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Q3 power point


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Q3 power point

  1. 1. Media Studies Evaluation Q3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback? FEEDBACK music video G324 evaluation Kristie Wilson Sean Farnsworth
  2. 2. Our audience feedback has helped us develop our video significantly, from the early stages of our video when our rough cut was presented up until our final cut version. We introduced our rough cut to family and friends in order to receive constructive criticism about what improvements we could make, a number of comments were made such as… Feedback from our rough-cut... ‘ Little variety of shots, needs something more’ ‘ Drags on for too long, to improve use more locations’
  3. 3. Once we had acknowledged the negative criticism we decided to shoot additional footage in a range of locations as we were determined to produce the best possible outcome for our final cut version. Improving our rough-cut We filmed more footage of the female performer as feedback suggested we didn’t have enough variety of shots. We added more of the footage from the Showroom location, as some feedback told us we needed to include more locations.
  4. 4. When our video was complete we staged another viewing to the same audience, to see if they thought we had improved our work. Our audience were amazed at how far our video had progressed and stated that the video was enjoyable to watch and includes all of the conventions required to make a successful R&B video. Feedback from Final cut... ‘’ Enjoyable To watch’
  5. 5. The audience also pointed out that our video had an energetic feel to it through the burst of colour within one of the locations and the upbeat street dancing, this was important to us as we wanted to create a lively atmosphere within our video. Feedback Continued... ‘ Energetic feel to the video through the colours & dancing’
  6. 6. YouTube Feedback Our college has uploaded our video onto YouTube, in order for people to view our work and for us to get unlimited access to our music video. So far we have had a large number of views from our rough- cut, to our final cut. Comments on YouTube made about our music video include ‘ this is really good, well done’. We are pleased people are impressed with our work and hope to get more feedback in the future.
  7. 7. Also the male performer within our video proudly posted the video on a social networking site named Facebook, the video was well received and gained thirteen ‘Likes’ and over twenty comments from varies people saying how good the video is. Feedback from Facebook... 13 ‘Likes’ Facebook allows users to click a ‘like’ button if they are fond of something. The screen grab shows a number of comments on how good Sean’s performance was, this was extremely important to us, as our video is performance based and therefore the routine needs to look professional. comments included: ‘ aw this is good’ ‘ wow fab that Sean well done’ ‘ this is class  ’
  8. 8. The female performer within our video also stated that she felt comfortable within the environment she was working in and believed we had organised everything efficiently and that she enjoyed taking part in our video. Feedback from the performer... Please click here
  9. 9. Our Thoughts... Overall we have learned a great deal from both negative and positive feedback as we valued people’s opinions and understood were improvements had to be made which pushed us to do the best we could with the equipment and resources we had access to. Kristie Wilson & Sean Farnsworth