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RateMyStudentRental, LLC's powerful infrastructure and comprehensive database student-rated student housing is now available for colleges and universities to fully maximize. The School Partnership Program is a package for colleges and universities looking for a student housing management program. This program takes's model and brands it as the college or university. To talk to a RateMyStudentRental Team member please email

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  2. 2. RateMyStudentRental spreads information, connecting students with reputable rental housing and landlords with students to encourage an atmosphere of continual improvement in the student rental housing market
  3. 3. How it Works 1. Students register and review student housing they’ve lived in
  4. 4. 2. We invite the landlords of the reviewed properties to join and monitor their rentals 3. And help landlords improve their property, service, and marketability
  5. 5. 3. Students search, filter, and compare to find the best rental housing for the best price
  6. 6. 4. We connect the students with the landlords and streamline rental application and lease signing
  7. 7. Why? When students are in school, they should not be worrying about broken toilets and unresponsive landlords Free information and open, clear communication are key to improving the quality of student rental housing and relationship between students and landlords
  8. 8. School Admin Account Monitor activity on the site for your school How satisfied are your students with your on- and off-campus rental housing? Which landlords have vacancies and which students are still looking?
  9. 9. View statistics and trends How much do your students spend on rent? How far do they commute? Who are your problematic landlords?
  10. 10. Communicate with students and landlords How will your study-abroad students find a place? Do students in a certain neighborhood need to be aware of a recent break-in or other safety bulletins?
  11. 11. The School Partnership Program Display the RateMyStudentRental platform, tailored for your school, on your own domain Effectively manage on- and off-campus housing, landlords, and students to control your school’s reputation Mediate disputes between students and landlords Moderate reviews and content that appear on your domain Pay off-campus landlords directly from students’ financial aid accounts
  12. 12. Branded as School’s own Rental Housing Portal
  13. 13. Why Choose RateMyStudentRental Yearly subscription-based service Automatic updates and upgrades for life of subscription All maintenance and support handled by RateMyStudentRental
  14. 14. For more information, please contact Kristen Winter (School Chick) Email schools@ratemystudentrental. com Phone 810.275.0403