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Optimizing the PIVX Intelligence Ecosystem


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After a month of volunteer work for PIVX, Brian and I submitted a budget proposal in May 2018 to provide market research and content amplification services. This proposal failed to pass, as did other marketing proposals during that cycle, leaving PIVX with little marketing support. Various community members asked that we continue with our efforts. Ultimately, we were supported by donations for the month of May and continued work. This is a summary of our findings and recommendations for PIVX based on our with the team.

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Optimizing the PIVX Intelligence Ecosystem

  1. 1. Optimizing the PIVX Intelligence Ecosystem June 2018 Budget Proposal Supplement Kristen Colwell & Brian Colwell
  2. 2. 1. Introduction 2. PIVX Marketing SWOT Analysis 3. Approach 4. Findings & Recommendations 5. Results 6. Deliverables 7. Next Steps Contents
  3. 3. Introduction “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” Stephen Hawking
  4. 4. Background ● Introduced by Bryan “Snappy” Doreian ● Volunteered time and resources ○ Began social media amplification project in April 2018 ● Submitted initial proposal in May 2018 ● Funded by donations ● Active management of PIVX social channels starting May 17th, 2018
  5. 5. PIVX Marketing SWOT Analysis “To me, error analysis is the sweet spot for improvement.” Donald Norman
  6. 6. PIVX Marketing SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS ● Lots of skilled content creators ● Lots of user-generated content ● Strong value proposition ● Dedicated translation support ● PIVX Ambassadors ● PIVX community channel managers WEAKNESSES ● Fractured communication among the network of content creators ● Poor search engine marketing ● Discord detracts from traffic & engagement on primary domain ● Undefined KPIs and CTAs ● Contested brand identity ● Lack of marketing plan ● Lack of performance tracking OPPORTUNITIES ● Monthly news blog post ● Article response blog posts ● Event promotion ● Merchant promotion ● Targeted regional, translated content with custom CTAs THREATS ● Derogatory articles ● Well-marketed PIVX forks ● General altcoin/privacy coin market FUD
  7. 7. Marketing Strengths PIVX finds strength in its: ● Solid value proposition ● Dedicated teams ● Ability to produce quality content in many languages and mediums
  8. 8. Marketing Weaknesses PIVX weaknesses center around: ● Internal and volunteer communication ● Inattention to search engine marketing ● Undefined success measures ● Contested brand identity
  9. 9. Marketing Opportunities PIVX marketing opportunities are plenty, including these easily attained wins: ● Increase frequency of blog posts on the primary domain. ● Provide official, timely responses to external articles and news via the primary domain. ● Create targeted regional marketing CTAs, messaging, and imagery.
  10. 10. PIVX threats are primarily external: ● Derogatory articles ● Well-marketed PIVX forks ● General altcoin/privacy coin market FUD CAUTION: The PIVX communication weakness becomes a threat when viewed by external parties as detrimental to PIVX’s commitment to quality governance. Marketing Threats
  11. 11. Approach “Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation.” Max Euwe
  12. 12. The Colwell Method ● Harness micro-moments to maximize efficiency and capitalize on breaking news and information. ● Observe progress and relevant trends. ● Map the PIVX Intelligence Ecosystem. ● Feed the “Black Box” 24/7.
  13. 13. What are Micro-Moments? “With micro-moment marketing, it's important to objectively realize that your brand or product isn't the center of your consumer's world.” Jonathan Lacoste Inc. Magazine
  14. 14. Harnessing Micro-Moments 1. Start with social media and news research 2. Gather intelligence 3. Share as appropriate 4. Connect resources 5. Repeat daily, as frequently as possible
  15. 15. PIVX Intelligence Ecosystem PIVX Braintrust Developers Content Creators Social Channels Community Managers Discord Admins Crypto Influencers Websites Forum & Support Blog PIVX Places Global Reach Translation Team Ambassadors PR & Media Merchants PIVX Currency Masternodes Traders HODLers Stakers
  16. 16. Observe Progress and Relevant Trends Use free tools wisely: ● Google News ● Google Trends ● Google Analytics ● Social Analytics ● Content Curation Activities
  17. 17. Feed the “Black Box” 24/7 INPUTS ● Social media research ● Google News search ● Google Trends observations ● Google Analytics data OUTPUTS ● Social posts & engagement ● Content ideas ● Performance tracking ● PR intelligence
  18. 18. Findings & Recommendations “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Benjamin Franklin
  19. 19. Core Issues to Address Based on observation, these three issues are urgently in need of attention: 1. Undefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 2. Disconnected PIVX Intelligence Ecosystem 3. Lack of Search Engine Marketing Foundation
  20. 20. ISSUE 1: Undefined KPIs PIVX core KPIs are undefined, making it difficult to assess performance. SOLUTION: Group KPIs into categories ● Core: fundamental to success ● Usage: mass adoption indicators ● Awareness: visibility in the marketplace ● Engagement: content performance
  21. 21. PIVX Core KPIs 1. CoinMarketCap position 2. Number of masternodes 3. Market performance relative to competitors (e.g., tracking price changes and trading volume versus other privacy coins)
  22. 22. PIVX Usage KPIs 1. Wallet downloads 2. Number of merchants 3. Merchant payment volume
  23. 23. PIVX Awareness KPIs 1. Search engine result position for key search phrases 2. Web traffic 3. PR & Media performance 4. Social media reach
  24. 24. PIVX Engagement KPIs 1. Website user behavior a. Time on page b. Page depth c. CTA completion d. Bounce rate 2. Social media followers, interactions, and mentions
  25. 25. ISSUE 2: Disconnected PIVX Intelligence Ecosystem PIVX’s various marketing contributors lack collaboration and process. SOLUTION: Connect the Ecosystem ● Map out the PIVX Intelligence Ecosystem. ● Ensure efficient communication tools in place. ● Establish routines and processes for collaboration.
  26. 26. ISSUE 3: Lack of Search Engine Marketing Foundation PIVX underperforms in search results relative to its competitors. SOLUTION: Build a solid SEM foundation ● Correct on-page SEO issues. ● Analyze key search phrase results to generate content ideas and assess competitor activity. ● Optimize off-page SEO in the form of listings sites such as CoinMarketCal.
  27. 27. Results “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” Vince Lombardi
  28. 28. Actions Taken ● Daily news & content search ● Content amplification ● Crypto influencer outreach ● Social media management ● Content creation ● Data analysis and collaboration ● Tracking tools creation
  29. 29. Daily News & Content Search GOAL: Locate freshly created content to share, respond to, or use to develop a better understanding of competitor and market activities. METHOD: Search the following news outlets and social channels on a regular basis. ● Google News ● Reddit ● LinkedIn ● Twitter
  30. 30. Content Amplification GOAL: Share pro-PIVX content through as many channels as possible, as appropriate. METHOD: Search the following news outlets and social channels on a regular basis. ● Google News ● Reddit ● LinkedIn ● Twitter
  31. 31. Crypto Influencer Outreach GOAL: Work with crypto influencers to increase awareness, and identify strengths & weaknesses. METHOD: Brian Colwell (The Crypto Hobbit) connected daily with a variety Crypto-Twitter influencers sharing news and gathering opinions. He then shared findings with Kristen Colwell, who determined how to respond based on the status of upcoming content and available resources.
  32. 32. Crypto Influencer Results Brian created a privacy coin tracking blog post, and in performing regular updates found a controversial article by DashForce News. He brought the questionable data to light through targeted tweets. He then passed the information to Kristen, who connected with turtleflax to formulate an official response. The result was a well-timed counter to FUD that may have gone unnoticed for some time.
  33. 33. Crypto Influencer Next Steps Brian is working with Florian Nodemaster (Marsmensch) on a video and blog series that will dive into PIVX masternodes and their set-up. Coming soon...
  34. 34. Social Media Management GOAL: Amplify content and encourage engagement on PIVX social channels. METHOD: Daily, active management of several official PIVX channels. ● Twitter (Primary and Community) ● Facebook (Primary and Community) ● YouTube ● LinkedIn
  35. 35. Twitter Results GOAL: Improve account status and visibility. METHOD: Reduced the number of accounts being followed, interacted with PIVX community members, and cross-promoted other PIVX social channels. PIVX Twitter Follower/Following May 17th-June 7th, 2018 Following: -664 (from 1,055 to 391) Followers: +383 (from 62,544 to 62,927) Data gathered from Twitter Analytics on June 7, 2018
  36. 36. Facebook Results GOAL: Increase visibility. METHOD: Post regularly, interact with other PIVX pages, run small boosts & follower campaigns. PIVX Facebook Page Last 28 days vs. prior 28-day period Page likes: +141% (to 21,096) Page follows: +138% (to 21,514) Reach: +42% (to 15,522 on June 5th, 2018) Data gathered from Facebook Business Manager on June 7, 2018
  37. 37. YouTube Results GOAL: Improve visibility. METHOD: Worked with “Snappy” to optimize videos, promoted videos across social channels, and replied to comments on YouTube videos. YouTube Account Last 28 days vs. prior 28-day period Watch time: +28.61% (to 9,697 minutes) Average view duration: +17.56% (1:52 minutes) Views: +9.40% (to 5,181) Data gathered from YouTube Analytics on June 7, 2018
  38. 38. LinkedIn Results GOAL: Increase visibility and engagement. METHOD: Posted regularly, interacted with PIVX supporters, shared posts via personal profile. PIVX LinkedIn Page Last 30 days vs. prior 30-day period Impressions: +636% (to 1,094) Post likes: +38% (to 199) Post shares: +400% (to 40)
  39. 39. Content Creation GOAL: Create content to address search engine marketing opportunities. METHOD: Make content suggestions as they arise, find the best resources, execute quickly. ● Blog Posts ● Telegram Posts ● Reddit Posts
  40. 40. Blog Posts We published six blog posts between April 26th and June 4th, 2018. Several posts were authored by PIVX community members as noted. 1. PIVX Represented at Blockchain for Impact Global Summit 2. The Reality of the PIVX Coin Supply (authored by turtleflax) 3. PIVX Monthly Recap: May 2018 4. PIVX zDEX Well Positioned Against Potential Privacy Coin Regulation in Japan (authored by Veramis) 5. PIVX Founder to Raffle Off Five PIVX Cruise 2019 Tickets 6. VIDEO: PIVX History, Privacy, and Wallet Upgrade (authored by CryptoHobbit)
  41. 41. Telegram Posts Kristen connected with the PIVX Telegram team and coordinated with Gio on regular news updates formatted for the PIVX Chat Telegram channel. ● Daily commitment to check Telegram Chat and internal PIVX management channel. ● Daily commitment to send PIVX content and news to Gio in the proper format. ● Use chat discussion topics to drive posts on other social channels.
  42. 42. Reddit Posts In addition to checking Reddit on a daily basis, Kristen also posts to r/pivx as frequently as possible based on the availability of quality content. ● Daily commitment to check r/pivx for content to cross-promote on other social channels. ○ 25 posts added to r/pivx in past 30 days ● Daily commitment to upvote and comment on relevant posts.
  43. 43. Data Analysis & Collaboration GOAL: Gather relevant data and glean actionable information from the PIVX Intelligence Ecosystem. METHOD: Regularly shared data with PIVX Intelligence Ecosystem members as appropriate. Solicited objective feedback and offered options for capitalizing on, or addressing, the data in discussion.
  44. 44. Tracking Tools Creation GOAL: Organize content efforts to maximize efficiency. METHOD: Created a series of spreadsheets to track certain activities. These are shared with an internal group, and should not be posted publicly. ● Social media management tracking ● Listings tracker ● Content distribution tracker ● Editorial calendar
  45. 45. Deliverables “A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” Dalai Lama
  46. 46. Deliverables Suggested deliverables include: ● KPI performance tracking ● Monthly wrap-up blog posts ● Regular updates to listings tracker and content distribution tracker
  47. 47. Next Steps “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Arthur Ashe
  48. 48. Next Steps ● Review the Research & Content Amplification (Round 2) budget proposal. ● Share your thoughts in the PIVX Forum. ● Vote “yes” to keep this work going. Market-Research-Rd2 6db9d24c3f66c0e5bfe3a9ce6233915bf8ec987feb661257869d3a3c50de4846
  49. 49. June 2018 Budget Proposal Supplement Kristen Colwell & Brian Colwell