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  • Insert Financial Objectives Table
  • TrimTek’s positioning will leverage’s competitive edge: Product: The product will offer new innovative features that include: a food intake tracker, amount of calories burned, sync with daily biometrics and quantitative accurate feedback for physicians. The biometrics feature will separate TrimTek from the competition by providing the best possible results tailored to the individual user. The HIPPA-compliant web dashboard for healthcare physicians will also ensure that TrimTek will pioneer efforts with regard to patient safety and weight loss applications. Customer : Health conscience 18-50 years old are both the the target market for weight loss and smartphone usage on a global scale. Service: Our service will ensure that users have access to all the latest technology and updates via our website and various enhancements with regard to the medical reporting function and interactive features that involve smartphone internal sensors, and self quantifying tips and support. By offering a superior technological application, being pro-active in product positioning and focusing on access to enhancements, TrimTek will excel relative to the competition.
  • Total Offering: list below will take the guess work and frustration out of monitoring their healthy weight loss plan. The self reported or sensory collected data points- critical variables to achieving all program goals are as follow and also listed in the product description. TrimTek Manages the following variables to a healthy weight loss plan Calories count Portions count Nutrition counts Progress tracker to provide detailed weight loss related changes in biometrics over time utilizing comparative analysis Discussion suggestions directed to users physician HIPPA protected reporting function to provide doctors with data further ensuring success of the weight loss program. Self reported   Body Mass Index  (BMI) insight to where it fits within the BMI categories. Weight loss goals and current weight. Estimate calorie needs using  USDA's online Adult Energy Needs and BMI Calculator , to determine the number of calories needed each day to maintain weight. Score current food intake and physical activity level  Analysis of current habits to help determine what changes are recommended Self reported physical activity calculator and tracker Core Value: Manages a healthy weight loss plan conveniently on your smartphone, coaches any missteps you may make, and facilitates a constructive conversation with your doctor. Packaging for Trim Tek product for users will be an emailed product code needed to access the option the first time the user logs on. The email "Welcome to Trim Tek, from Ginger IO" will include the length of Trim Tek subscription, purchase information, and renewal date. The email recipient will have a option to select for automatic renewal at the first logon. The email will have a "Getting Started" section in the body of the email with direction links tailored for the different segments of users: new to Ginger IO and Trim Tek, Ginger IO users new to Trim Tek, have used Ginger IO and Trim Tek and are a returning customer (after product launch) and the "Getting Started" for started for doctors, and finally researchers. The welcome email will provide product technical and user support information for smartphones and online, warranty information, and other contact information for Ginger IO. Warranty information for Ginger IO is the same for all Ginger IO products. Trim Tek does not provide any refund of purchase but does allow users to cancel subscription at any time for a pro-rated refund directly deposited to payment account or credit card. Ginger IO is counting on the flexibility of the subscription to generate the most downloads by the targeted market.
  • Pricing Strategy TrimTek Price Model TrimTek financial objectives are met through the price model. The pricing model is based off of the competition's price point, financial objectives, the market position, and the distribution strategy. TrimTek will attain the maximum market share and meet market objectives from virtually no distribution related expenses, and a highest run profit for the duration of the anticipated lifetime of TrimTek weight loss application. Pricing based on TrimTek' Market Position Due to TrimTek's innovative nature, the products market position from a market share perspective is positive and optimistic. There is a demand for a technological based application for smartphones users and for the physician interaction that TrimTek provides to their customers that all reasonable market share holders do not include. The added value of TrimTek's HIPPA compliant report function will increase cost. Marcom insists that this feature, if given as a free feature will devalue the product over its sales generating lifespan. Pricing based on TrimTek's Competitors Seventy percent of TrimTek's market competitors uses their web based and mobile applications as a free offering, all geared to target caloric calculations and track portion control, with food products and dietary supplements. TrimTek's market position from a market competition perspective is also very positive from this analysis. TrimTek Distributers Effect on Price TrimTek is a downloadable application that is packaged entirely online and via email. There are no distribution costs to Ginger IO, the application can be available to customers immediately following the completion to all existing Ginger IO marketplaces internationally. The cost of technology for research and development, application technology updates and application service providers are minimal due to the technological culture of Ginger IO, an entire new staff and training will not be necessary at the time of product launch- therefore, not effecting the cost of the application out the door. Conclusion TrimTek's price model to optimize the maximum market share is supported by three variables of growth potential. The high consumer demand for the product, the product's open availability to the target market, and TrimTek's innovative features become valuable when competing in the current penetrated market. With this pricing strategy, TrimTek will penetrate the market at the highest price point compared to the market completion, not experience loss due to large distribution costs and human capital, and benefit from the highest run profit for the lifetime of the product.
  • 4.6 Distribution Strategy There are many weight loss applications that are accessible through the customers’ smartphones and tablets and it can be difficult for TrimTek to standout; therefore, executing a distribution strategy that allows for the product to reach our customers’ effectively without customers selecting alternative services is essential for the success of the application. and TrimTek’s combined innovative services sets them apart from the competition. The distribution channels must be web focused and advertisement through related venues such as medical offices, gyms and pharmacies; also sites like WebMD and Mayo Clinic are also great channels to distribute TrimTek. Furthermore, another way to distribute TrimTek’s services is by use of search engine marketing (both organic and paid search), online ad campaigns and ongoing online publicity to gain clients all over the world. Once the client clicks on these campaigns using their smartphones or tablets, it would take the customers to their applications marketplace where TrimTek application can be bought. This distribution strategy also gives TrimTek a more compelling value proposition: operational efficiency. The internet distribution model has been extremely successful and the following distribution strategy proposition will also consist of: Channel Level: 0-level 1-level E-commerce Marketing M-Commerce TrimTek must partner with organizations that already have access to prospective clients. Services customers subscribe to Organizations they belong to  
  • Characteristics
  • Branding Strategy   The Branding strategy that Trimtek will adopt includes establishing ourselves as experts in our field of weight loss applications and utilizing our logo. Our logo needs to be used as much as possible especially at major events and eventual entry into the global market. This strategy should influence our operation and ensure consistent brand behavior in the market place and consistent brand experiences for the customers. Our brand positioning statement will be: For weight conscious individuals, Trimtek is the only mobile application that offers superior biometric and quantitative feedback information by utilizing our innovative technology and customizing it for users The logo will appear every time the application is accessed which should attract all demographics and be instantaneously recognizable in the marketplace. We will also rely on word of mouth to spread the message about the superior functionality and technology that Trimtek offers. This strategy will also ensure growth in growing market place.  
  • 4.9 Market Research MarCom will conduct two marketing research activities to target marketing to the Ginger IO Trim Tek customers. There are several things to consider when discussing the market research for this product. There are two different client groups for Trim Tek as discussed in previous sections. As a recap, Trim Tek intended customers are users that are purchasing the Trim Tek option from the Ginger IO application and there are medical professionals that are partnering with weight loss patients. Within the non medical users there are two sub groups: users that have used Ginger IO application and potential customers that are new to Ginger IO and Trim Tek. Since the Trim Tek option interface is different for medical professionals and users there is a need for two different market research approaches required to gather quantified market data from both intended groups. Trim Tek non medical users that are current users of Ginger IO and non users will also have to be addressed separately as far as market research. MarCom will target these three groups on an international level for market research: Non Ginger IO users New to Trim Tek Ginger IO users New to Trim Tek Medical Professionals   MarCom proposes to conduct survey research to both categories of users to gage interest of the Trim Tek option. The online survey will be provided to all existing Ginger IO customers via email . Email addresses utilized in this product survey originate from Ginger IO user registration / medical professional registration, and to target Non Ginger IO customers, from MarComs data partners InfoSell. InfoSell will provide email contacts of populations matching our combined internationally scoped market of medical professionals and users separately. The market research survey will be multiple choice allowing MarCom to easily separate the potential market and market demographics and allow surveyed populations to complete the request in as little time possible.  
  • Sales forecast to meet market objectives 26,000 units sold at 20 dollars per application the first year and a with a 45 percent increase in year two, according to market trends for similar products, and a modest 22 percent in year three to meet market objectives. Break-Even Analysis done at 20 dollars and 40 dollars per application download.
  • 5.3 Expense Forecast TrimTek marketing plan includes the communications factors necessary to have a successful product launch and campaign. Through Research, communications, sales promotion, direct marketing, promotions, other advertising, and public relations the company would reach the goal of reaching its intended customers. We hope that with the budget invested in the marketing campaign that a return in investment would enable the company to break-even. The expense forecast (Table nn) presented, in essence, it will objectify the each cost associated with the marketing strategy the first year of TrimTek’s market release.
  • Marketing Organization 6.3 The marketing department of my organization will be organized using the functional organizational structural design. We are expecting our organization to provide us with the stable work environment. In addition, our staffs could design many standardized products with the training and instructions. Since we developed the organizational instructions for the employees, we would also be benefited from that organizational structural design. In our organization, the director of TrimTek Marketing department, Garcia-Scatliffe, Diahanna, is directly overseeing the operations and processes carrying by the managers. She will work with the mobile application marketing coordinator of the firm to allocate the resources to the managers and to periodically keep the coordinator updated of the ongoing project status. The managers of product evaluation, sales and advertising and product distribution will report to her. The manager of product evaluation, Bryer, Kristen, is responsible for coordinating the resources for its staffs. She is also responsible for providing the feedback to the staffs. She is also responsible for coordinating with the managers and the marketing director to conduct the ongoing TrimTek marketing business unit inspections. She will analyze the reports submitted by the managers of product distribution and sales and advertising and generate the ongoing evaluation criteria for these managers. She will also analyze the feedback generated by the consumers of the mobile application and overseeing the effectiveness of the quality assurance program. The manager of sales and advertising, Frazer, Magnus, is responsible for coordinating the resources for its sales force and advertising staffs. He is also responsible for providing the feedback to them. A quality management scholar suggested that the sales and advertising manager should also be responsible to collect and analyze the feedback generated by the customers to seek for improvement opportunities. That manager should also generate the sale force and advertisement analysis report using the consumer feedback and submit it to the product evaluation manager and the director. The manager of product distribution, Hon, Chi is responsible to coordinate the resources for its staffs. He is also responsible for providing the feedback to them. A quality management scholar suggested that the product distribution manager should also be responsible to collect and analyze the feedback generated by the customers to seek for improvement opportunities. The product distribution manager should generate the distribution criteria report using the consumer feedback and submit it to the product evaluation manager and the director.
  • Marketing plan umuc amba 650

    1. 1. Diahanna Garcia Magnus Frazier Kristen Bryer Chi HonMARCOM
    2. 2. SITUATION ANALYSIS What is Ginger. io ?What is the Product ?
    3. 3. Situation Analysis
    7. 7. INDIRECT COMPETITION Personal Trainers Medical ProfessionalsElective Surgery/ Gastric Bypass or Balloon Procedures Holistic Medicine designed for Obesity Dietary Supplements and Prepackaged Meal Plans
    9. 9. MARKET OBJECTIVEOwn The Majority Of Market Share In 3 Years
    11. 11. POSITIONING STRATEGYService Customer Product
    13. 13. P PRICE STRATEGY
    16. 16. BRANDING Experts inWeight LossApplications
    17. 17. MARKETING RESEARCH MedicalProfessionals Application Users
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