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  1. 1. Kristiana Constantinou 13D Graph analysis – Music video 1. How old are you? 10 11 to 14 15 to 17 18+ This pie chart shows me that all 10 people that took my questionnaire were between the ages of 15-17. Due to the style of my music video I aim to target ages 15-17 as well as ages up to 40. This is due to the connection of ages with burlesque. Burlesque performance is related with ages 18+, but due to the comedy side we intend to involve, and the sexual appeal, our music video we will evidently target the ages 15-17. The large audience will appeal to the song and dance in my music video. Due to my group targeting a big audience, we have to ensure that all the audience is involved in the preparation of the music video and therefore entertain my audience (uses and gratification theory). Even though burlesque has a sexual appeal to it, it is very comedic. I feel these two attributes of burlesque performing; will therefore attract both the younger audience, and slightly older audience. Although we do intend to attract an older generation with the content of our music video, due to it being a certification 15 we will not be displaying any nudity. This is due to the younger viewers as well as traditional burlesque performers. Nudity is very minimal in burlesque and it more focused around the comedy side. The narrative ensured to embed an idea in the audiences minds to help them follow wrong (hypodermic needle theory).
  2. 2. Kristiana Constantinou 13D 2. 4 What gender are you? 6 Male Female In this pie chart, it helps me conclude that six males and four females have answered the questionnaire. In total this would mean that ten people were questioned. The reason why we questioned both males and females was so we can understand both their expectations. By interviewing one gender, it will give a bias view and probably lead us to targeting just one gender. In order to make my music video more appealing to both genders, I will take on the results of each my questions, and apply it to the music video. I will ensure to use stereotypes within my music video, so both genders are more likely to be inclined to watch the music video. For example to target females I will display the dancers within the music video as sexy but sophisticated. This will therefore result in them taking an interest in their costume, looks and awe. As well as this, females are often more confident in expression to music and this will therefore be a natural physical form of targeting an audience. On the other hand i think the most stereotypical way of attracting males for this music video will be through the sexual appeal of the dancers. 3. When listening to blues/jaz music what lighting do you expect? Bright/sharp lighting 10 Dimmed/spotlight Dark
  3. 3. Kristiana Constantinou 13D When producing a music video there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. One questioned I needed to ask my target audience, was what type of lighting they expected in a blues/jazz music video. The answers were all in synch, when answering „dimmed/spotlight‟. When producing my music video, I will not only take on board what looks correct and well staged, but the feedback I have gained from this question will enable me to decide on the lighting. This will satisfy my target audience and meet their expectations. It will also create a burlesque atmosphere as a lot of the overall representation is due to the lighting to create the atmosphere. Burlesque performing is very much for entertainment purposes (uses and gratification theory), and I feel by providing the right environment, this will therefore meet this purpose. When listening to blues/jazz genre of music, what camera shots/angles do you often expect to be seen? Close ups 4. 4 7 Establishing shots 3 Mid shot High angle The main thing we need to focus on as a group is what type of camera angles/shots we will use in the music video. When people watch this music video they need to feel informed, entertained (uses and gratification theory) and be able to interact with the video. In order to do this I had to question a series of 10 people on what camera angles/shots they often expected to be seen in the music video. The results show that 7/10 people felt that mid shots were the most expected, followed by close ups with 4/10 and then lastly 3/10. No one felt that high angles needed to be in a music video, and I will therefore take this into account when producing my music video. Due to the results varying between three different angles/shots, I now have to come to a decision what angles/shots I will need to use, or whether I should have a combination of all of them. Close up shots will consist of a close up of the dancers or singers features such as legs, hands, lips as this is stereotypically seen in burlesque
  4. 4. Kristiana Constantinou 13D films such as Christina Aguila in the film Burlesque. Mid shots will enable the audience to see the top half detail of the dancers costumes, connecting it to Burlesque conventions. The advantage of combining them all is that everyone will be satisfied and my target audience will be more inclined to watch it. However I have to ensure that the angles/shots are used cleverly and carefully. A vary of shots will appeal to my target audience due to the variety of angles they are receiving to ensure they get a maximum viewing. What type of costume do you expect to see in a jazz/blues music video with a theme of burlesque? Formal 5. 7 5 Casual Sexy Sophisticated Fashion plays a big role in today‟s society. Image is a thing many people revolve around, and sometimes judge. When looking at celebrities many individuals looks up to their style of fashion, and adapt from them. To ensure that my movie appeals to a variety of people, I need to understand what expectations my target audience have on costumes. From this I asked my target audience what type of costumes they expected to see in a jazz/blues music video with the themes of burlesque. Responses varied between 7/10 people saying sophisticated, and 5/10 saying sexy. Burlesque performances are very much sexy and sophisticated and stereotypically that is what you expect from a music video with a burlesque theme. This is why I feel my target audience felt that these costumes would be more suited. When dressing the people starring in my music video, I will take on board the expectations on costumes from the people I questionnaired and invovle that in my music video. This will satisfy my target audience and appeal to them as individuals. Exmaples of costumes could be corsets, dramatic head pieces, tights and heels. This is what is stereotypically expected from a burlesque music video. Other props include hats and feather bowers to use during the music video as part of a dance routine. This would act as a form of entertainment due to the props and costume coming in handy to express a sexy and comdy side to the genre (uses and gratifcation theory). Due the the target audience being ages 15+ I have to make sure the costumes are suitable for ages 15 viewers. I will do this by ensuring there is no nudity and make sure the costumes are conventional to the genre.
  5. 5. Kristiana Constantinou 13D 6. What non-diegetic sounds do you expect in a jazz/blues music video? 1 Drums 1 Guitar 6 Violin 3 Piano Trombone The music is a crucial part of a music video. It brings everything together. In order to create the music, you need the instruments. This counts as non-digetic music. Some people felt that more than one instrument should be expected. The results showed that the majority felt a trombone is the most expected in a jazz/blues genre music video, with the minority saying the guitar and violin, and 3 people saying the piano. I think with burlesque themes, there are many instruments that are stereotypically heard. In order to stick to the jazz/blues genre, we have to research into the music more. However this information will help reinforce specific musical instruments for the nondigetic sound in the music video, to ensure we satisfy our target audience. 7. 2 Do you prefer a male or female singer to perform in a burlesque show? Male 8 Female
  6. 6. Kristiana Constantinou 13D Burlesque performing is stereotypically associated with a female (stereotype). However sometimes people feel it is good to challenge a stereotype. Due to us having to make a decision on what gender should perform in a burlesque show, we questioned our target audience. 8 out of 10 people responded that they felt females are there preference. However, being the minority, 2 out of 10 people voted for a male to perform in a burlesque show. I think this depends on what gender you are. Women are often portrayed as sexual objects in today‟s society. Sexual appeal plays a big role in the music industry and I think that this connects with the opinions I received back. Women are associated with burlesque performing and I think this is the reason for the results. When applying this to my music video, I will take on board the feedback I have gained by using females in my music video due to the stereotype of them being the centre of burlesque. Men do star in burlesque performances, however due to the female dominance in this genre it would be more conventional to follow this to keep my target audience inclined. In order to construct a narrative I will also have a man starring in the music video to enable viewers to follow a story. This will ensure to keep them entertained due to the comedy and sexual side of it (uses and gratification theory). 8. 4 6 Would you like the music video in black and white? Yes No When questioning a series of 10 people, I asked them a question on whether they would like the music video to be in black and white, or not. The feedback shows that 6 out of 10 people voted that they did not want it to be, and 4 out of 10 said that they did. This may have been due to individual preferences, or a particular trend they like.
  7. 7. Kristiana Constantinou 13D Due to this being an important question, as it involves the appearance of the video, we asked them why they voted a specific answer, to support themselves. Answers ranged from finding it more interesting in colour, and that black and white would be boring. I think colour does bring out the fun side of a video, adding a modern touch to it by being able to interact with the time period. Burlesque performing is very much associated with reds and bright colours, so I do support the answers opting for a colour music video. Colour is often used in burlesque music videos as it helps connote a meaning. The colour red is often used in burlesque feels due to its connotation of love, sex, danger and fire. If the music video was in black and white it wouldn‟t only date the music video but it would also drain the entire fire, fun and sexiness of the genre, making it less entertaining. As well as this Jazz/blues is a fun and vibrant genre and in order to get this across we need to show colour so the audience are entertained by the visuals. However, as this needs to be directed to my target audience, I must take into account both views. Perhaps when producing the music video, I can test a section out in black and white to see the outcome, and decide on the oucome. 9. Would you prefer a narrative with the music or not? 4 6 With a narrative Without a narrative Many music videos often have a narrative to follow the lyrics. It helps the target audience connect and understand with the song, and also have an interest in it. However, not all music videos follow a narrative. In order to decide if our music video should follow a narrative or not we needed to ask our target audience on their opinion. We asked our target audience whether or not they preferred a music video with a narrative or not. The results showed that 6 out of 10 people preferred a music video with a narrative, and 4 out of 10 without a narrative.
  8. 8. Kristiana Constantinou 13D When furthering this question, we asked them the reasons for their decision, there were a variety of reasons. Some answers stated that it would sound more intriguing and makes you concentrate more on the lyrics, whereas other people felt it was more interesting. This information will be applied to the production of our music video, when creating my storyboards and script. Having a narrative helps the target audience feel engaged with the products as well as it being conventional to Burlesque. However there are not many narrative music videos in the blues/jazz industry but due to our chosen genre being a combination of all of them, we have to find a balance to ensure all conventions are being met. 10. 4 4 Would type of editing do you ecpect? Rhythmical editing Slow with transitions 4 Rhythmical and slow In order to understand what expectations my target audience have, I needed to ask them a series of questions. After selecting a series of 10 people to answer my questionnaire, I had to ask them what type of editing they expected in my music video. The music video is a jazz/blues genre with the themes of burlesque. Burlesque music varies between upbeat music and slow music, however the editing should match the beat of the music. In order to understand what my target audience expect, I asked them, with a variety of choices to choose from, what type of editing they would expect. All options had equal results. 4/10 people voted for rhythmical editing, another 4/10 voted for slow with transitions, and the last 4/10 voted for rhythmical editing. Due to the equal votes with all the types of editing, it helps me conclude that their expectations of editing for burlesque films are evenly spread. I think depending on the music choice, and visual elements within the film, it will depend on what choice of editing. This could be done by using rhythmical editing having the beat in time with the visuals. This will help the audience be more focused on the music video due to the partnership of the music and editing creating a good visual. I think that if we combine the choices together
  9. 9. Kristiana Constantinou 13D that my target audience votes for, we will be able to involve a range of editing techniques within the music video. In conclusion, my questionnaires have helped me in gaining the relevant information I will need, in order to produce a music video. Questionnaires have advantages and disadvantages to them. To ensure I create a music video to the best standards, I will apply the feedback I received from these questions and apply it through the choice in camera angles, music, lighting and costumes. You need to be careful who you question to prevent the feedback being bias. To ensure we prevented this, we gave our questionnaire out to a range of genders and ages, bearing in mind the style of our music video. I asked a series of people a variety of 10 questions to get some feedback that will enable me to make choices in the production of my music video. All the information I have got from this questionnaire, will assist me when producing my music video. Various things such as lighting, costume, props, camera positioning and angles and music pace need to be taken into account, and by questioning my target audience, this will enable me to do it accurately. This questionnaire has helped me rule out many suggestions I may have had for the music video, and has pushed me towards specific ideas. For example, when considering whether our music video should be in black and white, the response from our target audience stated that they felt it should be in colour. I think this is due to the atmosphere and environment it adds to a video, and the idea of burlesque, Blues/jazz being colourful, sexy and sophisticated. On various different questions there were some people whose answers were in the minority vote. When producing my music video I would expectedly take on board the majority vote. However, to ensure that it is a successful music video I will assess the pros and cons of the minorities vote and decide whether we should go ahead with the majority or adapt a different way. I feel questionnaires are very useful in helping me produce my music video, as it will help me understand what my target audience are least appealed to and most appealed to. I need to represent to genre of music being Jazz and blues. The genre is very sophisticated and “cool”. It is a respected genre which has a lot of history due to its dedicated founders being African Americans. However, Burlesque is a sexy and dominant genre which has a lot of comedy and sexual appeal. These two contrasting genres (binary oppositions) have to have a meeting point in which I can intertwine them all in order to find a balance for my music video. Due to Jazz and Blues being represented as a sophisticated genre, it can be quite sexy. This enables me to fit the music of Blues and Jazz along with themes of burlesque, involving both genres for the visual elements. Overall my questionnaire has helped me come to a conclusion on costumes, lighting, camera shots, narrative and props. By getting feedback from my target audience it has enabled me to understand how my music video should be represented.