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  • Once you create an account on stumbleupon its easy to find webpages and different things you like right away. StumbleUpon is great for anybody to use. Once you select some of your interests, StumbleUpon shows you pictures and websites that would be targeted only towards what you are interested in.
  • If a certain website or picture shows up that you do not like, you can give it a thumbs down.When you see something that you really like you can give it a thumbs upWhen you are ready to move on to a new page, you just click on the Stumble button and a new source will appear instantly.
  • Some of the categories could even help with school classes and learning about different majors. The different pages that you stumble upon could help inspire some of your work and help give you ideas.
  • StumbleUpon Video is an easy way to just view videos on the web that you are interested in.StumbleThru lets users stumble through only specific websites that are listed to limit the amount of pages that could show up while stumblingupon the whole web. is a URL shortening service. It automatically shortens your URLS when you want to post to twitter, facebook, or other is currently undergoing maintenance, but the rest of the website and its other features are still accessible.
  • Everything that can be downloaded for StumbleUpon is Freethere is a free download for the StumbleUpon toolbar and even apps for mobile devices.
  • StumbleUpon

    1. 1. Start Exploring Kristen Collette. StumbleUpon.9/19/13
    2. 2. General Information  Founded in 2001 by Garett Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance and Eric Boyd  In 2007, Ebay owned StumbleUpon,  StumbleUpon was bought back by Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith and several investors in 2009
    3. 3. What is StumbleUpon?  StumbleUpon is a website that recommends different content to its users, based on their likes and interests.
    4. 4. Benefits and Features  Stumble Upon will only show you what you are interested in. Once you let it know your interests, you are ready to go.  It is an easy way to discover new and interesting things.  The thumbs up and thumbs down buttons help StumbleUpon determine what you would be even more interested in viewing. Blg-N63Dk
    5. 5. StumbleUpon has interests for everybody, But if you don’t see something you like, you can search for a category of your own.
    6. 6. In 2009, StumbleUpon released In 2007, StumbleUpon released the StumbleThru service StumbleThru Released in 2006 by StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon Video Sites Related to StumbleUpon
    7. 7. See Whats Trending  If you want to check out what is popular at the time you can click on the trending button and stumble through those pages.
    8. 8. Growth of StumbleUpon  In 2002, One year after its release, StumbleUpon had 1 million users.  10 years later in April of 2012, StumbleUpon announced that it had over 25 million registered users, which continues to grow larger each year.
    9. 9. The Greatest Fact About StumbleUpon  There is no fee to create an account for stumbleUpon! Click here to download stumbleBar for firefox
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