Writing mini lesson confused words (2)


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Power Point that covers easily confused and misspelled words

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Writing mini lesson confused words (2)

  1. 1. Writing Mini Lesson
  2. 2.  There are many words that are commonly misused or easily confused. It may be because they sound alike or are spelled alike. There, their, they’re, accept/except, your/you’re, its/it’s, etc. We will review and practice some commonly confused and misused words.
  3. 3.  Do you mix up there, their and they’re? Do you use your when you should be using you’re? These are common word mistakes! It is important to use these common words correctly because they are used often in writing.
  4. 4.  The longest of these (theyre) is the easiest not to get wrong. The apostrophe indicates that a letter is missing, in this case a: Theyre = they are e.g. Theyre going to the club. Their is a possessive word that shows ownership of something. e.g. Their house isnt as big as ours. There is a word with many uses, indicating a place or position. e.g. My new Honda Insight is over there. There is a cat on its roof. In this example the word there takes two subtly different meanings.
  5. 5.  This is one of the most common confusions. The problem here is similar to that of there and theyre, in that youre is also a contraction. Youre is really you are, the apostrophe showing the a is missing: e.g. "Youre really tall and your spiky hair makes you seem taller!" Your is a possessive pronoun (used with hair above) e.g. your car, your phone, etc. One common misuse of the word your is in questions such as: "Hope your okay." It should, of course, be "Hope youre okay."
  6. 6.  To is a preposition, meaning that its used with a noun or pronoun. Most people use it all the time. e.g. "Kylie danced to the music". To has a massive range of uses and meanings, too many to go into here! [Ed. Did you see what we did there?] Too has a number of meanings.As well: e.g. "Gemma wanted to go on holiday too, but dogs werent allowed on the plane."In excess: e.g. "Vic had added too much flour to the cake mixture."More (of something) than ideal: e.g. "Mercury was too close to the Sun to be habitable." Two is the number 2 Eg. I have 2 favorite teachers.
  7. 7.  The first two of these words are pronounced the same way. They have a very different meaning: Threw = past tense of "throw" e.g. Jimmy threw the ring at Emiko. Through has a number of related meanings, but mostly its all about completing something. e.g. Elvis walked through the door. e.g. John was through with work for the day. And how about this one: e.g. Gareth was through with mosquitoes coming through the window! Thorough is completed work with no mistakes. Here it is in its adverb form: e.g. Keith cleaned his car thoroughly at least once a week.
  8. 8. It’s up to you. Its means It is! (and sometimes it has). The apostrophe -s creates the contraction for the verb is (or has).
  9. 9. 2. I couldnt tell _______________ she wasserious or not.•whether•weather
  10. 10. I couldnt tell whether she was serious or not.The word weather refers to climatologicalconditions.
  11. 11. 3. ____________ are too many possibleanswers to this question.•There•Their•They’re
  12. 12. There are too many possibleanswers to this question.The correct response is there. Theyre meansthey are, and their is the possessive form of they.
  13. 13. 4. _________ going to help me with this?•Whose•Whos
  14. 14. Who’s going to help me withthis? Whose is the possessive form of who.
  15. 15. 5. Reading that book had a peculiar_______________ on Evelyn.•effect•affect
  16. 16. Reading that book had a peculiareffect on Evelyn.Remember affect is usually averb, effect is a noun
  17. 17. 6. Im afraid shes going to _____________her grandmothers wedding band.•loose•lose•
  18. 18. Im afraid shes going to lose hergrandmothers wedding band.Remember lose has one “o” youdon’t want to “lose” more thanone thing
  19. 19. 7. She has apparently found it difficult to___________ the circumstances.•accept•except•
  20. 20. She has apparently found it difficultto accept the circumstances.Remember Accept is the verb.Except is usually a prepositionmeaning not including.
  21. 21. 8. My mother has been _______________in bed all morning.•lieing•laying•lying•
  22. 22. My mother has been lying in bed allmorning.Remember “laying” is used forobjects, “laying” carpet
  23. 23. 9. She apparently doesnt careabout ___________ origins inantiquity.itsits
  24. 24. She apparently doesnt care aboutits origins in antiquity.Its means It is! (and sometimes it has). Theapostrophe -s creates the contraction for the verbis (or has). This is perhaps the most often misusedword in English.
  25. 25. 10. Its usually hotter__________ this in July.•than•then
  26. 26. Its usually hotter than this in July.Use than to make comparisons.
  27. 27. 11. The politicians cant seemto find an appropriate___________ for the newcommunity college.•cite•sight•site
  28. 28. The politicians cant seem to find an appropriate site for the new community college.Site means a geographical spotSight is related to visionCite as in “cite” your sources
  29. 29. 12. I am completely_________________ in thiscourse.•uninterested•disinterested
  30. 30. The politicians cant seem to find an appropriate site for the new community college.Site means a geographical spotSight is related to visionCite as in “cite” your sources
  31. 31. 13. Ill be back in ______.•a while•awhile
  32. 32. Ill be back in a while.A while is a noun. Can you wait awhile? (Awhile[one word] is an adverb that can modify a verb.)
  33. 33. 14. When you are finished,_________ to the next part ofthe exam.•proceed•precede
  34. 34. When you are finished, proceed to the next part of the exam.Proceed is to go forward. Precede means to gobefore.
  35. 35. 15. We need some new_______________ for ouroffice.•stationary•stationery
  36. 36. We need some new stationery for our office.Remember “E” for envelope for stationery with an“e”. Stationary means to stand still, like a stationarybike.
  37. 37. 16. I like to have ice cream for_________.•desert•dessert
  38. 38. I like to have ice cream for dessert.Remember you always want 2 desserts- the one withthe 2 “s”
  39. 39. 17. Thanks. ________welcome.•Your•You’re
  40. 40. Thanks. You’re welcome.Remember your belongs to you, you’re is you are.It should always be you’re welcome.
  41. 41.  Read your work aloud to see if it makes sense Use a common word chart, bookmark or checklist. These mistakes aren’t often picked up in spell check so you really need to check your work. Practice! Make sure you use them the right way in your writing assignments. Say it in your head before you write it down, ask yourself if you are using the right one!
  42. 42.  Don’t forget to complete Assign #14 Online Scavenger Hunt. It is worth 20 points. Please review your notes from Monday before our review class on Friday. If you didn’t turn in Assign#13 or post on the Graphic Organizer blog try to get that in tomorrow. Questions?