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Evolving Content, Social Publishing, and Web Squared. The Ratan Report


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Publishing is evolving, content is changing, and the web is going mobile. As we enter a world of augmented reality, or Web Squared, what will your information shadow show?

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Evolving Content, Social Publishing, and Web Squared. The Ratan Report

  1. 1. Evolving Content, Social Publishing, and Web squared The Ratan Report Kristen Fisher Ratan Fall 2009 HighWire Publishers’ Meeting
  2. 2. Let’s Review
  3. 3. Digital Media is Exploding
  4. 4. Everyone is an author
  5. 5. Everyone is a publisher
  6. 6. f Content is Changing
  7. 7. Innovative formats don’t always mean innovative content
  8. 8. Vook = book + video (for those “too busy” to read)
  9. 9. “ I think Lloyd is a fantastic editor, and his fan-based work is exactly the kind of liquidity of text that I believe will propel books in the next century” -Kevin Kelly “ Kevin Kelly’s Out of Control is a fascinating book…but suffering from a number of frustrating flaws…way too long-winded. I would have preferred a much shorter book…so I thought: Why not remix the online text to make such a book? ” -Andreas Lloyd Content is being “remixed”
  10. 10. “ People don't want to simply access good content, they want to contribute to that content” -Dan Rosensweig, Guitar Hero (Quoted at Oct 2009 Web2 Summit)
  11. 11. Ever-increasing layers of annotation and metadata – content about content
  12. 12. Information is increasingly social
  13. 13. Information, Information Everywhere
  14. 14. In the war for attention, filtered aggregation will win Hey, that’s what publishers do!
  15. 15. Enough about scholarly publishing, what’s up on the World Wide Web?
  16. 16. Where’s Web 3.0? Web Squared
  17. 17. Web Squared = Web meets World
  18. 18. Web Squared <ul><li>“ The Web becomes more closely integrated with the real world via sensor-based smart phone applications. Web Squared is another way of saying &quot;Web meets World.“ </li></ul><ul><li>-Tim O'Reilly (and John Battelle) </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>
  19. 19. “ The Web Squared era is an era of augmented reality . Our world will have ‘ information shadows .’ Augmented reality amounts to information shadows made visible.” -Tim O’Reilly
  20. 20. Web Squared is already here. Mostly through mobile applications
  21. 21. Real-time global guide
  22. 22. Real-time travel guide
  23. 23. On-the-spot business locator
  24. 24. On-the-spot restaurants
  25. 25. RapidSMS and Unicef
  26. 26. Real-time shoe purchases?
  27. 27. What’s Next? Real-time information shadows about people?
  28. 28. Jane Smith 36 y.o. F Occ: Attorney Res: Houston, TX Born: Reno, NV Cloud
  29. 29. Name: Jane Smith Age: 36 y.o. Gender: F Occ: Attorney Res: Houston, TX Born: Reno, NV Hobbies: Water skiing, knitting Last purchases: Snuggie, Qtips, goldfish Claims to be reading: Lincoln biography Actually reading: Latest Dan Brown novel Currently thinking: Who is this guy? Or Worse!
  30. 30. Thank You! Kristen Fisher Ratan [email_address]