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Wordyslides withnotes amlit_btsngradeslides


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BTSN Amlit teaching team. MVHS

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Wordyslides withnotes amlit_btsngradeslides

  1. 1. Grades: Aeries Software SIS*A. 5 Categories based on Based on the Co mmon Core Sta ndards the standards. ww w .commonc ore.orgB. Grading Percentages New : Correspon d w ith student’s meeting/exceedin g the standards.C. Emphasizes Revision and Improvement for Scoring Guides fo each student: exactly where stu r each assignme dent can improv nt show – Multiple Opportunities grade) by revisin e skills (& g (process of pe teacher conferen er-review, – Common Assessment (all ce, w riters works teachers in the subject or other revision S tudent strategy that fits hop, the task). collaborating to grade writing assignments). I nformation S ystem
  2. 2. Standards-Based Grading Categories Category Percent Weight Academic Language Conventions 15 Reading 25 Speaking & Listening 25 Work Habits 10 Writing 25
  3. 3. Grading terms & their % equivalent: Advanced + A+ (97) Advanced A (90.5) Advanced - A- (83.5) Proficient + B+ (77) Proficient B (70.5) Proficient - B- (63.5) Basic + C+ (57) Basic C (50.5) Basic - C- (43.5) Below Basic + D+ (37) Below Basic D (30.5) Below Basic - D- (23.5) Far Below Basic F (10) No Evidence/Missing/Incomplete I (0)
  4. 4. ENG Dept. Grading Emphasizes Old: New: An essay final draft grade was An essay may be revised several times if the permanent, leaving students no student wishes to learn how to improve skills opportunity to learn at their pace. and raise the level of proficiency (& the grade)Rubrics used sentences and languagethat was descriptive and subjective, Teachers of the same course give the sameleaving students’ sense of their writing skills tests and essay assignments, whichskill uncertain, dependent on a they have created as a course team byteacher’s interpretation of the rubric. developing standards-based assessments and scoring guides with clear, brief language.Teachers planned curriculum so that When planning the curriculum for the year,a student may only have one or two the AmLit team makes sure to include multipleopportunities to demonstrate opportunities to demonstrate proficiency onproficiency on a skill, meaning the a reading, writing, or language skills. The newstudent could complete the course with grading system gives students incentivea passing grade, even without meeting to continue to improve their skills,the standards. regardless of due dates
  5. 5. Now, grades on SIS are• Communication about student’s progress on the common core standards.• Specific, based on scoring guides, about where a student can improve skills.• Encouraging, rather than punishing: late work penalties and extra credit are extinct.• The only way to make up for not doing the work is by doing the work.