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Private and convedential cv


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Private and convedential cv

  1. 1. <br />PRIVATE AND CONVEDENTIAL<br />CURRICULUM VITAE<br />KRISTELLE CALITZ<br />PERSONAL INFORMATION<br />SURNAME:Calitz<br />FIRST NAME:Kristelle<br />ID NUMBER:840416 016 2 083<br />CELL NUMBER:083 407 6793<br />RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS:29 Fusion road<br />Casseldale<br />Springs<br />GENDER:Female<br />MARITAL STATUS:Married<br />CHILDREN:One<br />DRIVERS LICENCE:Code 10<br />NATIONALITY:South African<br />HOME LANGUAGE:Afrikaans<br />OTHER LANGUAGES:English<br />HEALTH:Excellent<br />EDUCATION<br />HIGH SCHOOL:Hugenote High School<br />HIGHEST GRADE :Grade 12<br />YEAR COMPLETED:2002<br />SUBJECTS:Afrikaans<br />:English<br />:Typing<br />:Accounting<br />:Business Accounting<br />:Biology<br />COURSSES:Windows 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007<br />COMPLETE:XP Professional<br />:Lotus Notes 2, 3, 4<br />:Corel 10, 11<br />:Pastel Accounting and Payroll<br />:Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook<br />:PowerPoint<br />:JD Edwards<br />EMPLOYMENT HISTORY<br />NAME OF COMPANY:Elementsix<br />POSITION HELD:QC Inspector / Data Capturer<br />RESPONSIBILITIES:Inspecting of powders and PRE-Synthesis<br />Components<br />:Capturing data on JDE, MS Word, Excel<br />:Answering of telephone<br />PERIOD:2004-01-14 to 2005-06-15<br />REASON FOR LEAVING::Retrenchment<br />NAME OF COMPANY:RJ Electrical<br />POSITION HELD:Personal Assistant<br />RESPONSIBILITIES:Typing<br />:Handling and processing of invoices<br />:Handling of employee clock cards<br />:Filing / Faxing<br />:Supervising of employees<br />PERIOD:2005-09-04 to 2006-05-10<br />REASON FOR LEAVING::Better career opportunities<br />NAME OF COMPANY:G Vorster and Company<br />POSITION HELD:Admin Clerk<br />RESPONSIBILITIES:Answering of telephones<br />:Filing and Faxing of documents<br />:Cashbook Debit and Credit entry<br />:Answering of telephone<br />:Typing of documents / Capturing data<br />PERIOD:2006-02-07 to 2007-11 30<br />REASON FOR LEAVING::2 Months Pregnant <br />I am a passionate, dedicated and hardworking person with the ability to give effort to my tasks. I am also reliable, thorough and unafraid of challenges. My time as a student has taught me to cope under pressure, to interact affectively with others, to plan and organize, and to analyze situations in critical and creative ways.<br />Yours Truly<br />Kristelle Calitz<br />