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Reference materials slideshare


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Reference materials slideshare

  1. 1. Created by Mrs. B with a little help from Mrs. Pittman
  2. 2.   A reference is anything you use to help you find information. Most people do not read reference materials cover to cover. Pic by Muffet via Flickr Pic by Westley Fryer via Flickr Pic by raymaclean via Flickr
  3. 3. I bet you are already using some of these.
  4. 4. Click here to get to the quiz!
  5. 5.     Current Facts Statistics Published every year Lists, tables, graphs
  6. 6. Click here to find out if you get how to use an almanac.
  7. 7.       Information about a place Maps Population Landforms Flags Roads
  8. 8. Click here for some questions about atlases.
  9. 9.    General knowledge about a subject Great starting place for finding information about a topic Lots more information than a dictionary
  10. 10.       Spelling of a word Definition of a word Pronunciation of a word Origins of a word Part of speech SHORT entries
  11. 11.  DictionaryOR  Encyclopedia Click here to see if you know?
  12. 12.    Recipes How-to Step-by-step instructions
  13. 13.     Great for finding rich words in your writing Expands your vocabulary Better word choices NOT as much information as a dictionary
  14. 14. Click here to make sure you understand the usefulness of a thesaurus.
  15. 15. Is this considered a reliable reference? The Internet can be a valuable reference resource if you learn to search wisely and evaluate resources!!
  16. 16.     Who?- who created this site? What are their credentials? What makes them an expert? Can you trust them? What? - What kind of information is on the site? Will it help you answer your questions? When?- How long has it been since the website was updated? Is the information still accurate? And then cross-check the information to see if it agrees with another reference resource
  17. 17. Click here for the assessment.
  18. 18. Click here to create a question that you are curious about regarding something you are studying in science or social studies. Find the answer using the Internet. Then use a print reference material from your classroom or the library to cross-check that answer.
  19. 19. Picture from Toronto Public Library Special Collections Now you know how to use reference materials Use them wisely, use them daily. Seek more… be more.