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This presentation is a brandy identity for the company visible|queer.

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  2. 2. VISIBLE|Queer visible[viz-uh-buhl]:prepared or converted for visual presentation; represented visually.( queer[kweer]:strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different; Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. a.homosexual. b.effeminate; unmanly( Brand|Origins
  3. 3. Visible|Queer is a brand designed with the intention of creating a safe space for the creation of media for the LGBTQ audiences but also as a way to create discourse for those issues in popular culture. Visible|Queer is protectable and the URL is available. Visible|Queer is a descriptive logo because the brand name describes the goal of the business. To promote the visibility of queer media in entertainment. Brand|Strengths VISIBLE|Queer promoting visibility through entertainment
  4. 4. Visible|Queer is a entertainment company created to promote the visibility of LGBTQ issues. Some of the concerns that the company will have to consider are: LGBTQ issues or queer issues are not accepted in mainstream society so funding and support of this brand will have to come from the market the company is targeting. These issues are in direct conflict with all western religion. The term Queer has in the past been characterized as negative and offensive. Some older LGBTQ people may take issue with the word queer. Brand|Concerns VISIBLE|Queer promoting visibility through entertainment
  5. 5. Brand|Logo Description: The Visible|Queer logo is a horizontal word-mark that uses a piping line to illustrate the act of coming out of the closet. The piping uses two distinct colors to illustrate the opening of a door from which the Word queer is coming out. Brand Relevance: The Visible|Queer logo is a testament of the coming out process. Every queer person must at some point come out of the closet. The idea behind my company is providing a safe space for open discourse for queer issues through entertainment. The goal of the company is to make queers and queer issues more digestible to the mainstream public. Laws of Shape and Color: The Visible|Queer logo follows the law of shape by maintaining a horizontal right to left viewpoint. The logo utilizes a clear and easily readable typeface and also uses three distinct colors to aid in its readability. The red color of ‘visible’ was meant to add a importance to the the word itself and ‘queer’ was done in black because I didn't want the queer in the logo to distract. The ‘queer’ is meant to blend in, to suggest that being queer is a non-issue. The idea is for the word queer to act as a descriptor but to not to confuse the goal of our company, which is visibility for our issues. VISIBLE|Queer promoting visibility through entertainment
  6. 6. Brand|Logo cont’d. Conceptual Logo: I like the simplicity in design behind this logo and the idea that it uses both a pictorial element as well as a word-mark. The pictorial adds a nice aesthetic element to the over all logo and the tagline is also present. The elements don’t overpower one another but work together to create a nice balance. I also like this logo because it uses the closet/door concept that I am using in my logo. Competitve Logo: The Frameline logo is a simple horizontal word-mark logo that follows the law of shape. The logo does not have a pictorial image but uses various graphical filters to make the logo look like it is being projected against a film screen. VISIBLE|Queer promoting visibility through entertainment
  7. 7. Corporate|Culture Visible|Queer is a film production company created with the intention of providing a safe space for the creation of media for the LGBTQ audiences but also as a way to create discourse for those issues in popular culture. We understand the importance of visibility in creating a sense of community and belonging within the queer subculture and we wish to cultivate that queer culture through entertainment. We acknowledge that the queer culture is often met with opposition but we hope to combat that opposition with entertainment. CORPORATE VISION VISIBLE|Queer promoting visibility through entertainment
  8. 8. Corporate|Culture Visible|Queer believes that all humans beings deserve equal rights under the law regardless of class, sex, race, or sexuality. WE are committed to telling to stories of all LGBTQ peoples in order to create a sense of understanding and sameness through entertainment. WE are committed to respecting the culture and diversity of all people. WE are committed to the belief that no minority of people should be marginalized and mistreated based on class, sex, race, or sexuality. CORPORATE VALUES VISIBLE|Queer promoting visibility through entertainment
  9. 9. Corporate|Culture HOW WILL WE DO IT? Visible|Queer well hold monthly potluck sessions to foster a sense of family with the organization. Each week employees will discuss their favorite movie/book/magazine/new media and how that movie effected that particular time space of their lives. Each employee will be asked to volunteer some of their time to work within GLBTQ youth groups (preferably) or in some community based organization in hopes to foster volunteerism with the company. Each year the company will hold an event called “Switch Hitters” where heterosexual and queer employees will volunteer to switch hit for the day. This event is intended to enforce the idea that we are all essentially the same, some of us just love differently. VISIBLE|Queer promoting visibility through entertainment
  10. 10. Corporate|Mantra VISIBLE|Queer promoting visibility through entertainment MISSIONMISSION MANTRA:MANTRA: Promoting queer visibility through entertainment Visible|Queer is a company dedicated to the visibility of GLBTQ issues in the mainstream media. Our mission is to support, create, fund, and develop queer themed media that portrays the lives of LGBTQ people in realistic and positive way.
  11. 11. Corporate|Tagline Visible|Queer tagline is Because Visibility Matters. It is effective because it reinforces the purpose of the company and it’s vision in three simple words. At it’s heart, Visible|Queer is advocating for LGBTQ equality. WE ARE NOT picketing, shouting, and fighting directly with the opposition, however we advocate indirectly by creating and distributing positive and realistic images of GLBTQ people as they interact and live in the community. Because Visibility Matters is a short, positive tagline that reinforces our brand in a specific and inclusive way. VISIBLE|Queer promoting visibility through entertainment