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The Open Source Ecosystem Transforming Research Communication


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An emerging ecosystem of open source projects is evolving how research is communication, published and shared, improving the transparency, openness, integrity and discoverability of science and scholarship

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The Open Source Ecosystem Transforming Research Communication

  1. 1. The Open Source Ecosystem Transforming Research Communication SSP 2018 May 31 2018 Kristen Ratan #osbazaar
  2. 2. Coko believes... No one platform can solve all the problems. We need an ecosystem of tools and software. We should build modular & interoperable things. The community must create and own solutions.
  3. 3. The ecosystem is emerging
  4. 4. Coko’s Editoria Coko’s xPub eLife Libero OJS WaxTexture StencilaDAT INK xSweet Science Fair Substance library Platforms Tools The Open Ecosystem CERN’s Invidio Services Open Review Collabor- ation Hosting 3rd Party Peer Review Copy- editing Pop-up Publishing
  5. 5. ConversionSubmission Semantics enhancers AnnotationNotebooks Metadata Peer review Versions Production PubSweet Publishing Authoring Editorial tools Revision Syndica- tion Web delivery Reviewer matching Real-time collabora- tion Discovery tools Open, modular architecture enables innovation and collaboration
  6. 6. Collaboration in the browser
  7. 7. Collaborative Webspace
  8. 8. Digital-first workflow with automation and collaboration tools
  9. 9. Author Experience
  10. 10. Editor Experience
  11. 11. Reviewer Experience
  12. 12. The output must evolve
  13. 13. Static publication Living, versioned constellation of research objects
  14. 14. There is no one size fits all solution
  15. 15. PubSweet Three platformuse cases (so far) Books Journals Micropublications Design Developmentcycles Testing Launch
  16. 16. Service providers Partnering tech organizations First wave adoption Early adopters Code contributors Core OS project Broad Community Community Led Open Source Core OS project Core OS project
  17. 17. Community-built and owned OS is sustainable
  18. 18. Successful Open Source Projects ● The internet: TCP/IP (governing protocols), BIND (DNS resolver) ● The Web: 75% adoption of OS browsers (Chrome, Firefox), 50% of websites delivered by Apache web server, 70% of sites use WordPress, Joomla or Drupal as a CMS ● Computers: Android + Apple (built on OS BSD Kernel) have twice as much adoption as Windows ● Phones: Android, iOS (built on OS Darwin operating system) dominate ● Cloud hosting services: OpenStack has 17% market share against Amazon, Microsoft and Google
  19. 19. Shared Infrastructure ● Pooling resources to get more for your investment ○ Technology stack ○ Maintaining standards ○ New functionality ● Sharing the burden of keeping up and the benefit of new ideas ● Focusing on the layer that differentiates your organization ○ Content ○ Brand ○ Quality ○ People
  20. 20. @kristenratan 21 Get in touch: @kristenratan