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DHS Freshmen Presentation

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Freshmen ppt

  1. 1. Derby High School Library Media Center
  2. 2. What can you do here?• Work on school work and projects• Find books & magazines to use for school assignments and read for enjoyment• Use computer for school work: research databases, the internet, and Microsoft programs (MS Word)• Check out books (2 weeks). You may bring them home but must return them to the library in 2 weeks
  3. 3. Who are we? Mrs. Falcioni & Ms. McGarry How can we help you?• Searching for books to use for school assignments• Using research databases on the computer for school assignments• Resetting your log-on password if you forget it• Finding books & magazines to read for enjoyment• & many other ways – just ask! 
  4. 4. When can we come here?During Study Hall. First, come to the library before first period (7:15-7:30) & sign up in advance; we will give you a pass. Then, report to your study hall like usual and show your pass to your study hall teacher. After that, come directly to the library. You must stay in the library for the whole study hall period.During Lunch. No food or drink are allowed in the library, but if you would like to come to the library during your lunch period to work quietly you may. You must come at the beginning of lunch and stay until the end of lunch.
  5. 5. Remember….The library is a place for quiet work, reading and studying.No food or drinks are allowed.Borrow books for two weeks – renew or return before they are overdue.You must always come with a pass unless you are coming during your lunch wave.
  6. 6. What will we do today?Today Ms. McGarry will demonstrate how to search for books in the library’s OPAC – Online Public Access Catalog.
  7. 7. Then, Ms. McGarry will show you how to find books by reviewing how books are arranged in libraries – according to the Dewey Decimal System. Books can be checked out for two weeks – except reference books (REF) – reference books must stay in the library and can only be used here.
  8. 8. Magazines and newspapers can also be foundhere in the library and are available to read for your enjoyment, but must stay in the library; they cannot be checked out.
  9. 9. We look forward to seeing all of the Class of 2016 in the library!If you have a question, just ask! 
  10. 10. Computer LabLast, we will go downstairs to the computer lab to log on for the first time with our Derby High usernames and passwords. Every student at Derby High School has a unique username and you will have the same username for all four years of school here.