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Six traits pp


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Six traits pp

  1. 1. Common Vocabulary for Thinking & Talking About Writing
  2. 2. Just what are the six writing traits?• A way for looking at writing in small partsThe parts are: ideas and content organization voice word choice sentence fluency conventions
  3. 3. Reason for Writing the Story focus and purpose central idea what’s important to you what’s interesting clear, relevant details
  4. 4. Who is the writer behind the message? Individuality and personality Remember your reader Be Yourself
  5. 5. Structure of the piecebeginning, middle, and endgood sequencingability to organize and group details
  6. 6.  Spelling Punctuation Grammar Paragraphs
  7. 7. Rhythm & Style Does the sentence make sense? Are there a variety of sentence lengths? Does the language flow smoothly?
  8. 8. Finding the best word tomake the meaning clear. use normal words use a variety of words use words that paint pictures
  9. 9. 6 Traits of Writing NotesIdeas: One main idea or clear message. Details are usedto support the main idea.Organization: Writing has a clear beginning, middle andend. The story flows well.Voice: Be yourself! Your writing has personalityWord Choice: Use words that paint a picture.Sentence Fluency: Sentences make sense and flowsmoothly. Easy to read aloud.Conventions:Your writing is free of mistakes. Use correctgrammar, spelling, capitalization.