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Five Key Essentials


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There are 5 Key Essentials that separate the Top 2% of home based opportunities with the rest of the 98% who unknowingly set you up to fail. Learn these keys as how they relate to EIRO Research in this flipchart.

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Five Key Essentials

  1. 1. Business Overview MAKE YOURSELF WHOLE.© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Today’s ChallengesFinancial:3,600,000 jobs lost in last year1/2 of 35-65 year olds think they are going to outlive their moneyHousing prices falling to record lowsHealth:For the first time ever, the average life expectancy may have decreasedDespite advances in science and prosperity, life expectancy in the U.S.A. is 45th in the worldOver 67% of North Americans are overweight, 33% are obeseThe average 50 year old takes an average of 7 prescription drugs, age 65 takes 14, age 85takes 18Social:Most people are working longer hours, and work has become more stressful, and in manycases, less productiveMore time spent at work, less time making social connectionsLess time in leisure and social settings means higher stress
  3. 3. Today’s Challenges Declining Health Financial Instability Lifestyle Imbalance© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Do You Have a “Plan B” to AchieveYour Dreams?Often, many of us are working at jobs that aren’t fulfilling or simply don’t pay us whatwe’re worth. As a result, many of us have pushed our dreams off for “sometime in thefuture” or have given up on them entirely.In many cases, we have adjusted our dreams to fit our income, when in reality, weshould find ways to adjust our income to fulfill our dreams.Whether it’s more time to spend with our families, children, grandchildren, or thefinancial stability to vacation, buy a home, a second home, or even a luxury car,network marketing provides a vehicle for people to create the income or the timefreedom necessary to pursue the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.
  5. 5. Do You Have a “Plan B” to Achieve Your Dreams? Dreams Reality Reality Income Deficit Income© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. The Solution: EIRO ResearchThe answer to today’s challenges is a fresh take on a fundamental idea: arevolution in network marketing. The merging of social media, such as twitter,facebook, youtube, and others with traditional commerce has created adynamically different network marketing industry we call “social commerce.”Because this industry is reaching people more effectively than ever, network marketing is making wavesin terms of solving some of the main challenges that face people today. In fact, it is so effective that trend settersand early adopters are investing in and/or starting their own networking companies. Warren Buffet (one of theworld’s wealthiest investors) owns or owns portions of direct selling and network marketing companies. RichardBranson (another of the world’s wealthiest and expert branding and marketing guru) has also taken notice andinvested in network marketing companies.Financial stability:• Network marketing offers an opportunity to earn part-time, full-time, or even more significant income• Network marketing has a strong track record of helping people achieve financial well being• This industry also allows you to build a residual, sustainable income by building a distribution network by one of the most effective marketing tools: word of mouthImproved well being:• Products distributed through the network marketing channel are traditionally focused on proactively addressing health, as opposed to reacting to the things that go wrong• Network marketing allows a flexible schedule that allows you to work when you choose, pursuing goals that you set for yourselfBalanced Lifestyle:• Network marketing allows you to live a fuller, richer lifestyle as a result of the benefits of additional income and time flexibility• Choose your own hours
  7. 7. The Solution: EIRO Research Network marketing Prominent ---- investors seize $100 billion opportunity and global industry move into industry Social media and social commerce converge to propel industry SkinCeuticals© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. What Sets EIRO Apart?Network marketing is one of the most effective vehicles to move a product to marketand to reward those who are involved with its distribution. Though there are goodcompanies in the industry, there are few great companies. Often, people don’t reachtheir expectations in this industry because of challenges outside their control. In fact,roughly 98% of network marketing companies are fundamentally flawed in at least onekey area. Only 2% of all networking companies fall into the top tier, based on five key essentials for success. EIROResearch is creating a revolution in network marketing by executing on the five key essentials of success from thecreation of the company.There are key factors you must look for when deciding which company is best for you. Too often, companies in thenetwork marketing industry are lacking in one or more essential capacity. There are five key essentials for a companyto be considered in the top 2% of all network marketing companies. These essential ingredients put you in positionwhere you can enjoy the benefits.1. Corporate Leadership – in this day and age, you want to be associated with strong business people who live by the highest ethical standards. You also want to look for management who are not network marketers themselves. The skill set to run the day to day business operations are fundamentally different than those required to build a successful team.2. Field Leadership – When choosing a company, look for master distributors with integrity, a track record of success, and a genuine interest in your success. Also, look for a system that makes your business easy to duplicate—almost like a franchise without the startup costs.3. Timing and Emerging Market Trends - obviously, nobody is interested in buying 8-track tapes these days. Make sure the company you work with is ahead of emerging trends, like liquid nutrition and antioxidants4. Exclusive best-in-class products - there are a lot of products out there and a lot of them are great. A product should be unique, consumable, have mass appeal, and ultimately taste great5. Leveraged income model: -for network marketing to work for you, it must have a competitive and rewarding compensation plan. EIRO offers the most rewarding compensation plan in the industry, regardless of your experience in networking
  9. 9. What Sets EIRO Apart? The Five Key Essentials for Success 1. Corporate Leadership 2. Field Leadership: Proven System 3. Timing & Emerging Market Trends 4. Exclusive Best-in-Class Products 5. Hybrid Compensation Model© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Corporate Leadership – Proven SuccessThe first key essential is corporate leadership. EIRO’s corporate leadership is made up ofa team of exceptional individuals. Each brings a wealth of experience to the table in a varietyof areas. One of the most important aspects is that they have been successful together longbefore EIRO began.In 2005, EIRO’s CEO, Chris Hausman and EIRO’s CFO, Joe O’Connor sold a very successful skin care company, calledSkinCeuticals, to L’Oreal. The transaction was so large that the team left with significant capital resources—enough to start acompany like EIRO many times over. After the sale to L’Oreal, the team went their separate ways for about two and a half years.After that, they decided to get back into business together again, this time to focus on something they already knew very well:antioxidants. Bound by a non-compete agreement, Chris and Joe were not able to produce skin care products. Because of theirin depth knowledge of antioxidants and delivery systems, they decided to enter the liquid nutriceutical market with a product thatwas second to none.After spending two years with one of the largest suppliers to the direct selling industry, Joe O’Connor knew the power of thenetwork marketing model. He knew that a good product, placed in the capable hands of independent associates would not onlybring the product to market in a high-growth model, but would also handsomely reward the individuals who were involved in thedistribution of the product. Joe also saw an opportunity to change the network marketing environment forever by rewarding manypeople rather than just a few. It didn’t take long to convince the other founders that this was the right opportunity.After deciding to enter the marketplace again, the first step was putting the team together. Chris and Joe looked to their formerteam for the best and brightest in corporate strategy, culture, marketing, branding, operations and I/T. Dr. David Rahm, whoknew Chris and Joe from the SkinCeuticals experience, made the perfect addition as the chief medical officer. His experience inproduct formulation and validation was unprecedented. As a board certified anesthesiologist and president of the WellnessCenter in Southern California, he knows how important nutrition is to the human body.Lori Hoffman, VP of administration, and Lisa Hawkins, director of marketing, had both worked with Chris and Joe atSkinCeuticals and immediately accepted key roles in the organization. With the core components in place, it was timeto bolster their experience in the network marketing channel. They reached out to Dave Fleming, who had workedwith some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the network marketing industry both internationally anddomestically. They knew his experience would be invaluable as they built a company that could be a hero in theindustry.
  11. 11. Corporate Leadership – Proven SuccessChris Hausman Joe O’Connor David Rahm, MD Lori Hoffman Dave Fleming Lisa HawkinsCEO CFO Chief Medical Officer VP Administration President Director Marketing  A proven track record – rapid, stable growth with minimal risk  Small, well-capitalized investor group  Over 75 years combined experience at senior management level  Award winning product development, strategy and service © 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Field Leadership–Providing a Proven SystemThe second essential is field leadership.After putting the corporate leadership in place, it was time to find a team of“founding partners” who would set the right tone for the EIRO culture andlead the field to unprecedented success. The management team at EIROknew that a company built to last needs partners who represent the best and highest standard the industry hasto offer. Independently, Bo Short, and Ty Tribble have achieved incredible success in the industry. Together,they represent a dynamic combination of individuals who compliment each other’s strengths and provide asystem of duplication that makes it possible for everyone to win. In fact, both Bo and Ty were identified tobe among “52 of the Brightest Minds Inside Network Marketing.”Bo Short is an author, speaker and leadership expert. He has spoken to more than 1,000,000 people in 21countries. In the direct selling industry, he has risen to the top of three companies and served as CEO foranother. Bo has been featured on the cover of industry magazines and in numerous books about networkmarketing. Bo has been highlighted in Entrepreneur Magazine and appeared on Oprah and Dateline NBC. Bolives in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife Sandy and their daughter Taylor.Ty Tribble has earned his reputation as an expert on the industry by authoring the most widely read blog on thetopic of network marketing. With Bo, he co-authored a book about network marketing. Ty has been featured inEntrepreneur Magazine and is referenced in countless books on the topic of Network Marketing and DirectSales. Ty’s success in the industry has allowed him to enjoy the lifestyle that comes from building a successfulnetwork marketing business. His site is one of the most popular sites dedicated tonetwork marketing.Together with EIRO, they put together a system of tools and technology that makes your business turn-key. Ifyou plug into the system and use the tools, your potential for success is unlimited. As an EIRO associate,you’ll have access to regular webinars, live conference calls, 24-hour recorded calls, opportunity and trainingmeetings, as well as the most advanced online recruiting system in the industry today, called iEIRO.
  13. 13. Field Leadership – Providing a Proven System Experienced leadership  Turnkey online system 24-hour recorded calls  Online back office and tools Opportunity meetings/calls  Leading-edge technology Training calls and seminars  24/7 webinars EIRO’s Founding Partners: Ty Tribble & Bo Short © 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Timing: Emerging Market TrendsThe third key essential is the timing and trends in the market.Opportunities are only as good as the time they enter the market.When deciding which opportunity is right for you, consider the timingand the market trends associated with the business. For example, you wouldn’t be veryinterested in an 8-track tape business right now.Wellness, nutrition, and supplements are trends that have proven themselves over the lastdecade, but show phenomenal growth, even while other markets decline. In fact, the health andwellness industry, including nutritional supplements has grown to over $400 Billion in annualrevenue.Within the category of supplements, liquid supplements and especially “functional beverages”have been one of the hottest areas of growth in an already exciting market. Functionalbeverages have a projected 15 – 20% growth rate for the next few years.Energy drinks are a market that is expanding rapidly as well. The energy drink market isestimated at $4.8 billion annually and is projected to double in size in the next two years.“Early Adopters” is a term that applies to those who see trends emerging and position themselvesin front of these trends to be successful. While early adopters make up only 13.5% of thepopulation, they are some of the most successful people in the world.
  15. 15. Timing: Emerging Market Trends Weight loss Energy drinks ---- ---- $55-60 billion market $4.8 billion market ---- ---- $3 billion annual 50% projected annual growth growth Functional beverages ---- 15% - 20% projected annual growth© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. EIRO: Superantioxidant Liquid NutriceuticalThe fourth key is the product. (play chapter 2 of the DVD at this point if you have access toa DVD player or laptop computer)In the past few years, nutriceutical products (science-based nutritional products) and especially antioxidant products havebecome increasingly popular for their host of benefits. More and more, capsules and pills are being replaced by liquid nutritionalsupplements. EIRO entered the market with a fresh take on liquid nutrition. A new body of scientific research shows thatconsuming whole foods is best way to get complete nutrition. Using a combination of five superfruits, (a superfruit is a fruitknown for its high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, or bioflavanoids) EIRO produced a unique andproprietary product that delivers exceptional benefits through a whole, pure, and natural formula.The five whole fruit purees featured in EIRO are:• Caja – a first to market superfruit which is rich in vitamins B, C, and potassium as well as iron and calcium• Camu Camu – this fruit has the highest concentration of vitamin C in the world• Pomegranate – world renowned for its antioxidant and nutritional value• Açaí – popular in recent years, it contains essential fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants, including resveratrol• Acerola – this fruit is naturally high in potassium, magnesium, and other antioxidantsThe benefits many describe include increased energy, which is the #1 reason people turn to supplements, strengthenedimmunity, improved mental clarity among many others. One of the key benefits is that EIRO neutralizes oxidative stress,which has been shown to affect a number of things, from how you experience the aging process to joint comfort and mobility.Taking EIRO for 30 days consistently will bring benefits that you will be able to feel and see.The uniqueness of EIRO’s superantioxidant formula comes from the theory of including only what nature intended. There are nofreeze-dried or extracted ingredients in the product. There are no added sweeteners or preservatives. In fact, EIRO achievesone of the highest ORAC scores in the market by simply providing whole fruit purees in a liquid form.EIRO does not claim to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. Our products are not evaluated by the FDA as they are nutritionalsupplements. Because we are so confident you will love them, we offer a 30 100% money-back guarantee.
  17. 17. EIRO - Superantioxidant Liquid Nutriceutical CLINICALLY VALIDATED, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, GREAT-TASTING ANTIOXIDANT • Supports cardio and immune function • Improves stamina, energy and mobility • Neutralizes oxidative stress that leads to premature aging FORMULATION ADVANTAGES • Whole food formula – made with 5 whole fruit purees • No freeze-dried or extracted ingredients • No added sweeteners or preservatives • High in antioxidants – one of the highest ORAC scores on the market These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. EIRO Energy• EIRO Energy is a healthful alternative to the crash and burn energy drinks and sodas on the market today• It gives the mind and body a balanced, natural boost of energy without decline or instability• In addition, it provides essential vitamins and minerals for your health, as well as antioxidants that help neutralize oxidative stress (free radicals that destroy your cells and DNA)EIRO Energy’s unique formulation is summed up with the 4-G’s. Guarana is a naturalingredient, much like the coffee bean, known for it’s naturally occurring caffeine, whichprovides a better balance of energy than synthetic caffeine. Ginseng is known for itsenergy producing qualities. Gingko Biloba has been used for centuries for mentalclarity and energy. Green Tea extract harnesses the benefits of green tea, including anatural source of energy that lasts for hours.What is just as important as what is in the product is what is NOT in the product. Youwill not find any refined sugars, including high-fructose corn syrup or any artificialsweeteners. You will also not find synthetic caffeine or taurine—both of which havebeen linked to a sudden decline in energy levels in recent research. There are nopreservatives and there is no carbonation—one of the largest sources of free radicalsin most people’s diets.
  19. 19. EIRO Energy • Clean-sustained energy NO refined sugars • Gives mind and body a balanced boost NO artificial sweeteners NO synthetic caffeine • Natural, not synthetic, sources of energy NO taurine - guarana, green tea, ginseng, ginkgo biloba NO preservatives NO carbonation These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. EIROfit SystemThe EIROfit system is a comprehensive system of: • highly effective products • prescribed dietary regimes • exercise guidelines • exclusive online tracking and community supportThe EIROfit system was designed to help you achieve your ideal weight throughcompliance, simplicity and community. EIROfit’s online support system makes theprogram simple to follow and helps you stick to the program.Before the EIROfit system launched in October 2009, EIRO conducted an 8-week pilotstudy of the system. During the study, participants followed the regime for the EIROfitinduction phase. The results of the study were astounding, with the top participantlosing 42.6 lbs and 18.68 % body weight in just 8 weeks! You can see some of theEIROfit success stories by visiting
  21. 21. EIROfit System A COMPREHENSIVE SYSTEM OF: • highly effective products • prescribed dietary regimes • exercise guidelines • exclusive online tracking and community support EIGHT WEEK FIELD TEST: 25 individuals lost 467 pounds Eight weeks 42.6 lbs 18.68 % body weight These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results not typical. Individual results may vary.© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. EIROfit SystemThe EIROfit System includes 2 highly effective products: EIROLean and EIRO Burn.EIRO Lean is a delicious shake formulated with a proprietary blend for optimal wellness andweight management.EIRO Lean contains: • EIRO RS technology, a proprietary blend of resistant starch and fiber • 25% RDI of 23 vitamins and minerals • 230 calories per servingEIRO Burn is a metabolism-boosting dietary supplement for optimal weight management. EIROBurn helps achieve ideal weight while helping control hunger and increasing energy. Themetabolic enhancer contains a proprietary blend of six key research-backed ingredients that worksynergistically.
  23. 23. EIROfit System EIRO Lean Meal Replacement Shake • Delicious shake formulated with a proprietary blend for optimal wellness and weight management • Contains EIRO RS technology, a proprietary blend of resistant starch and fiber • 25% RDI of 23 vitamins and minerals • 230 calories per serving EIRO Burn Metabolic Enhancer • A metabolism-boosting dietary supplement for optimal weight management • Helps achieve ideal weight while helping control hunger and increasing energy • Contains a proprietary blend of six key research- backed ingredients that work synergistically These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results not typical. Individual results may vary.© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  24. 24. Three Ways to Get StartedThere are three ways to get started at EIRO.The first way is to simply purchase your starter kit and get started onautoship. There are many possible options for your autoship order.The EIRO starter kit is $39, plus you will want to set up your monthly autoship at $140.00 plus taxand shipping.The second way to get started is a “business builder” package. This is a package that isdesigned for people who are serious about adding some additional income, but may not havemore than a few hours each week to promote their business. The package contains plenty ofmaterials to help you get started. This package is $250.00 plus the monthly autoship at $140.00plus tax and shipping. For the same price, you can also get the “business builder fit” package,which includes different product components: geared for those who wish to utilize the EIROfitsystem.The third way to get started is with the “leader upgrade” package. This package is designed forpeople who are looking to add some significant additional income, whether that is $500 a monthor $5000 a week. This package is valued at over $1400 for just $975 and is the best choice forsomeone who is seriously considering earning significant income through EIRO. For the sameprice, you can also get the “leader fit” package, which includes different product components:geared for those who wish to utilize the EIROfit system. Right now, there are some additionalreasons to come into the business with a leader upgrade which you can see in a moment.
  25. 25. Three Ways to Get Started Starter Kit - $39 [$49 value] 1 EIRO Business Plan 1 Your Business at Home magazine EIRO Global Cash Card Business Builder - $250 [$450+ Value] Business Builder Business Builder Fit 2 EIRO 750 ml 24 Energy 20 EIRO minis 2 EIRO Lean 12 Energy 1 EIRO Burn 10 Magazines 10 Magazines 1 Event Ticket 1 Event Ticket Leader Package - $975 [$1400+ Value] Leader Package Leader Fit 6 EIRO 750 ml 2 EIRO 750 ml 6 EIRO Lean 100 EIRO minis 40 EIRO minis 3 EIRO Burn 48 Energy 48 Energy 20 Magazines 20 Magazines 2 Event Tickets 2 Event Tickets© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  26. 26. EIRO Quinfinity PlanThe fifth and final key essential for a successful network marketing company is the compensation plan.EIRO Research has taken 60 years of history in this industry and has compiled some of the bestinnovations in compensation plans. EIRO’s plan is based on some simple ideas that mean industry-leading results for you and your team. The result is more money, faster, and with fewer people than inother plans.There are three phases of income in EIRO’s compensation plan: Immediate income, residual income, and wealth building.The first phase is designed to help you reach some significant income early on in your business. It includes retail, preferred customer, andfast start bonuses. Retail and preferred customer bonuses are paid each time you recommend product to someone who buys product fromyou or the company directly. A preferred customer is a customer who enrolls on autoship. A preferred customer also enjoys the wholesaleprice and there is no enrollment fee to begin.Fast start commissions are paid on all orders from your new associates and customers in their first 60 days. You earn 25% on those thatyou personally enroll, 10% on those that they enroll (your second level), and 5% on those that they enroll (your third level). All retail,preferred customer, and fast start bonuses are paid out each week.The second phase is what is called the “unilevel” part of the commission plan. There are many different structures of plans in the Industry.A “unilevel” plan is simply earning a certain percentage of commission on sales volume created in your team through a certain number oflevels. EIRO selected a unilevel structure as the backbone of the compensation plan because it is the fairest and most rewarding for themost people. EIRO’s goal is to have more $500 earners than any other company in the industry.As your team grows, you can earn 10% on your first level and 5% on your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th levels. To help ensure you earn significantamounts, EIRO employs the principle of “dynamic compression” which means that if someone does not place an order, any volumeunderneath that person automatically rolls up into that position, ensuring you always maximize your income potential.The third phase of EIRO’s plan is “wealth building” income. Wealth building is the portion of the compensation plan that can change yourlifestyle most dramatically. It is based on a relatively simple concept: you succeed by helping others succeed. This concept is accomplishedthrough the check matching. EIRO’s check matching program is the most dynamic in the industry. At EIRO, you can earn a percentage ofthe checks your team earns up to five levels in depth. Upon reaching the rank of senior executive, you earn 25% of the earnings of those youpersonally enrolled. As you increase in rank, you earn check matching bonuses on deeper levels of your team—up to five levels in depth.EIRO also offers an unblocked infinity bonus, which pays you up to 2% of all orders to infinite depth in your organization once you reachqualifying ranks.EIRO Research makes no representation or guarantee of earnings through the EIRO Research opportunity. Success with EIROResearch results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success will dependupon how effectively you exercise these qualities.
  27. 27. The EIRO Quinfinity Plan A REVOLUTION IN UNILEVEL HYBRID COMPENSATION THREE PHASES OF INCOME --- FIVE WAYS TO EARN Phase 1 Retail & Preferred Customer Bonus [Immediate Income] Fast Start Bonus Phase 2 Unilevel Commission [Growth/Residual Income] Infinity Bonus Phase 3 Check Matching Bonus [Wealth Creation/Residual Income] EIRO Research makes no representation or guarantee of earnings through the EIRO Research opportunity. Success with EIRO Research results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities.© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  28. 28. EIRO Success StoriesEven though EIRO is only a few months old, there are alreadymany associates who are earning more money faster than theyexpected. The EIRO compensation plan is designed to rewardpeople at every level of the business, not just the top. Yourjourney to the top can be rewarding and lucrative, regardless of your level ofexperience or your background.As you can see here, there are individuals from virtually all walks of life: medicalprofessionals and stay-at-home moms, successful business owners andentrepreneurs and career network marketers. What they all have in common is thatthey built their businesses using the same turnkey system that you can use in yourbusiness—we call it the Building to Win formula.
  29. 29. EIRO Success Stories Keith & Tina Brown Jeff Copper Matt & Carol Shawn & Steve Ron & Jody Courtney Senior Directors Director Sweetanos Landstra Senior Directors Executive Directors Senior Directors Pam Otto Marcia & Wes Norfleet The Kibler Family Dave & Cheryl Tipton Muzafer Najfi Senior Director Senior Directors Executive Directors Executive Directors Senior Director EIRO Research makes no representation or guarantee of earnings through the EIRO Research opportunity. Success with EIRO Research results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities.© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  30. 30. Position Yourself Today!To get started, simply follow these simple steps:1. Complete an associate application—you can do this online quickly and easily or by calling EIRO at 877-951-EIRO(3476)2. Purchase your product package—this is built into the online enrollment process for quick processing3. Set up your autoship4. Set up your site5. Start making money today!
  31. 31. Position Yourself Today! FOLLOW THESE DRIVE A NEW BMW SIMPLE STEPS: 1. Complete associate application 2. Purchase product package 3. Set up your autoship 4. Set up your site 5. Start making money today! [Qualify as Senior Executive] [Qualify for BMW 3 Series] Qualification begins at 18,500* *Must purchase leader upgrade package to qualify.© 2009 EIRO Research. All rights reserved.
  32. 32. • Welcome to the EIRO Research• Business Overview.