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Leveraging Your Knowledge to Create New Business

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  • School of hard knocks - wisdom of experience\nDaily lessons of value to consumers\nHow to buy or sell a home\nPrepare for inspections\nNeighborhood insider secrets\n
  • Longer life than print ads\nCan get info to consumer fast efficient CRM platform\nOne blog can speak to many different persons\nConsumers an read your content and research you\nWhat happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas what happens on the web goes to Google, Facebook and Twitter, this is a good thing!\n
  • Best customers are the ones that call you\nBlogs work well in attraction marketing today's consumer does not want to be sold\nThe term advertising is most closely associated with FALSE as per Neilson ratings survey\nBlogs should not advertise but inform\n
  • Keywords are the terms consumers use to find you\nYour blog should use specific keywords that relate to your business\nA blog using a theme of related keywords will be found much easier than one written in general terms\n\n\n
  • \n\n
  • Time equals money use your time to create content\nMake a list of topics in a theme - think term paper\nReal estate terms could be neighborhoods in the county\nSchools serving the neighborhoods\nStatistics DOM, average price, appreciation/depreciation, absorbs ion rate, buyers vs sellers market\nTransportation options, drive times to major employment centers\nHow to topics are endless: get a loan, save for a down payment, buy a home, sell a home, maintain a home, best time to buy/sell\n
  • Define your Ideal Client\nWho do you enjoy working with?\nWho can you provide the most value too?\nLife is to short to work with turkeys!\nBy defining your ideal client and writing to them you will have a better chance of working with them\n
  • Your consumer has a million questions. \nJust think of the questions you answer in the car or on the phone. \nBlog about them! The questions not the people!\nFAQ page\n
  • Writing with intent to inform makes the process easier\nOpen your eyes to all the topics you hadn't thought of before\n100 days of real estate & relocation tips\n
  • Blogs address the entire Buying timeline\nNAR statistics indicate homebuyer start searching 18 months before purchasing\nInformation gathering. Shopping. Purchase\n\n \n
  • Consumers searching for you using Long Tail Keyword Phrases are further down the buying timeline\nCloser to making a decision or maybe just Engineers!\nDistressed homes for sale highlands ranch\n Highlands Ranch 4-plex owner carry \n
  • Creating a value added item for your website\nFirst time buyers book\nCould easily be \nRelocation guide to your area\nList of cozy coffee shops in your county\nList of private schools, golf courses, fishing holes, in your area\nPoint is this item is a "Fair Trade Item" the consumer gets it in exchange for their email.\n
  • I like to use mind maps to organize my thoughts into an outline\nSeveral free versions online\nWork in progress\nEasy to keep track to what you are doing and what is done\nI use this same method to develop websites/blogs\n
  • 60 blog posts\nWrite the post\nCompile into a PDF book\n
  • Hire a cover done for $5\\n
  • \n\n
  • \n\n
  • Finding content is simple\nSet up Google alerts for your niche keywords, have sent to your\nEmail or Google reader\nYour city real estate, financial news affecting your area\nSubscribe to other blogs, local newspaper, HOA, your city\nGet news via twitter, curate content on iPad via flipboard, pulse, zite\n Hire someone to create statistical reports\n
  • \n\n
  • Add outside widgets to your blog\nWidgets are pieces of code placed on your side bar that will deliver information from other sources, twitter, Flickr, NAR, your IDX feed for your listings, etc\n
  • Add plugins to your blog to give it more functionality.\nPlugins add things like social icons, author boxes after your post that include your contact info and call to action, \nSimple real estate plugin offers many functions added to your blog that can be accessed with one click\n
  • Adds icons to the editor so you can add real estate related data easily, trulia, financial calculator, Altos graphs, yelp info\n
  • Once you have a Blog you can add your listings as pages to create a single property website.\nMore content about what you do makes your site larger, and gives it more authority.\nYour prospects can also see what you have accomplished\nSaves $$$'s too!\n\n\n
  • If you work a sub division having your inventory online is good marketing\nBe sure to mark it sold!\n\n\n
  • Retweet buttons on a blog help spread the word \nCreate a list of items using Google Maps\nEmbed the map on your website\nMap will be present for world to see in both places -GJuice!\n
  • Greet box welcomes visitors and encourages them to subscribe to your blog\nThe messages changed depending upon where they came from (which search engine)\n\n\n
  • Love this plugin\nWp cycle let's you embed a photo slide show easily into a post\nCreate a "how to" slide show using text and graphics\nChange images per season or illustrate home styles in your area\n
  • YouTube offers a wealth of material for blogs\nFunny, educational, inspirational all easy to use\n
  • Map your world\nUse Google maps to create your town boundaries\nLink back to your IDX\nIllustrate what the neighborhoods look like\nAdd parks, schools, amenities\nEmbed code on a blog\n\n\n
  • Homeowners who are thinking of selling appreciate finding market reports of neighborhood values.\n
  • Spend more time promoting your posts as you do writing them\nCompile a list of related posts to use for consumer inquiries\nSave it as a "template" in your email so you don't have to create it again\n
  • \n\n
  • \n\n
  • Business Blogging - MLSLI Tech Fair 2011

    1. 1. Business BloggingLeveraging Your Knowledge toCreate New Business 1
    2. 2. Business blogging Is good for business!• Todays blogs are easy to use, inexpensive and can be very effective for introducing your services to customers• Blogging on topics that interest your consumer demonstrates your knowledge and expertise• Blog posts are indexed by the search engines and can be found when consumers search using keywords Blogging is 2
    3. 3. Hit Your Target 24/7• Provide relevant content• Your information Is always there, even when you are sleeping• Blogs are attraction marketing, by writing about topics relevant to your consumer they are drawn to you because you have the information they want and need3
    4. 4. Connect with your consumer4
    5. 5. Connect with your consumer • Your keywords go here!4
    6. 6. Examples•••••• 5
    7. 7. Find the time togenerate revenue• Create a calendar• Determine in advance what to write - a theme• Create 7-10 categories• Make 5 - 6 subcategories• 10x5= 50 posts!6
    8. 8. Focus comes easier• When you know your niche• Understand how they think• Know from experience what they are looking for7
    9. 9. Speak to consumerspain points• What keeps them up at night?• What do they need to know to solve their problems• What might happen if they dont take action?• What are they angry about?8
    10. 10. Write with intent Inform your niche 9
    11. 11. The Buying Timeline 10
    12. 12. Blog posts can be of interest at any point of theBuying Time Line 11
    13. 13. Blog posts can be of interest at any point of theBuying Time Line Bonus!!! Longer, more specific terms mean your consumer is closer to buying. 11
    14. 14. Lets build a campaign - First Time Buyer Book• Start with a plan• Develop the time line for each post• Follow the plan• Use your posts to compile an eBook• Offer the eBook in exchange for their email address• End result = content for blog and resource for consumers 12
    15. 15. Creation tools• Use online tools like• Mind map or MindJet• IThought• Create in Google Docs - later convert to a PDF format13
    16. 16. First Time Homebuyer Outline 14
    17. 17. Have a cover designed for $5 on 15
    18. 18. Making New Friends with Your New Book• Place the graphic on the sidebar of your blog• Link it to a brief sign-up form (Wufoo or Google Docs)• After First Time Buyers sign up, send the eBook automatically via an auto- responder (include link to book) 16
    19. 19. Follow-up • Sell them a home!17
    20. 20. What do I write about?Finding content is easier than ever... 18
    21. 21. Resources for content• US Inspect - Agent Resource Center provides articles for free• KCM Blog - Keeping Current Matters -4 Stars!• Biz Journals - local hot topics• - contribute personally or keep informed• RealtyTrc - Stats and more stats 19
    22. 22. Widgets• Home ownership Matters scrolling widget with latest news from N.A.R.• Http:// technology/nar_widgets20
    23. 23. Real Estate Plugins• Simple Real Estate Pack by Max Chirkov• Location map• Financial tools• Market trends (Altos)• Schools• Businesses in area - Yelp, Walk Score• Makes a great single property site21
    24. 24. Simple Real Estate Pack WordPress Widget 22
    25. 25. Single Property Site• Use the Simple Real Estate Plugin to create unique Single Property Sites on your own domain• Great SEO• No Extra Co$t• NOTE: this is a WordPress Plugin 23
    26. 26. Http: // 24
    27. 27. Tweet Meme Retweet Button 25
    28. 28. WP Greet Box • Shows a different message to your visitors, depending upon where they came from. • Reminds to subscribe to your RSS feed WordPress Plugin 26
    29. 29. WP-Cycle• Use to create a rotating image gallery• Can link each photo to a page on your site• Easy to use and maintain• Examples:• http://• Http://kristalkraft.com27
    30. 30. Embed Media• Grab embed code from YouTube to add video to your blogs• Create videos of neighborhoods, your listings, new home, amenities, how to video28
    31. 31. Use Google Maps• Create a Google Map of the area, outlining the neighborhood boundaries. Create links from each neighborhood back to your MLS-IDX search page•• Grab the ended code, insert into a blog post29
    32. 32. Neighborhood Market Reports 30
    33. 33. Promote your blog• Send new posts to Twitter• Syndicate to Facebook Business Page• Create a link in your email sign off• Post your URL on your profile pages for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Profiles, etc.• When you post market reports, send a link to your data base. Ask them to share it with a neighbor or friend who might appreciate their thoughtfulness. 31
    34. 34. Blogging is an investment in your Business• Schedule time each week to create new content• Build a huge body of work over time• Become a resource to your niche• Monetary cost is small in comparison• Value is infinite• Consider your content as a valuable asset 32
    35. 35. So clean off your keyboard & start blogging! 33