!CV - Krzysztof Luszczki - Web and Graphic Designer - 2010-12-29


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Web and Graphic Designer

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!CV - Krzysztof Luszczki - Web and Graphic Designer - 2010-12-29

  1. 1. ········ CURRICULUM VITAE ········ Name: Krzysztof Piotr Luszczki Date of birth: 01/12/1979 Born in: Kozuchow, Poland E-mail : krisoft@krisoft.pl Web-page: www.krisoft.eu Apt. 510, Mount Kenneth Apartments, Address: Dock Road, Limerick City, Ireland Mob. Phone : 00353 85 708 24 68 Education: Primary school - 1987 – 1994 National University of Poland, Zielona Góra Secondary 1 - 1994 – 1997 Graphic Designer course (extramural 2 years) Secondary 2 - 1997 – 2000 Completion date: June 2002 Skills: · 6 year experience in the field of graphic and 3 years in web designing. · Software experience: Adobe Photoshop CS2, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photo Paint, Composer, Sign Lab, Freehand, Flash for banner designing, MS Office. · Web designing - very good knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, Content Management Systems (CMS) · Experience in using and modifying JavaScript’s, Action scripts, and usage knowledge of all internet media. · Experience in sign making industry with a proven track record of sign writing. · Strong visualisation and graphic design skills demonstrated through online and attached portfolio. · Knowledge of computer-based multimedia technologies, web/electronic publishing and video editing technologies. · Current knowledge of new technologies and current trends. · Capability to multi-task and manage multiple projects, whilst working to strict deadlines. · Able to deal with clients, understand customers needs and manage customer relationships. · Good eye in digital photography and managing a photo studio, · Very good practical knowledge of building computers. · Practical knowledge of building and administrating LAN sites. Some Recent works : · Very good knowledge of MS Windows systems (98,2000,XP, Vista). ⇒ www.jmbeautysupply.com · Production & manufacturing practice. ⇒ www.bioactivegym.com ⇒ www.sklepwisla.com ⇒www.glitterybijou.com I think that my attributes are ... ⇒ www.rossa-motors.com ⇒ www.grsrecovery.com · 6 years of work in many positions gives me wide knowledge in many fields, ⇒ www.paw-tech.com · learning very fast all new things, · very good computer literate. ⇒www.modernglazing.ie · patience, creative, disposable at any time and friendly to all, ⇒ www.castleslimerick.com · not afraid to take on responsibility and work on own initiative , ⇒ www.westele.net · likes to get things done and takes pride in seeing the project through , · has an eye for design and quality setting high standards, · Artistic mind and manual abilities, · ability to manage a number of projects simultaneously, · can operate cutting plotters in solvent print system, · can work in remote (as graphic and web designer) · have my own transport Language: · POLISH – mother language · ENGLISH – fluent 1/3
  2. 2. Interest / hobby : graphic designing, digital photography, internet, new multimedia - technology - trends, travelling, mountain biking, swimming, 80’s - 90’s and new age music, good movies, cinema, theatre, learning new things.WORK EXPERIENCE - IN IRELAND ( SINCE X-2006 )Company name: “SIGNLYNX” www.signlynx.ieCompany location: LIMERICK – Eastlink Business ParkFormal title: SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER – SIGNWRITERI was one and only Graphic Designer responsible for all Graphic Design, preparing files for printer and plotter.I was also making final stickers from those prints and cuts in colour foil to final look which was the clients order. Start date: JAN 2008 End date: MAY 2008Company name: “DELL COMPUTERS"Company location: LIMERICK - Raheen Ind. Estate, EMF3Formal title: Computer BuilderStart date: OCT 2007End date: JAN 2008Company name: “SIGNS PLUS" www.signsplus.ieCompany location: LIMERICK - Docklands Bus. Pk. Unit 5, Dock RoadFormal title: SENIOR SIGNWRITER – GRAPHIC DESIGNER Start date: APR 2007 End date: OCT 2007Main duties: Designing signs for customer needs, general assistance in sign production and installation, job files administration, operating cutting plotters in solvent print system - digital printer operator, laminating prints, weeding vinyl from cars, assist in vinyl applications on vehicles, folding, packaging and sending signs to customers by courier, mounting on di-bond materials, cardboards woods and glass materials, mounting new signs at destination point.Work description: I was working in busy and growing sign company in Limerick. I have most involvement in graphic design and signs making and I was responsible for supervising the sign writing process.Company name: “DELL COMPUTERS"Company location: LIMERICK - Raheen Ind. Estate, Raheen, EMF3Formal title: Ram and Processors Cabinet Operator Start date: JAN 2007 End date: APR 2007 IN POLAND ( SINCE IX - 2000 )Company name: “Westimex” ( http://westimex.pl )Company location: Nowa Sól , PolandFormal title: Graphic Designer, Sales manager, Website administrator, Start date: Aug 2004 End date: Mar 2006Main duties: Administrating internet shop, adding new items, stock sales, sales consultant, customer service, creating company image (catalogues, logo, letterhead, press advertisement, stickers, stamps, administrating company WebPages).Work description: Every second day, there were new products which I’ve been taking photos, making some corrections in Photoshop (retouching, cutting objects from background) then I was creating adverts with them for online shop and for printed catalogue, other person was making price lists and with those prices i was 2/3
  3. 3. making presentation for all products, creating gallery and then making calls to all customers around Europe and offered them those new products and catalogues and invite them to online shop.Company name: “Ranis&Ranis” ( www.suder-suder.pl )Company location: Nowa Sól , PolandFormal title: Sales Assistant, Graphic Designer Start date: August 2003 End date: August 2004Work description: Creating whole company image (catalogues, logo, letterhead, outdoor signage, all kind of advertisement, stickers for cars and trucks, company stamps, company own post-cards, company website (www.suder-suder.pl ), products photography, designing price list layouts for mass e-mail sending, Designing advertisement for press. Also I was in contact with customers to expertise their satisfaction with readability of catalogues.Company name: “HESMO” - Producer of Lighting ( www.hesmo.pl )Company location: Otyń /near Nowa Sól , PolandFormal title: Graphic Designer, Informatics, LAN Administrator Start date: March 2001 End date: July 2003Work description: I was creating catalogues of products, photographing all products for catalogue (set up and layout of 150 pages – 3000 products) and for internet sales , designing brochures and instructions with exact guidelines from engineers, preparing all created files for printing (DTP), creating whole company image (logos, letterhead, product stickers, business cards, stamps, photos etc.), creating multimedia presentations (some examples are there: http://www.krisoft.pl/examples ), managing photo studio where i was making thousands photos of product for catalogue (available for preview on interview, also on company web-page), creating advertisement for magazines, press and for web, designing and making signs for company needs, designing visual look for all company vehicles, making car wraps, operating plotter printer, administrating company network, training workers in main usage of computer system and company network program, taking care of all company computers, printers, mail system, internet access etc., creating and administrating company Webpage, leading company history picture book with and all company events, creating data back-ups. You can see some of my works that I have described above on my gallery Webpage under that address: http://picasaweb.google.com/krisoft2007/EXAMPLES#Company name: “Target” - Computer ShopCompany location: Nowa Sól, PolandFormal title: Shop Menager Start date: December 2000 End date: March 2001Work description: Responsible for ordering CPU parts, sales, creating advertisement for local press, training new worker in computer building, repairing faults in computers, customer support.Company name: “CNS SOLUTIONS” - Computer shopCompany location: Warsaw & Nowa Sol, PolandFormal title: Sales assistant , Computer builder Start date: September 2000 End date: December 2000Work description: building computers under customer needs, sales representative, travelling agent, servicing and repairing cpus, ordering computer parts.Beside all those above I worked as a web & graphic designer in freelance mode. I made a lot of advertisementsand web pages. On the interview I can show some of my realised projects: catalogues, brochures, folders, designs, etc. Examples of my PORTFOLIO and recent work : • www.krisoft.pl - my website. • http://picasaweb.google.pl/krisoft2007/EXAMPLES# - some examples of my graphic work. • http://krisoft.pl/graphic/informator – graphic advertisement examples. 3/3
  4. 4. Last update: 2010-23-29 Interactive version of my CV: http://www.krisoft.pl/cv/webcv COVER LETTER Krzysztof Luszczki Graphic Age: 30 D.O.B.: (01/12/1979) Designer Contact: 085 708 24 68 www.krisoft.eu krisoft@krisoft.pl Background & Additional Information: I’m living in Limerick since September 2006 and I plan to stay here for permanent. I have 5 years experience in Graphic Design in Poland but when I first arrived to Ireland; my level of English precluded me from securing a position in my chosen industry. My English has improved significantly and my speaking may be considered as fluent.Highest Education:3rd level education: National University of Poland (extramural) - degree: Graphic Designer Work Experience Summary: • Have 6 year good all round experience across a range of web and graphic projects. • Have knowledge of the print industry (DTP) and I’m expert in Photoshop. • Developed curriculum for Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Fundamentals: Working with Images and Adobe Photoshop Advanced: Image Manipulation and Web Graphics. • Passionate about internet media and multimedia, very good knowledge of HTML language, PHP, CSS, Content Management systems (CMS) like Joomla, Word Press, Ruby on Rails, and some knowledge in using JavaScript, Action Script, creating Flash animations. • Some examples of my graphic works are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/krisoft2007/EXAMPLES# • My recent works as a freelancer in web design : www.jmbeautysupply.com www.bioactivegym.com www.sklepwisla.com www.glitterybijou.com www.rossa-motors.com www.grsrecovery.com www.paw-tech.com www.modernglazing.ie www.castleslimerick.com www.westele.net In addition to Graphic Design I have experience within the print industry with catalogues (set up and layout of 150 pages – 3000 products), multimedia presentations, brochure work, letterheads, business cards etc. (I can show them on interview) Also I’ve been working in Photo Studio, making professional retouches and photos. I would rate my software experience as follows: Photoshop 9/10 Illustrator 9/10 CoralDraw 9/10 Composer 7/10 SignLAB 7/10 Paintshop 5/10 Flash 7/10 In Design, Quark Xpress 4/10 Personality and Core Strengths:I see myself as creative with good all round web and graphic and photographic knowledge. Im very productive, quick and accurate. Reliableand like to get things done. Excellent computer skills, helpful in many software/hardware problems. Able to work on remote, enjoy being onown initiative as well as being part of the team. Experienced in working within a cross-functional team environment. Have a keen interest inexperiencing new duties. Want to work only in industry I love. • Salary Expectations: negotiable • Preferred Location of Employment: Co. Limerick • Preffered type of Employment: Full Time, or as a freelancer, remote work • References: Available on Request • Availability: Immediately for interview. Languages: Polish - mother language English - fluent 4/3
  5. 5. Interactive version of CV with portfolio : www.krisoft.euThank you for your time and consideration. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss the opening with you in person. Sincerely Krzysztof Luszczki 5/3