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Kristi L. Jackson, MBA

Press Kit

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Kristi Jackson Nf Press Kit

  1. 1. KRISTIJACKSONInternational Networker | Speaker | Author | Founder Women CEO Project Email: - Phone: (832) 303-1475 KRISTIJACKSON
  3. 3. TESTIMONIALS“Very informative and motivating. It definitely “It is positive, supportive and a learningstarted my mental wheels churning for what experience” - Donna Kocurekmy next endeavour will be. I definitely knowfinishing & publishing my book “In Love” by nolater than 2nd Quarter of 2011 is a priority!!!Wonderfully Amazing Group!!! ” “This group embodies informative, valuable, - Taiese Nevels and premier presentations. I obtained a wealth of resources in two hours versus the days or even weeks I’ve wasted on search engines” - Candace Kirkwood “The information provided and the tips were phenomenal” - Linda Hinkle “Kristi, with the Women CEO Project, fosters a warm and intimate atmosphere of support and encouragement. My evening there was time well spent” - Tuala Williams “Kristi is a Great resource and should not be passed up” - D. Ique Brown “Simply Amazing!” - Yvonne Harris KRISTIJACKSON
  4. 4. BIOWhile most young girls were engaged in play with dolls or dress-up clothes, Kristi Jackson was setting up forbusiness.For as far back as she can recall, Kristi imagined herself running her own business. As a child, she hadn’t yetdecided into which industry she’d delve or how exactly to chart her course. What the young school girl didknow was a. she wanted a desk, b. she wanted to earn her own money, and c. she wanted to make her ownrules.Fast forward to the present, and it’s easy to see that she’s more than fulfilled her childhood aspirations. Butalong the way, she identified loftier goals and honed in on exactly how she’d get there. One of the thingsto which Kristi attributes the shift from child’s play to fulfilled ambitions was her serendipitous meeting withan African-American business owner while she was a sophomore at Southern University in Baton Rouge,Louisiana.“There was a business with locations throughout the city, and its employees would come into the bankwhere I worked to make deposits into the business’ accounts weekly,” Kristi remembers. “One week, a blackman came into the bank to ask a question about the business’ accounts, and I told him I could only providethe information to his boss. He laughed, and he very kindly informed me that he was ‘his boss.’ He was thefirst black millionaire I met.”The small blunder became an opportunity for Kristi to be mentored by the businessman who’d built muchof his wealth through real estate investments. His self-made success inspired Kristi to set her sights on realestate, and her irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit was born.Kristi graduated from college in Computer Information Systems in the midst of the dot-com fallout. Sherelocated to Houston, Texas, and searched, unsuccessfully, for a job within her field of study before shedecided to move forward into real estate, the industry she’d always found so intriguing.“My first two years, I had no mentor, and I made tough, costly mistakes that I paid for, but I learned a lot andI became very creative,” Kristi recalls. “I read as much as I could – I still do. And I went to every free event –training, networking, whatever – and I started teaching myself the nuances of this industry.”Just as she began to gain momentum, the impact of the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis cut the sales ofher fledgling business to half of the previous years. But while many realtors let their licenses expire andclosed for business amid the crisis, Kristi maintained her focus and redirected her e orts toward diversifiedmarketing and more targeted networking. Her e orts in 2009 catapulted her business in 2010’s first quarter, KRISTIJACKSON
  5. 5. BIOmarketing and more targeted networking. Her e orts in 2009 catapulted her business in 2010’s first quarter,and the year continued to be her business’ best yet.Currently, Kristi’s firm, Jackson Realty and Investments, works with sellers in areas within Houston’s mostdesirable suburban and urban communities to maximize their profits from their homes. She provides herbuyers with the industry acuity that assists them with purchasing homes at the best value. And she consultswith investors to provide the informed expertise essential to making sound real estate decisions thatenhance portfolio growth.Most recently, Kristi founded the Women’s CEO Project, a venture through which she is developing a virtualcommunity of women business owners in the U.S. and abroad. The Women’s CEO Project o ers its membersvirtual training and seminars, and local networking to inspire collaboration and accelerate business growthand profitability.Kristi also is establishing the framework for a nonprofit e ort, Urban Recovery, which will coordinate thetalents of skilled labourers and the donations of unused construction supplies to make repairs in the homesof underserved families.In her rare moments of free time, Kristi enjoys reading, traveling abroad and snuggling with her feistyPomeranian puppy, Bailey. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Dress for Success’ Women ofWardrobe and the Junior League. KRISTIJACKSON
  6. 6. VIDEO INTERVIEWTo view the interview with Kristi click the link below, or if you have printed this please type it into your browser KRISTIJACKSON
  7. 7. ARTICLES icle to read Art Click here KRISTIJACKSON
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  13. 13. MEDIA “Women business owners think strategically,” Kristi Jackson told me the other day when we met. “In many places, they don’t get the empowerment they want. They get ‘Let’s pow wow and cheer lead’.” [Read More] While most young girls were engaged in play with dolls or dress-up clothes, Kristi Jackson was setting up for business. As far back as she can recall, Kristi imagined herself running her own business. [Read More] I’m sort of an undercover feminist who secretly takes joy in the fact that women truly do rule the world. As such, this is a first of my Girl Power posts and I am quite pleased to brag about this gal to you all. [Read More] Although Oprah’s decision to end her show means a heavy loss in revenue for television, publishing and small businesses as well, women in general, and Black women in particular, might have more of the answer to this country’s economic woes than most people think. [Read More] S & ECONOMICBUSINESS We are enthusiastic motivators and excited cheerleaders. We are the best at building relationships. We are women. We are caring nurturers, consistent hand- holders, boo boo kissers. We are mothers. KRISTIJACKSON