpiPen pencils, erasers, notepad, pencil case and sticker and/or sticker name tags for children to place on their binders • Draws awareness to parents and engages children • Brings the EpiPen brands into schools through students. • Increase awareness and interactions with the EpiPen website Reach: 30M nationally or in specific targeted demographic or stores. 27
  28. 28. Budget EpiPen Back-to-School Kit Program $72M Management $10,000 Creative $4,500 Pin Development $ Unique Code $8,000 Back to school packages $31,000 - Includes labelled Pencils, erasers, folders, name tags, binder ruler -based on 10M -$3.10p/unit and includes packaging Fulfillment $12,000 - $1.20 p/unit shipped 28
  29. 29. The Online Bracelet Program 29
  30. 30. Online Engagement Program: Ecommerce Opportunity: • EpiPen can create a revenue stream with added-value premiums by hosting an on-line identification bracelet program. Rational • Drive consumers to make multiple purchases of EpiPen to received additional added-value bracelets’ Drive consumers to the EpiPen website and interact with the website while viewing everything EpiPen has to offer • Provide practical usage of EpiPen premiums. • Increase brand awareness by consumers wearing the bracelets with the EipPen logo Reach: • 200,000+ dependant on on-pack distribution points (provincially, nationally etc) Measurement: • Tracking though on-line data measurements and bracelet redemption • Narrowing down the demographic of our target market though shipping address to consumers. 30
  31. 31. Online Engagement Program: Ecommerce The Program: • Purchase XX amount of EpiPen’s and receive an online offer to design and personalize your own identification bracelet which also works as a medical bracelet. • Each EpiPen product to be supplied with an on-line unique code. • The consumers can then go online at home to the EpiPen site to use their step-by-step guide to designing • their own identification bracelets and adding their name. All bracelets will have the EpiPen Name. • The bracelet is part of the medical bracelets line which increases the added –values of the bracelets to anaphylactic patients. All bracelets to home – Three Styles to choose from – Three colours to choose from – Three Fonts to Choose from • EpiPen to mail bracelet to consumers home
  32. 32. Budget: 32 Online Bracelet Program: $102,400 Management $7,500 Creative $5000 Production $69,900 • Bracelet $65,000 – Units (Bracelets) $13.00 each at quantity of 5000 • Start up fee with Laurenshop $300.00 • fulfillment $2000 • shipping $2000 Online campaign and website $20,000 campaign pages Hosting, tracking and fulfillment
  33. 33. Next Steps • Discussion • Questions 33