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Him 100 power point presentation


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This is a Power Point presentation explaining the importance of a resume and how it can be utilized by job seekers.

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Him 100 power point presentation

  1. 1. Your résumé should provide a snapshot of your background, education, and work experience.Résumés
  2. 2.  Describes job-related experience Lists qualifications Provides evidence of your written communication skills Use a résumé template Should be concise, typed and professional in appearanceRésumés
  3. 3.  Print and electronic format Easily faxed, scanned, sent as an e-mail attachment, or photocopied with good quality Printed on plain white paper, no borders or graphics Well organized and formatted, using bullets and underliningRésumés
  4. 4.  Emphasize educational background, skills, and abilities that match the qualifications for the job School accomplishments, extracurricular activities, awards, leadership roles, computer skills, seminars attended, certificates, etc.Résumés
  5. 5.  Important part of the employment process, used to screen applicants Will determine if you get an interview Many employers require online applications Make sure you can navigate the computerized system Follow instructions, check spellingJob Applications
  6. 6.  List accurate dates for your education and work experience Be clear about the position you want Don’t leave out any information Give thought to answering the question, “why are you applying for this job?”Job Applications
  7. 7.  Be truthful Criminal history background checks Disclose misdemeanors ◦ A minor offense with a fine and/or short jail sentence as a penalty Felony ◦ A major offense with extensive jail time as a penaltyJob Applications
  8. 8.  Employers may run a credit report ◦ A review of records to assess a person’s financial status They visit social networking sites, blogs ◦ Similar to newspaper columns but published on the Internet instead of in print Don’t post personal information Consider recorded telephone messagesJob Applications