Running Head: MARKETING PLAN TEAM ASSIGNMENT                     1                 MarCom Consultings Proposed Marketing P...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO            2                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS1.0   Exec...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                   31.0 Executive Summary  ...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                 4application options will ...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                5    researchers. The exist...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                             6        o   As an organizatio...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                         7            o Ora...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                8        o   The tax and le...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                              9    weight loss application ...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                               10 3.5 Competitive Analysis ...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                11       3.5.2           In...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                 12May       50      $10,00...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                13    • Service: Our servic...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                 14             Due to Trim...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                              15         o       1-level   ...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                16        donating the sale...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                   175.0 Financial Analysis...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                  18    5.2 Sales Forecast(...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                   19year (2015), the produ...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                             20                            ...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                               21 Weight           The targ...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                            22       Communications Costs Total            ...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO          23                                               (Fig. 3)(Fig 1)
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                 24                        ...
MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO                                                 25        lifestyle belief...
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Mar com marketing plan trimtek (final for review)


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Mar com marketing plan trimtek (final for review)

  1. 1. Running Head: MARKETING PLAN TEAM ASSIGNMENT 1 MarCom Consultings Proposed Marketing Plan: TrimTek by Kristen Bryer Magnus Frazer Diahanna Garcia Chi Lap Hon University of Maryland University College Dr. Philemon O. Oyewole AMBA 650-1311 September 11th, 2012
  2. 2. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS1.0 Executive Summary2.0 Situation Analysis 2.1 Mission 2.2 Product or Service Description 2.3 Value Proposition 2.4 SWOT 2.5 Critical Issues3.0 Market Analysis 3.1 Macro Environment 3.2 Market Size and Growth 3.3 Market Trends 3.4 Target Market Segments 3.5 Customer Analysis 3.6 Need Analysis 3.7 Competitive Analysis 3.7.1 Direct Competition 3.7.2 Indirect Competition4.0 Strategy 4.1 Marketing Objectives 4.2 Financial Objectives 4.3 Positioning Strategy 4.4 Product Strategy 4.5 Price Strategy 4.6 Distribution Strategy (Direct and Indirect) 4.7 Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy 4.8 Branding 4.9 Marketing Research5.0 Financial Analysis 5.1 Break-Even Analysis 5.2 Sales Forecast 5.3 Expense Forecast6.0 Implementation and Control 6.1 Implementation 6.2 Controls 6.3 Marketing Organization 6.4 Contingency PlanningAPPENDIX IAPPENDIX II
  3. 3. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 31.0 Executive Summary MarCom Consultants objective, for the purpose of this proposal, is to present with auniquely innovative marketing plan for their new product TrimTek. TrimTek enhances the company’scurrent value by incorporating Ginger.ios existing health technology/ self-quantifying services withweight loss management functions. TrimTek financial analysis reveals that the first year the company will break even and meetGinger.ios market objectives to be the market share leader within three years of product launch. Positivetrends within health and weight loss industry, the availability of smartphone and mobile data technology,extremely supportive evidence that both Ginger.ios market objectives and financial objectives will be metby utilizing MarComs market strategy, result in important gains for Ginger.ios current stakeholders andencourage the support of strategic business partners and future investors.MarComs marketing plan highlights’s mission and commitment to innovation through theirnew product. TrimTeks value proposition is in the mobile biometric reporting features, the ability toanalyze user behavior and critique progress, and provide HIPPA regulated reports to medical team.MarComs SWOT analysis reveals a global technology corporation with a brief public business history,positive market trends in both health and weight loss, and mobile technology in TrimTeks global targetmarket groups, and all potential marketplaces. With the global market growing to a projected $586.3billion by 2014, MarComs plan has strategically included steps to target the American, European, andAsian markets. Critical issues MarCom has identified in the development of this proposal will enable Ginger.ioto have the competitive edge on new market competition, a change in market trends, or a possible reengineer of product functions based on customer feedback.MarComs break-even analysis illustrates a strategic price strategy that integrates Ginger.ios financialobjectives minus their identified fixed costs, and TrimTeks application market position in each of thethree global marketplaces. MarComs total market analysis provides a break-even bottom line, 17,500
  4. 4. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 4application options will need be purchased at twenty USD per download during the first twelve monthsafter launch. MarCom supports an IMC strategy to manage media dispensed to customers. Alignment ofadvertising from MarCom and Ginger.ios internal channels with external media outputs will ensure asolid brand and facilitate corporate awareness of external media communications surrounding TrimTek.Integrated communications will incorporate technology based and traditional advertising. TrimTek willbenefit from advertising to both target groups- medical professionals and potential users, from a globalperspective. Implementation of the MarCom strategy will accomplish Ginger.ios market objectives.Contingency plans and controls are available and strategically designed to realign the market to TrimTekif necessary.2.0 Situation Analysis 2.1 Mission The vision of MarCom Consulting is to offer a true product unique to our customers’ biological needs. We strive to create an analytical health assessment to optimize our customers’ weight loss goals and overall health. As a team member to our customers’ health team, we are committed to our clients and investors in pioneering the weight loss industry by educating and giving health control to our clients. 1.1 Product Description MarCom Consulting is proposing a new technology that would supplement the company’s product offerings and added value to stakeholders; this product is called TrimTek. TrimTek allows healthcare providers to invite patients seeking to lose weight to install the mobile application on their smartphone. The way this application works is by runs in the background of the phone collecting passive (phone sensor) and active (patient-reported outcome) data. With the patients’ consent, the data is securely displayed on a HIPAA-compliant web dashboard for healthcare providers and
  5. 5. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 5 researchers. The existing product line will incorporate a new feature to monitor weight loss for the application that opt in to this feature. The weight loss option will track patient reported food intake, calculate approximately the amount of calories burned with patients’ self-reported daily activities and collected by phones internal sensors. Information from the weight loss option will sync with the daily biometrics included in the existing product and provide quantitative feedback to users and their physician to safely and accurately track weight loss. The innovation to incorporate biometrics into the efforts to maintain a weight loss program will ensure the best possible results tailored to the individual. 2.2 Value Proposition MarComs value proposition to is that their customers will be provided with all tools necessary to be successful in their healthy weight loss program. The weight loss option incorporated into the existing application gives a complete real time analysis to all biometrics while incorporating essential data targeted toward weight loss. The weight loss option will provide self-awareness of unhealthy current habits and determine what changes are recommended. Most market products are applications that monitor weight loss only, provide a fraction of self-reported tracking available in, and incorporate no internal sensory input or daily biometric surveys. 2.3 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Weight management mobile applications are popular. Lose it and Diet Assistant is two popular weight management applications allowing the customers to manage their daily diet intake and fitness schedule. • Strengths o The product offers new technological approach to lose and manage weight
  6. 6. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 6 o As an organization manned by 7 employees with a short corporation history, the organization would be less formalized and having the organic organizational structure design. The organization would be able to quickly implement any new creative program. o The organization might have relatively less operational expenses because of its flat organizational structure. • Weaknesses o The organization has a short business history, many financial institutions and business partners might be unwilling to finance their operations. o The organization has not been selling many high profile software applications similar to those offered by Microsoft Corporation. Many potential customers might not be aware of the brand identity of the products. • Opportunities o Market research indicates that many mobile applications users are interested in the weight loss applications allowing them to receive the data dependent advice from the applications. o Many health insurance companies were unwilling to finance the policy holders to participate in weight loss programs. o Many weight loss program perceived that their programs were ineffective. One weakness of the weight loss surgical procedures is that one-fifth of all patients might experience the post-surgical intervention complication. • Threats o Research indicated that the environment was not favoring the developers of the weight loss mobile applications. Many potential customers were dissatisfied with the behavioral modification strategies used by the applications.
  7. 7. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 7 o Oracles and other software developers encouraged the mobile to design their mobile applications. An author suggested that many potential mobile applications would be carefully evaluate these mobile applications. 2.4 Critical Issues is still in the speculative stages as a startup organization. Its critical issues are: • Take a modest fiscal approach within the first year and expand the weight loss application at a reasonable rate because it will be the right economic strategy • Build brand awareness, develop brand equity and increase the customer base • Establish the weight loss app as a market leader in 3 years • Downscale if needed and adjusted the business model based on market response3.0 Market Analysis 1.1 Marketing Objective MarCom Consulting recommendations are twofold: 1) to gain market share from weight loss applications competitors in the market today and 2) grow to become the leading mobile weight loss app in the world. Our target is to be number one in 3 years. 1.2 Market, Size & Growth The macro-environment encompasses identifying trends. Quantifying the macro external environment of the TrimTek application will include analyzing the political/legal, economic, social and technological environmental factors. • Political Environmental Factors o as an organization will have to be aware of the technological policies domestically and globally in order to avoid violating government regulations with regard to offering a health app on a mobile device o adhere to HIPPA regulations in terms of people’s personal health problems being accessed across a technological medium
  8. 8. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 8 o The tax and legal issues involved in securing a patent for the app including how many years until it is replicated by potential competitors • Economic Environmental Factors o has to take into consideration the recession affecting our potential buyers and whether they will have enough discretionary income to purchase and see TrimTek as a need • Social Environmental Factors o Population demographics are a key element in the success of TrimTek. Taking advantage of areas where the applications can fulfill a need and provide value is critical. o Changing people’s attitude about their weight could drive the products need. o Offering a social responsible agenda as a company will create goodwill among our customers • Technological Environmental Factors o will have to be aware of the emergence of new competition in the technological market place that could potentially have a negative impact on market share. 3.1 Market Trends The total global weight loss market is expected to be worth $586.3 billion by 2014. The market has a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.9% from 2009 to 2014. TrimTek will operate under the devices and accessories market segment, in which the market will be worth almost $200 billion by 2014. Our objective is to not only gain some of the devices and accessories share, but become the market leader by growing exponentially in 3 years. The U.S. is the largest geographical segment and is expected to be worth $310 billion by 2014. The next largest segment is Europe, which has a CAGR of 10.9%. TrimTek’s global potential growth is phenomenal based on the industry’s incline and’s marketing plan is positioned to be the
  9. 9. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 9 weight loss application market leader by 2015. Our objective of 50% market share can be realized based on the global response for weight loss solutions. 3.2 Target Market Segments 3.3 Customer Analysis The potential customers of our products will be the American and European markets who perceived the need of using our mobile application. National Center of Health Statistics suggested that 90.5 million Americans are obese. And the European Association published in the Study of Obesity Childhood Obesity Task Force, among 74 million children and teenagers, 14.1 million children and both obese and overweighed, and 3.8 million of them were obese. Additionally, among 664,199,000 European adults, an author suggested that more than 15% of them were obese. The approximate population is 99,630,000. 3.4 Need Analysis Obese customers have other socio-demographic, parental, biogenic and psychological characteristics. Approximately 41% of them might be older than 20 years old, and 10% of their parents might be working 10 additional hours in their workplaces than those of their non-obese peers. They might likely be having the lactose intolerant problems and borderline personality trait. Many scholars suggested that the many obese individuals might resist the appearance of the costly intensive behavioral counseling intervention programs due to their concern with the disposable income limitation. Other scholars suggested that many people having strong food supplement, healthy diet and routine life health belief tended to maintain their body mass index well. However, many people having the external locUnited States of control and strong healthy risk taking trait tended to be obese. Other scholars suggested that other factors would lead to many people having the obesity trait. They suggested that the unsafe community environment, the poor access to healthy food choices and the available of many fast food restaurants would be three other obesity leading factors.
  10. 10. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 10 3.5 Competitive Analysis TrimTek’s competition consists of companies that support weight loss in the United States and internationally where Internet, smartphones and tablets are accessible. All of TrimTeks market competitors possess all of the following characteristics: • Weight loss oriented • Online interaction • Self-reported/ self-quantified data entry • Availability of a mobile device application TrimTeks market competition consists of five weight loss companies that make up a majority of Americas 60.9 billion dollar weight loss: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, MediFast, Nutri -System, and Alli. Approximately 38% of the total weight loss market is technology based; this is where TrimTeks target market is located. MarCom has the potential to establish 23.1 billion dollars in Ginger.ios total growth potential if TrimTek were alone in the U.S. market. MarCom recognizes the success of TrimTek’s competition in offering consumer based products and identifies this as a potential area for growth in the future. Currently, TrimTek does not offer any additional consumer related products that would give TrimTek a comparable advantage over the market. MarCom identifies the possibility of following the competitions lead and develop a plan to produce health food products, packaged food, or host personal meetings in the future to grow in the U.S. market. 3.5.1 Direct Competition TrimTek targets the weight loss and health in the U.S. In this market, the for profit direct competitors are Jenny Craig, Weight Watcher, Nutrisystem, Medifast, and Ali. These competitors have technological capabilities that TrimTek will develop and advance beyond the current capabilities that these competitors are offering. In the table two, TrimTek competitors’ strength, weaknesses and offerings are described
  11. 11. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 11 3.5.2 Indirect Competition Personal trainers, surgical intervention and commercial fitness program providers would be considered as three examples on indirect competitors. These indirect competitors, if ignored, would erode our potential market shares. Personal trainers and commercial fitness programs might offer United States customized weight management programs that reduce the dependency of many other programs.Market Share Graph 3.5.3 Indirect Competition4.0 Strategy 4.1 Marketing Objectives 4.2 Financial Objectives MarCom financial objective makes the assumption that the price of the software app would be $20 and the cost of programming the software would be $5 per hour. MarCom Consulting will need 10 employees working 30 hours weekly to support the operations. It will also lease two offices with the annual rent and utility costs of $18,000. The employees would be provided with the computer equipment with the amount of $6,000. For example, table 3 shows three scenarios that can impact U.S. business cycle change on the budget. The net income scenario analysis suggested that the firm should expect to receive the net income in the range of $-8,000 to $36,000.(Table 2) One year sales forecastMonth SaleJanuary 50 $10,000 0February 62 $12,500 5March 50 $10,000 0April 62 $12,500 5
  12. 12. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 12May 50 $10,000 0June 50 $10,000 0July 50 $10,000 0August 62 $12,500 5September 50 $10,000 0October 50 $10,000 0November 50 $10,000 0December 62 $12,500 5(Table 3) One year Income Statement 2012 (Normal) 2012 (20% more profitable)Sales Revenue 110,000 132,000Expenses Labor costs 72,000 72,000 Operating expenses 24,000 24,000 Net Income 14,000 36,000 2012 (Sales volume is 20% less than expected)Sales Revenue 88,000Expenses Labor costs 72,000 Operating expenses 24,000 Net Income (8,000) 4.3 Positioning Strategy • Product: The product will offer new innovative features that include: a food intake tracker, amount of calories burned, sync with daily biometrics and quantitative accurate feedback for physicians. The biometrics feature will separate TrimTek from the competition by providing the best possible results tailored to the individual user. The HIPPA-compliant web dashboard for healthcare physicians will also ensure that TrimTek will pioneer efforts with regard to patient safety and weight loss applications. • Customer: Health conscience 18-50 years old are both the target market for weight loss and smartphone usage on a global scale.
  13. 13. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 13 • Service: Our service will ensure that users have access to all the latest technology and updates via our website and various enhancements with regard to the medical reporting function and interactive features that involve smartphone internal sensors, and self-quantifying tips and support. By offering a superior technological application, being pro-active in product positioning and focusing on access to enhancements, TrimTek will excel relative to the competition. 4.4 Product Strategy Downloading the application TrimTek for medical or as a personal overall health tracker is beneficial to our customers and their physicians. The existing product line,, will incorporate a new purchasable option to TrimTek. Packaging for the TrimTek product will be an e-mailed product code registration key needed to access the option the first time the customer logs on. The e-mail "Welcome to TrimTek, from" will include the length of subscription, purchase information, and renewal date. TrimTek warranty information from is the same for all products. TrimTek does not provide any refund of purchase but does allow customers to cancel subscription at any time for a pro-rated refund directly deposited to payment account or credit card. is counting on the flexibility of the subscription to generate the most downloads by the targeted market. 4.5 Price Strategy • TrimTek’s Price Model The pricing objective of maximum market share will give TrimTek the highest sales volume, lower costs from virtually no distribution related expenses and a highest run profit for the duration of the anticipated lifetime of TrimTek weight loss application. • Pricing based on TrimTek Market Position
  14. 14. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 14 Due to TrimTeks innovative nature, the products market position from a market share perspective is positive and optimistic. There is a demand for a technological based application for smartphones. • TrimTek Distributers Effect on Price TrimTek is a downloadable application that is packaged entirely online and via email. There are no distribution costs to, the application can be available to customers immediately following the completion to all existing marketplaces internationally. The cost of technology for research and development, application technology updates and application service providers are minimal due to the technological culture of, an entire new staff and training will not be necessary at the time of product launch; therefore, not effecting the cost of the application out the door. 4.6 Distribution Strategy (Direct and Indirect) T here are many weight loss applications that are accessible through the customers’ smartphones and tablets and it can be difficult for TrimTek to standout; therefore, executing a distribution strategy that allows for the product to reach our customers effectively without customers’ selecting alternative services is essential for the success of the application. The distribution channels must be web focused and advertisement through related venues such as medical offices, gyms and pharmacies; also sites like WebMD and Mayo Clinic are also great channels to distribute TrimTek. Furthermore, another way to distribute TrimTek’s services is by using search engine marketing (both organic and paid search), online ad campaigns and ongoing online publicity to gain clients all over the world. This distribution strategy also gives TrimTek a more compelling value proposition: operational efficiency. The internet distribution model has been extremely successful and the following distribution strategy proposition will also consist of: • Channel Level: o 0-level
  15. 15. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 15 o 1-level • E-commerce Marketing o Mobile-Commerce • TrimTek must partner with organizations that already have access to prospective clients. • Services customers subscribe to • Organizations customers belong to 4.7 Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy (IMC) The overall IMC strategy is to develop an identity for Trimtek. The result is to yield exponentially higher results than the sum of individual communications executed separately. • Advertising o Appearing in major trade press magazines to gain recognition, o advertising on the Internet and social network sites like Facebook and Twitter o various health publications. Our advertising budget of $35,000 should cover the different mediums along with the direct marketing approach. • Direct Marketing o Direct mail – sending brochures to the targeted market segment in the U.S. only o Radio advertisement – place a 30 second advertisement in the morning and evening when most people are in their cars listening to the radio o Print advertisement – print media are placed in physicians’ offices • Public Relations Three public relation department functions are brand and reputation assessment, brand image building and brand corporate responsibility audit. Supporting community events and
  16. 16. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 16 donating the sales revenue to one obesity research organization would be two potential public relation activities. 4.8 Branding The Branding strategy that TrimTek will adopt includes establishing ourselves as experts in our field of weight loss applications and utilizing our logo. Our logo needs to be visible as much as possible especially at major events and eventual entry into the global market. This strategy should influence our operation and ensure consistent brand behavior in the market place and consistent brand experiences for the customers. Our brand positioning statement is “for weight conscious individuals, TrimTek is the only mobile application that offers superior biometric and quantitative feedback information by utilizing our innovative technology and customizing it for customers. The logo will appear every time the application is accessed which should attract all demographics and be instantaneously recognizable in the marketplace. 4.9 Marketing Research Since the TrimTek option interface is different for medical professionals and users there is a need for two different market research approaches required to gather quantified market data from both intended groups. MarCom will target these three groups on an international level for market research: • Non customers new to TrimTek • users New to TrimTek • Medical Professionals MarCom can utilize existing application loyalty trends and application utilization statistics to determine the rate of growth within the potential international market. The combination of existing market data and MarComs market research survey will cut marketing costs and eliminate market over saturation and redundant marketing efforts while still reaching a large potential market to identify the correct target market groups for TrimTek.
  17. 17. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 175.0 Financial Analysis 5.1 Break-Even Analysis The factors for the break-even analysis approach on this product are fixed costs that include salaries, office expenses, building lease, market research and advertising which add up to $210,000 a year. The different variables calculated include; selling price, units sold, revenue, cost per unit, variable costs and fixed costs. To break even, must sell 17,500 units per year at $20 per download. This will equal 1,458 apps a month which the company can accomplish considering the global approach. Based on the marketing strategy in place, MarCom is 100% confident that the goal of earning 10% market share in the first year will be realized. With growing profits, the potential to surpass the market leader in five years is also realistic. The company can sell in excess of 30,000 apps a year which will earn about $180,000 in profit. Marketing conditions have to remain favorable in order for maximum profits to be met consistently. (Fig. 2)
  18. 18. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 18 5.2 Sales Forecast(Table 4) One year sales forecastJanuary 2,00 $40,000 0February 2,50 $50,000 0March 2,00 $40,000 0April 2,50 $50,000 0May 2,00 $40,000 0June 2,00 $40,000 0July 2,00 $40,000 0August 2,50 $50,000 0September 2,00 $40,000 0October 2,00 $40,000 0November 2,00 $40,000 0December 2,50 $50,000 0 5.3 Expense Forecast TrimTek marketing plan includes the communications factors necessary to have a successfulproduct launch and campaign. Through Research, communications, sales promotion, direct marketing,promotions, other advertising, and public relations the company would reach the goal of reaching itsintended customers. The expense forecast (Table 5, appendix II) presented, in essence, it will objectify theeach cost associated with the marketing strategy the first year of TrimTek’s market release.6.0 Implementation and Control 6.1 Implementation The following milestones identify the key marketing plan programs. It’s important to accomplisheach one on time and on budget. Our goal is to gain traction in the first year (2013) with 10% marketshare and let that momentum take us into the second year (2014) with 40% market share. By the third
  19. 19. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 19year (2015), the product should be in the market leader stage based on our implementation that isoutlined.Timing and Budget of Implementation Marketing Activities(Table 5)January Research and Direct $4,600 MarketingFebruary Research and Direct $2,530 MarketingMarch Promotion $900April Promotion $900May Sales Promotion $1,000June Sales Promotion $1,500July Public Relations $1,400August Public Relations $1,800September Other Advertising $750October Other Advertising $1,050November Communication $50,000December Communication $75,000 6.2 Controls The goal of this marketing plan is to outline the strategies, tactics and programs that will make the sales and marketing goals that have been outlined (Fig. 2) Marketing Organization 6.3 Contingency Planning • Take a modest fiscal approach within the first year and expand the weight loss app at a reasonable rate because it will be the right economic strategy • Downscale if needed and adjusting our business model based on market
  20. 20. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 20 APPENDIX I(Table 1) Competitor Offerings Strength Weaknesses Jenny Craig Dieters who will do best Pre-packaged meals; on-site Does not offer U.S. are those who want to counseling and meal pick up; customized meals for U.S. lose weight without group meetings; at home customers with dietary making special foods or programs needs; not a lot of variety in counting calories. A one- meal plans; Does not teach on-one counselor clients proper portion sizes provides support for someone who needs a more personalized plan.
  21. 21. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 21 Weight The target dieter is Group support at locations A $39.95 per month fee is Watchers someone who needs a and online; a point system vs. required, some clients may more moderately priced calorie counting not have that type of way to lose weight, paired disposable income; U.S. with the comfort and customers has to carry a support of a large group points calculator to stay motivated.Nutrisystem This is a diet program Program sells for $300-$350 No manufacturer guarantee that’s based on pre- per month; offers varioUnited that the Nutrisystem dieting planned meals, which are States plans that apply to plan will work for you; may geared toward different different types of people; can be rather expensive for the types of dieters, male and be easily and conveniently average consumer since it female, young and mature ordered via the official costs over $300 per month; website; you can choose from Other weight loss systems at least 120 different meal and dieting plans sell for options less. Medifast This program is Purchased online or through The cost of food averages considered a medically an authorized vendor/center; $300 monthly U.S. shipping supervised, very low- offers free online support and when you purchase variety calorie diet plan; program free health coaching through packages; calls for one "lean and their Take Shape for Life green" meal daily from program; offers programs for your own food. seniors, vegetarians and people with diabetes. APPENDIX II (Table 5) TrimTek Marketing Budget Plan Estimated Estimated Estimated Category Quantity Cost per Unit Subtotal Research Research firm fees 2 $2,300 $4,600 Web research 1 $1,100 $1,100 Independent research 3 $300 $900 Other research 2 $250 $500 Research Costs Total $7,100 Communications Television 5 $15,000 $75,000 Radio 0 $5,000 $0 Web 20 $2,500 $50,000
  22. 22. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 22 Communications Costs Total $125,000 Sales Promotion Memberships 3 $500 $1,500 Affiliations 2 $500 $1,000 Public Relations Costs Total $2,500 Direct Marketing $23 $23 $2 $2 $5 $5 Direct Marketing Costs Total $30 Promotions Product giveaways 50 $8 $400 Product discounts 300 $3 $900 Special offers 200 $3 $500 Promotions Costs Total $1,800 Other Advertising Brochures (development and 5,000 $0 $750 production) Mailings 15,000 $0 $600 Postcards 15,000 $0 $450 Advertising Costs Total $1,800 Public Relations Charity events 3 $200 $600 Advertising 4 $200 $800 Employee promotions 6 $200 $1,200 Sponsorships 3 $200 $600 Public Relations Costs Total $3,200 ESTIMATED MARKETING GRAND TOTAL $141,430 APPENDIX II CONT.
  24. 24. MARCOMS MARKETING PLAN FOR TRIMTEK BY GINGER.IO 24 ReferencesAdler, N. E., & Stewart, J. (2009, March). Reducing obesity: Motivating action while not blaming the victim. Milbank Quarterly, 87(1), 49-70. doi:10.1111/j.1468- 0009.2009.00547.xCantó, C., Houtkooper, R. H., Pirinen, E., Youn, D. Y., Oosterveer, M. H., Cen, Y., Fernandez- Marcos, P. J., Yamamoto, H., Andreux, P. A., Cettour-Rose, P., Gademann, K., Rinsch, C., Schoonjans, K., Sauve, A. A., & Auwerx, J. (2012, June 6). The NAD precursor Nicotinamide Riboside enhances oxidative metabolism and protects against high-fat diet- induced obesity. Cell Metabolism, 15(6)838-847. doi:10.1016/j.cmet.2012.04.022Cobiac, L., Vos, T., & Veerman, L. (2010, June). Cost-effectiveness of weight watchers and the lighten up to a healthy lifestyle program. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 34(3), 240-247. doi:10.1111/j.1753-6405.2010.00520.xCourtemanche, C. (2009, May). Longer hours and larger waistlines: The relationship between work hours and obesity. Forum of Health Economics and Policy, 12(2), 18-39. doi:10.2202/1558-9544.1123Hans, D., He, Y., Zhang, X., Ivo, V., & Zhai, F. (2011, January). Relationships among healthy
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