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This presentation will be used to teach new users the basics about signing up for and using Facebook.

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  • Explain here that both people and companies/organizations have PAGES on Facebook, and you can friend people and like pages.
  • I’ll point out the difference between logging in and signing up.
  • Note here that you can skip this step—friends are perfectly easy to find later.
  • Note that you don’t HAVE to fill out this information if you don’t feel like disclosing it.
  • Again, they can skip this part, but FB is usually pretty good at suggesting.
  • Timeline or Profile page is where you see posts about one person—yourself, or another person if you’re on someone else’s Timeline. When you click on someone’s name, you’ll see their Timeline. Here you can find out more info about the person and see anything they’ve posted lately.
  • There are two places you can update your status: your Timeline and your News Feed. Statuses are seen by whomever you designate—usually your friends.News Feed: this is where you see all of the posts (statuses, pics, articles, etc.) from your friends.
  • In this case, I’m sharing a video of the Top 10 Songs of 1984, but you can share photos and other things as well. Some things may not be shareable because of other people’s privacy settings.
  • If you tag someone, all of their friends will probably see your photo, so be aware of that when tagging.
  • Uncheck whatever you don’t want to see from this person.
  • From this page you can edit your privacy settings—but remember that there will still be some posts (things you tag friends in, for instance) that friends of friends will be able to see.
  • Facebook 101

    1. 1. Facebook 101Connecting to Your World
    2. 2. What is Facebook?• Facebook is a social network. You can friend other people, accept their friendships, and follow topics and companies that interest you.
    3. 3. Why Should I Join?• Connection: Your family and friends are on FB, sharing photos and events in their lives.• Information: Companies, organizations, and friends share thoughts, pictures, and events that keep you updated.
    4. 4. Signing Up and Logging In
    5. 5. Creating Your Account
    6. 6. Setting Up Your Account
    7. 7. Adding Profile Information
    8. 8. Adding Your Friends
    9. 9. Uploading Your Profile Picture
    10. 10. Anatomy of Your Timeline Cover PhotoProfilePicBasicInfo ActivityPhotos Status Box
    11. 11. Status UpdatesTimeline/Profile News Feed There are two places you can update your status and tell everyone what’s going on: your News Feed (or profile page) and your Timeline.
    12. 12. Notifications
    13. 13. News Feed Anatomy You Your status box Others’ posts Birthdays and Events Ads ChatYour News Feed is a “home” page: you can see others’ posts and easily access things like messages, birthdays/events, and your Timeline.
    14. 14. Finding Friends through Search
    15. 15. Adding a Friend Click “Add Friend” to send Jennifer a friend request. She must approve this for you to see one another’s posts.You’ll get a notification here whensomeone friends you.
    16. 16. Likes and Commenting Click “Like” to like You can click on “11 the status. others” to see who else liked this status.Click here toview all thecomments. You can “like” comments you agree with. Write your comment!
    17. 17. Sharing a Post Often you can share others’ posts with your friends.Step One: click “share.” Step 2: Make a comment (if you wish) and click “share link.”
    18. 18. Tagging Photos1: Click “Tag Photo.” 2: Click on the person’s face or another part of the picture and type their name. Select the correct person from the list.
    19. 19. Hiding Annoying People
    20. 20. Hiding Others’ Posts Click “Hide” to hide this person’s post from your News Feed.
    21. 21. How to UnfriendClick “Unfriend” to remove this personfrom your friend list. They will not benotified.
    22. 22. Public vs. Private MessagingThis is private. Only you and the recipient will see this message. This is public. If I post something here, Ginnie AND ALL OF HER FRIENDS will see it. It will appear on her Timeline and in her News Feed.
    23. 23. Privacy Settings Click on the cog icon to access all of your settings options.
    24. 24. Timeline and Tagging Settings