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specialists in water filters Sydney and provide water filtration as well as water purifier systems

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Ipure water

  1. 1. iPure WaterThe Water Filtration Specialist
  2. 2. • Are you worried about the quality of your tapwater? Do you need to install the best qualitywater filter or purifier?Here is the solution!• We, iPure Water, are the specialists in waterfilters Sydney and provide water filtration aswell as water purifier systems• All our water purification and filtrationproducts are of top quality and we sell them toyou in best affordable prices
  3. 3. iPure Water provides a range of wholehouse water purifier systems, here are theproducts:Water Coolers and BoilersPure Water CoolersReverse Osmosis Water Filter SystemsUnder Sink Water Filtration Systems
  4. 4. Under Sink Water Filter Systems• This type of system is attached to the plumbing underyour sink and filters water even before it reaches the tap• These filters filter out a number of impurities andharmful chemicals from drinking water• iPure Water has a rangeof under sink water filters: Twin Filter Triple Filters Five Stage Filter
  5. 5. Under Sink Water Filter Systems• Such systems have a primary function of removalof rust and sediments which is followed byreduction in Chlorine level• This leads to elimination of foul smell and badtaste of water• These filters also trap bacteria and other parasiteswhich are major causes of diseases• Give us a call and we would be there to analyseyour tap water and suggest you the best suitableunder sink water filter based on the analysis
  6. 6. Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Sydney
  7. 7. Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Sydney• A reverse osmosis system (RO) that works in six stages isour specialty• Activated carbon filter in this system filters water toremove all contaminants, impurities, and chemicals suchas Chlorine• This leads to removal of bad taste and foul smell toofrom water• iPure Water has launched the latest technology reverseosmosis systems that prevent water wastage to almost100%• The system works in six stages to provide you and yourfamily with the purest water to drink
  8. 8. Water Boilers and Coolers• iPure Water is among the leading water coolersuppliers and provides a range of water coolersand boilers• to help you get clean and cool or hot drinkingwater easily• We have the latest free standing all-in-one waterheaters and coolers with in-built reverseosmosis (RO) water filter system
  9. 9. Water Boilers and CoolersHot, Cold, and Ambient Filtered WaterNo More Heavy LiftingNo More Monthly BillsUnlimited Water SupplyBuilt-in Mini FridgeCompact and Well-designedSimple to Install and Set-upEasily Accessible
  10. 10. Why Choose Us?• Our water purifiers and filter systems offer a clean, safe,and affordable water solution to homes, schools, andoffices• Call us today and our executive will reach your home forFREE water quality analysis• We suggest you the product that suits your needs andbudget. Once you buy a water purifier or filtration system• from iPure Water, we assure you to get 50% off onservicing• Even if you call our team for your water purificationsolution, you will surely get a friendly reply with the perfectaffordable solution from iPure Water
  11. 11. • 356-358 King Georges RoadBeverly Hills NSW 2209• Tel: 13000 iPure (47879), 02 9740 7760• Fax: 02 9740 7768• E-mail: info@ipuregroup.com.auContactUs