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Get in the Social Game
It\'s no secret there\'s a dramatic change taking place with regards to the way agents and organizations prospect. Traditional methods of outreach have been around for years such as cold calling, direct mail, and email blasts. But today, with the advent of social media, smart phones and Internet communications, the models and channels of prospecting have mushroomed. You can now extend beyond your warm market into new markets that years ago could never have reached. There are new channels and larger networks to access, which create great opportunity.

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  • I’m excited to introduce you to SocialZing, one of the most impressive, full service, social marketing systems EVER. The goal is to empower you as a distributor of SocialZing to be a successful social marketing expert with twitter, facebook, and other social networks We will also empower the small business market, to help grow their business and their profits by leveraging the power of social media.
  • SocialZing is headquartered in the strong network marketing region of Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded by an experienced team of executives with more than 35 combined years of corporate, high tech software experience, and 40+ years of corporate direct selling experience. The executive team and staff is made up of well versed experts in social media marketing with years of consulting experience, and as authors and co-authors of papers and books, and seen as industry thought leaders. The SocialZing technology is an hosted, web-based system purchased as a software subscription service. Which means there’s nothing to install or download and is accessible anywhere you have internet access.
  • As we look at what drives business growth and success, a very key element is to generate a constant flow of leads and new opportunities. Traditional prospecting tools have been around forever and historically generate low response rates or in many cases no response. For example... Direct mail can be expensive and response rates are traditionally low Cold calling rarely generates anything positive or worth pursuing Email blasts often get caught in spam filters or are seen by the receiver as spam
  • Traditional prospecting tools have little potential of reaching your entire market opportunity. With the advent of social media, interment marketing, and smart phones, we can now cast a broader net and reach far beyond traditional marketing efforts into new areas and contacts that choose to opt-in to following you and learning from you. Social media networks are a low to no cost, high return vehicle for small businesses and agents. Different than buying a list of names for a one-time, direct mail campaign, social marketing is a no cost effort communicating your offers and promotions to thousands of contacts every single day.
  • The impact of social marketing on sales has been validated with extensive research. Confirming that social media marketing increases sales on an average of +18% Where as, those with least social activity drop sales by -6% If you’re not communicating, your losing revenue and customers!
  • Additionally, studies show that it’s more effective to incorporate multiple networks into your social marketing campaigns than building only one network. Page views and sales opportunities increase when posting to both Facebook and Twitter. Including LinkedIn when targeting business is also smart. Google+ is growing fast and should also be considered.
  • Organizations across all industries are quickly incorporating social marketing campaigns as a core component of their overall marketing strategies. There are many real world examples proving this. For example… JetBlue gave away 1,000 free round trip tickets with an exclusive Twitter based treasure hunt campaign where they gained 4,000 new followers in one day. You can’t buy that kind of direct mail list. Web host provider, Moonfruit, invested $15K in a social marketing campaign and gained a 300% increase in web traffic and 20% increase in sales.
  • The problem is that few small businesses really understand what social media is or how to make it work. They don’t know where to start, what networks to join, who to invite, what to say, or how much it will cost or time it will take. SocialZing makes social marketing simple. SocialZing automates the social marketing effort by providing quality content, scheduling to a calendar, and driving prospects to lead capture sites.
  • SocialZing is the ultimate, all-in-one, social marketing system. Single point solutions deliver one component or another. Only SocialZing delivers a full integrated suite of five applications that synergistically work together to help you prospect and convert new business. SocialZing provides a unique marketing system to help grow your network and connect with qualified people. SocialZing gives you a way to engage them. SocialZing takes the mystery out of social marketing and delivers an easy-to-use approach that even simple users understand. With SocialZing you will… 1) Post & Blog: Schedule posts and blogs to a few or all of your social profiles at once. Or turn on the exclusive autopilot feature and let system do the work for you. 2) Lead Capture: Create professional Facebook promotional page’s and lead capture sites in minutes with our easy to use, paint by the numbers system. You won’t need your tech buddy to help you. 3) Web Meetings: Deliver meaningful web presentations with online meeting system. Nothing to download or install, send your attendees you meeting link and they’re in. 4) Keep in Touch: Manage and track new leads and nurture prospects with automated email follow up and drip campaigns. The SocialZing platform includes a suite of five products that directly address these key steps of prospecting and converting new business. It’s the easiest to use, most powerful social marketing system of it’s kind.
  • SocialZing makes it easy to get in the social game, scheduling your social posts and blogs in advance to your posting calendar, giving you immediate social presence. You can’t post once a week to twitter and think you’re going to nurture a following. As a small business owner/operator I don’t have time on some days to do my social marketing. That’s where SocialZing comes in. You can set things up in advance or turn on the autopilot feature and let the system run in the background. Jump in at anytime and keep things real by adding your own post on the fly. Setting up Facebook and Lead captures pages has never been this easy. Incorporate your company message, videos and lead capture forms in minutes. Web presentations are often the quickest and most effective way to share your story. Across town or across the globe, you can share voice and video along with your slide show. Fortune is in the follow up, and now you can track and follow up on your leads as they drop in your system. Receive text and email notifications with every new lead. Respond with one click emails and drop your prospects in your custom made drip email campaigns for further nurturing.
  • Single point solutions focus on a single task or function. Purchasing multiple systems can be expensive and a lot to manage. Never has there been an integrated marketing system quite like SocialZing that focuses beyond the tasks at driving prospects and growing business. And at an affordable price equal to many of the single point solutions by themselves.
  • Active, successful agents are usually in the sales field and not always in their office. As a 100% web based application, SocialZing can be accessed anytime, anywhere for on the go updates. SocialZing’s native iPhone and Android applications will be available soon.
  • Having tools is great. But knowledge is power and makes you a true expert. Now you can become a social guru expert by attending Social Guru University. Certify on key social media topics, learn about the different social networks and how to use them. Learn how to build your network, create leads and close deals using social media. It’s a one of a kind education system that is realistic and useful.
  • SocialZing is aggressively priced to fit your budget. Now you can get 5 products for the price of one. It’s crazy but it’s true! Set up your lead capture system with our easy to use QuickStart package. Or you can upgrade to our powerful social conversion system, SocialSuite . For power builders needing more capture pages and larger counts be sure to sign up for PowerSuite . Now you can deal with one vendor, one service department, and one monthly bill rather than multiple products and prices.
  • SocialZing has quickly become one of the most impressive full service social marketing systems EVER! Now there is a product that appeals to ALL vertical markets and can be used to sell ALL of the products you represent. It’s the most amazing product ever made available to network marketers. The lucrative comp plan was designed especially for you with multiple ways of payment. Don’t miss out on the amaZING opportunity.
  • Please be sure to follow SocialZing on facebook and twitter. Thank you!
  • Get in the Social Game

    1. 1. <ul> </ul><ul>The Ultimate, All in One, Social Marketing System </ul>
    2. 2. <ul><li>Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah
    3. 3. 35+ combined years corporate high-tech
    4. 4. 40+ combined years of corporate MLM
    5. 5. Social marketing experts, author’s, thought leaders
    6. 6. Hosted, web-based technology system
    7. 7. Outstanding customer references </li></ul><ul>About SocialZing </ul>
    8. 8. <ul>Leads Are the Life Blood of Any Business </ul><ul>However… </ul><ul><li>Direct mail is expensive with low response
    9. 9. Email blasts get tagged as spam
    10. 10. Cold calls are ineffective </li></ul>
    11. 11. <ul>Social Media Marketing Changes Everything! </ul><ul>Target Market </ul><ul>New Social Opportunity </ul><ul>Traditional Prospecting Coverage </ul><ul>Cold Call </ul><ul>Direct Mail </ul><ul>Email </ul>
    12. 12. <ul>Source: Altimeter Group / Wetpaint Research Study 2011 </ul><ul>Company sales with highest levels of social media </ul><ul>Company sales with least social activity </ul><ul>Research Confirms Social Media Increases Sales </ul><ul>+18% </ul><ul>-6% </ul>
    13. 13. <ul>Multiple Sharing Is More Effective </ul><ul><li>Page views increase when posting on Twitter and Facebook
    14. 14. Consider including LinkedIn for business, and Google+ </li></ul><ul>Source: Hubspot 2011 </ul>
    15. 15. <ul>Real-World Success </ul><ul>Gave away 1,000 free tickets on Twitter. Gained 4,000 followers in one day. </ul>
    16. 16. <ul>How Do I Make This Work? </ul><ul>Where do I find time? </ul><ul>What networks do I join? </ul><ul>What do I write? </ul><ul>How much does it cost? </ul><ul>Who do I invite? </ul>
    17. 17. <ul>Four Easy Steps </ul><ul>Social Conversion Platform </ul><ul>SocialZing </ul><ul>PageZing </ul><ul>CaptureZing </ul><ul>LeadZing </ul><ul>MeetingZing </ul><ul>1 </ul><ul>Post & Blog </ul><ul>Social Marketing System </ul><ul>Post </ul><ul>Post </ul><ul>2 </ul><ul>Lead Capture </ul><ul>Facebook Page </ul><ul>Lead Capture Site </ul><ul>URL link </ul><ul>4 </ul><ul>Keep in Touch </ul><ul>Lead Management </ul><ul>Add to drip campaign </ul><ul>Add to drip campaign </ul><ul>3 </ul><ul>Web Meeting </ul><ul>Web Presentation System </ul><ul>Request Presentation </ul>
    18. 18. <ul>Product Overview </ul><ul>1 </ul><ul>Post & Blog </ul><ul>2 </ul><ul>Lead Capture </ul><ul>2 </ul><ul>Lead Capture </ul><ul>4 </ul><ul>Keep in Touch </ul><ul>3 </ul><ul>Web Meeting </ul><ul>1 </ul><ul>Post & Blog </ul><ul>2 </ul><ul>Lead Capture </ul><ul>2 </ul><ul>Lead Capture </ul><ul>4 </ul><ul>Keep in Touch </ul><ul>3 </ul><ul>Web Meeting </ul>
    19. 19. <ul>One Integrated Solution </ul><ul>Social Conversion </ul><ul>3 </ul><ul>Web Meeting </ul><ul>1 </ul><ul>Post & Blog </ul><ul>4 </ul><ul>Keep in Touch </ul><ul>2 </ul><ul>Lead Capture </ul>
    20. 20. <ul>Anywhere Access </ul>
    21. 21. <ul>Close Deals </ul><ul>Create Leads </ul><ul>Build Network </ul><ul>We’ve Got Your Back </ul>
    22. 22. <ul>Plans and Pricing </ul><ul>QuickStart </ul><ul>$19/month </ul><ul>Lead Capture System </ul><ul>PageZing </ul><ul>2 Facebook Pages </ul><ul>CaptureZing </ul><ul>2 Lead Capture Sites </ul><ul>PowerSuite </ul><ul>$74/month </ul><ul>Power Builder </ul><ul>SocialZing </ul><ul>Content Library </ul><ul>MeetingZing </ul><ul>15 Attendees </ul><ul>SocialSuite </ul><ul>$ 44/month </ul><ul>Social Conversion System </ul><ul>PageZing </ul><ul>3 Facebook Pages </ul><ul>CaptureZing </ul><ul>3 Lead Capture Sites </ul><ul>$80 /annual passport </ul><ul>LeadZing </ul><ul>1,000 Contacts </ul><ul>SocialZing </ul><ul>Content Library </ul><ul>MeetingZing </ul><ul>500 Attendees </ul><ul>PageZing </ul><ul>Unlimited Facebook Pages </ul><ul>CaptureZing </ul><ul>Unlimited Lead Capture Sites </ul><ul>LeadZing </ul><ul>5,000 Contacts </ul>
    23. 23. <ul>World-Class Opportunity </ul><ul><li>Lucrative comp plan
    24. 24. Cutting-edge technology
    25. 25. Relevant to all vertical markets
    26. 26. Established retail sales
    27. 27. Helps you sell other products
    28. 28. Outstanding customer service
    29. 29. Experienced corporate team </li></ul><ul>Just ZING it! </ul>
    30. 30. <ul> </ul><ul>Thank You! </ul><ul> </ul>