Flint Engines Social Media Strategy


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Flint Engines Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. FlintEngines!Social Media Strategyprepared by: Kristen JacobsJune 2013
  2. 2. Why Use !Social Media?!Two recent surveys polling industrialbuyers and suppliers about theirusage of social networks show thatsocial media is being used toresearch, buy, sell and market theirproducts and services.Moreover, multiple research studiesby ThomasNet have found that 97% ofindustrial buyers turn to the web,including social media, to findinformation about products andservices they are looking to buy.
  3. 3. Who is our audience?!Equipment Operators, Owners, Renters, BuyersO  Construction Equipment Operators and SuppliersO  Industrial Vehicle and Equipment OperatorsO  OEM’sO  Industrial Rental and Resale Retailers
  4. 4. Where does Our audiencespend time online?!!Online CommunitiesO  www.machineryscoop.comA community of constructionequipment owners and operatorssharing first hand accounts of theirexperience and reviews ofequipment that the community canrely on before making purchasedecisions.Social Networks [B2B Focus]O  YouTubeO  LinkedIn GroupsO  BlogsO  FacebookProfessional Associations[Forums, Events and Groups]O  American Rental AssociationO  Rental Equipment RegisterO  North American Equipment DealersO  Engine Builders AssociationO  American Welding SocietyIndustry Publications[Forums, Events and Groups]O  Construction Business OwnerO  Welding JournalO  Heavy Equipment News
  5. 5. HIGH-LEVEL strategy!Supporting Business GoalO  Use social media to grow brand awareness and affinitywith equipment end-users and future buyers, operatorsand renters.Brand PassionO  Flint Engines’ cutting-edge technology has been keepingyour equipment running for over 100 years.O  “We keep you running”ResourcesO  Marketing Team Duo > 10 Hours / week
  6. 6. CONTENT strategy!Content MixO  Thought-Leadership > Videos, blogs, whitepapersO  Brand Awareness/Personality > Photos, Contests, VirtualPlant Tours, Awareness CampaignO  Online Community Participation > Linked Groups andIndustry Form participation and relationship buildingAction PlanO  Create monthly Content CalendarO  Schedule posts, blogsO  Block time daily for monitoring, engaging and listeningO  Keep a file for content creation ideas (blogs, videos,whitepapers, contests, photos, polls, partnerships)
  7. 7. CHANNEL STRATEGY!Channel Purpose Metrics for SuccessLinkedIn Build brand awareness and credibility;establish network; increase engagement;searchabilityConnections, company followers, discussionparticipation, Klout score,recommendationsYouTube Establish Flint Engines as thought-leaders; build brand recognition; showbrand personality and heritageVideo views, video reviews, starsYouTube AnalyticsFacebook Increase recognition and socialengagement, establish social community,platform base for cross-promotion ofcontent, drive website and blog trafficAudience GrowthReach, People Talking About ThisReferral Traffic to website (Google Analytics)Company Blog Build brand awareness and credibility;establish Flint Engines as thought-leaders; increase engagement;searchabilityNumber of postsAudience GrowthSubscribersInbound LinksSEO RankingSocial ReferralsOnlineCommunitiesEngage end-users; build networkFind influencers; develop relationshipsMentionsLeadsIntegrate social media strategy with traditional marketing mix, including print and onlineadvertising, email campaigns, targeted search sites and content-rich website.
  8. 8. CHANNEL STRATEGY!Action Type Priority Details Frequency KPI’s Time/WK MeansEstablishCompanyPage1 Complete companydetails, productinformation,brandingInitial Set-UpUpdateMonthly, or asneeded% ProfileCompletion1 hour10 minutesLinkedInPost Content 2 Link to relevantcontent, blogs3/week # Clicks 20 minutes LinkedIn orHootsuiteIncreaseFollowers2 Engage users tofollow updatesOngoing # Followers% Increase20 minutes LinkedInJoin +Participate inLinkedInGroups2 Engage in industry-related groupdiscussions.Reply to followercomments.Ongoing % feedback# Groups# Followers1 hour LinkedInGroupsLinkedInStreamResources: 2 Hours/WeekGoal: Build a B2B community; build awareness of products; establish Flint Engines asindustry thought-leaders.Target: Current, Former and Potential Buyers; Business Partners
  9. 9. CHANNEL STRATEGY!Action Type Priority Details Frequency KPI’s Time/WK MeansCreate Channel 1 Add companydetails;brandingInitial Set-Up;Update asneeded% ChannelCompletion1 hour YouTubeCreate Content 2 GenerateBrand Videos1/month # VideosCompleted1 hour Flip Cam;iMovieAdd Content 2 Upload BandVideos1/month 10 minutes YouTubeCross-PromoteContent2 Share links onwebsite andother socialchannelsOngoing # VideoViews20 minutes WebsiteLinkedInTwitterBlogsResources: 2 Hours/WeekGoal: Establish Flint Engines as industry thought-leaders through informational videos;establish credibility through Virtual Plant tours; build brand personality throughentertaining content.Target: End-Users, Buyers, Manufacturers
  10. 10. CHANNEL STRATEGY!Action Type Priority Details Frequency KPI’s Time/WK MeansEstablishPage1 Add companydetails; brandingInitial Set-Up;Updates% PageCompletion1 hour FacebookGrowAudience3 Cross promote onother channels,purchase ads, runcontestsOngoing % impressions% feedback# likesCTR30 minutes FacebookHootsuiteFacebookInsightsCreate + PostContent2 Utilize existingresources tocreate engagingcontent: Articles,blog posts, photos2-3/week % impressionsReachCTR30 minutes FacebookHootsuteBlogCommunityEngagement3 Like and commenton posts; engageother pagesOngoing % feedback 1 hour FacebookResources: 2 Hours/WeekGoal: Utilize content from other channels; share videos, photos, run contestsTarget: End-Users, Buyers, Manufacturers
  11. 11. CHANNEL STRATEGY!Action Type Priority Details Frequency KPI’s Time/WK MeansCreate Blog 2 Design; Addcompany detailsInitial Set-Up % complete 3 hours Blog PlatformCreateContent3 Write SEOoptimized blogson user-relatedtopics; behind-the-scenes; meet theteam1 / week # Blog Views#Site Click-Throughs1.5 hours Blog PlatformSEO 3 Align blogs,companydescription,optimize tags,photos, etc.Ongoing GooglePageRank# Blog Views30 minutes Blog PlatformResources: 2 Hours/WeekGoal: Use as a platform to drive SEO and website visits; establish Flint Engines asindustry thought-leaders through relevant, interesting and engaging content.Target: End-Users, Buyers, Manufacturers
  12. 12. CHANNEL STRATEGY!Action Type Priority Details Frequency KPI’s Time/WK MeansJoin RelevantCustomerCommunities2 Investigate onlinecommunities (such asmachineryscoop.com+ industry publicationforums)Ongoing # of forums 15 minutes InternetEngage inconversationand activelistening3 Participate inconversations,demonstratingthought-leadership;look for opportunitiesDaily # of posts# of mentions40 minutes InternetReporting 3 Track communitiesjoined, connectionsmade, mentionsMonthly see above 5 minutes MetricsDashboardGoal: Engage in conversations with end-users; establish Flint Engines as thought-leaders in relevant industries; build awareness and provide solutionsTarget: End-Users, Buyers, ManufacturersResources: 1 Hour/Week
  13. 13. Thank You!!KRISTEN JACOBShttp://www.linkedin.com/in/kristenjacobs