A computer mystery italy


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Comenius project "Let's create together".
Students had to create stories using 10 key words.

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A computer mystery italy

  2. 2. Once upon a time there was achild, Giacomo, who was veryfond of videogames. For hisbirthday his aunt gave him oneas a present, not knowing thathe didn’t have a computer.When she found this out, theaunt was very sorry andwanted to change thevideogame with somethingdifferent, but Giacomo’s mother remembered that her father’sold computer was in the cellar.Giacomo, very excited, ran tothe cellar, got the computerand switched it on.
  3. 3. When he inserted the CDwith the videogame into thedrive, there was anincredible light and Giacomowas caught and transportedinto a virtual world.
  4. 4. He cried and shouted beforerealizing that he wasn’talone: Gianluca, Lucia,Giovanni and Lia, his bestfriends were with him in thisvirtual adventure.
  5. 5. Gianluca had an old yellowishmap in his hand. The fivefriends realised that to get outof the game, they had tofollow the instruction on themap.
  6. 6. Without knowing how, theyfound themselves trappedin a circular maze with veryhigh hedges and barrierseverywhere.They desperately tried tofree themselves with noresult.They were exhausted andthey leaned against thehedge that suddenlyopened and they passedinto a passageway.
  7. 7. I’m in trouble and I need your help”. She explained that there were seven villages in her world. A terrible witch was living in a village. She had brought hatred and violence among the people. Crilù said that to bring back peace and serenity in the villages, a riddle had to beOn the other side, waiting for solved. The solution wouldthem, there was a tiny creature have freed them from thewith silver hair. She introduced spell cast by the witch. Theherself: “Hello! I’m Crilù, the five friends accepted to try toFairy of Friendship. solve the enigma.
  8. 8. Suddenly Lia shouted…she put her foot on something slippery and bumped into a tree. The friends saw that there was a parchment on the trunk and some words were written on it: ”If the village you want to free, try to solve the enigma with me. Find the flower with the power……….” It was a mysterious sentence andThey went to the villages with Crilù the five friends started askingto see how sad all the people and themselves what it meant.the places were. Before arriving at At a certain point, Giovannithe first village, they had to pass remembered that his grandma hadthrough a tangled forest, so dark told him a proverb aboutthat they couldn’t see the trail. friendship: ”Friendship like a flower grows, water it and it shows”
  9. 9. The fairy told them that they had been fantastic and they would easily recognise the right flower when they saw it. They walked and walked until they arrived at an enchanting valley: green fields, crystal clear water and millions of coloured flowers….. They were getting closer to the solution ….He suddenly understood: they Lucia’s attention was caught byhad to look for a flower, bring it a strange flower: it had sevento the villages and see what petals, each of them one of thewould happen. But………..what colours of the rainbow. “Here itkind of flower? is” she shouted “I’m sure this is the flower we are looking for. Come and see how marvellous it is!”.
  10. 10. The five friends picked theflower and took it to the firstvillage. They tore off onepetal and when it touched theground, all the greyness andsadness disappeared fromthe village and everythingwas coloured with the coloursof the rainbow. They did thesame in all the villages anddestroyed the negative spellcast by the witch.
  11. 11. The following morningGiacomo, Gianluca, Lucia,Giovanni and Lia woke upeach of them in their ownbeds and on their bedsidetables they found a flower. Itwas a gift from Crilù the fairyto say thank you becausewith their friendship andunselfishness they hadbrought joy, peace andhappiness around them.After their long trial, thechildren were happy andsatisfied.
  12. 12. Th e