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Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate


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Published in: Education
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Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate

  1. 1. Kristen Smith, Mentor
  2. 2. BRMA provides students of color in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools district with: One-on-one adult mentoring Tutoring and Advocacy Enrichment opportunities Leadership Training Scholarships for Post-Secondary Education
  3. 3. Statistics: 97.5% of BRMA students have graduated from high school 100% of our high school graduates have enrolled in post-secondary education. 90% of our mentoring relationships last for 2 years or more 60% of our graduates have had the same mentor from fourth grade through high school graduation. Over 95% of our students, parents, and mentors rated BRMA as "excellent" or "good" in a 2010 program evaluation.Awards and Recognition:• 2002 Governors Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service• 2004 American School Board Journal Magna Award for excellence in school district community partnerships• 2006 UNC APPLES Community Partner Excellence Award• 2007 University/Community MLK, Jr. Planning Corporation, Inc. Bridge Builder Award• 2012 School Improvement Network Excellence in Innovation Award
  4. 4. My mentee and me
  5. 5.  All students have rights to good schools. Sometimes we have to step in and be an advocate. I believe in the impact of one person.Read more about why I mentor at
  6. 6.  Spend 2 hours per week, scheduling your own times Make a 2 year commitment to mentoring Participate in BRMA screening and training in March. Contact Granvel Johnson at 919-918-2170 or
  7. 7.  Youth Leadership Institute ◦ Lost 50% of its funding ◦ Affected by federal budget cuts ◦ Two private donors unable to sustain past levels of funding 2013 Spring Break Service Trip Sponsor-A-Scholar
  8. 8. North Carolina Comedy Festival thru Feb. 17 10% of proceeds goes toward Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate
  9. 9. Visit blueribbonmentors.orgfor more information.