Lean Startup in the Enterprise - Hotwire Case Study


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Presentation by Kristen Mirenda (Lead Product Manager) and Karl Schultz (Senior Interaction Designer) to the Lean Startup Circle Meetup in San Francisco, December 13th, 2012.

There's a video of this presentation at http://justin.tv/leanstartupcircle/b/347873496 (we start at 1:06:00).

"Inspired to apply Lean Startup techniques at their decade-old company, Hotwire.com is using an 'innovation sandbox' to explore potentially disruptive changes to its hotel booking product, without putting its existing business at risk. Members of the hotel product team will offer a case study in using lean methodologies at a well-established company – how they are making it happen in such an environment, and why they want to experiment boldly on an already successful, market-leading product."

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Lean Startup in the Enterprise - Hotwire Case Study

  1. 1. Hotwire’s Innovation SandboxPresentation to Lean Startup Circle - San FranciscoDecember 13, 2012Kristen MirendaKarl SchultzMessing with success
  2. 2. product
  3. 3. team• Dedicated to product• Embedded analyst• Connected with users• Ideas come from anywherephoto credit: karlsbad (Flickr)
  4. 4. • Hotels provide unsold rooms• We sell with huge discounts• Posted price – no bidding• Learn hotel after you bookopaquephoto credits: karlsbad (Flickr)
  5. 5. customersConfused userphoto credit: PhotoJonny, Jonny Wilkins (Flickr)
  6. 6. riskChapter 12:“How can we protect the parentorganization from the startup?”photo credit: karlsbad (Flickr)
  7. 7. sandbox
  8. 8. “hate it - cant evensort anymore”“I dont like it because youcannot filter the results oreven sort them.. Whatwere you thinking?”feedback“absolutely blows...puregarbage. need to be able to sortasap. ill come work for you andhelp you figure it out. wtf.”
  9. 9. data
  10. 10. Don’t let startupshave all the funphoto credit: karlsbad (Flickr)
  11. 11. Kristen MirendaLead Product ManagerKarl SchultzSenior Interaction Designerthanksphoto credit: karlsbad (Flickr)