Troubleshooting Techniques for more Effective Customer Service


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  • Sometimes we just don’t know how to answer a question or provide help to a patron. These are some quick things to try to get you through the transaction. Using the library newsletter – website – intranetHelp screens and GoogleWhen to ask a co-workerAnd using a positive turn of phraseAll of this provides knowledge which allows us to provide added value and a better customer experienceBut why is it so important that we help patrons ? Libraries are in a very competitive environment right now. Park district for programs, Amazon for cheap books, eBooks are instant gratification, technology is getting cheaper.What have we got? Location (not really); Better stuff (nope); Free stuff? (true but costs are coming down, NetFlix/eReaders). We have an EXPERIENCE.
  • Compare PetSmart to PetCo.Think of the library as your home and the patrons are your guests. You want them to feel comfortable, enjoy their stay. So how do we do all this and give this great EXPERIENCE? Customer Service.
  • People make decisions based on what other people share. How many of you look at reviews before buying something? How many of you look up a review of a movie before seeing it? What about a book review?Click on YELPHow many of you knew the library was on YELP and getting reviewed?We want to make sure that any information that is shared; and any comments that are written are POSITIVE.
  • We need to be knowledgeable – so we can share more information.It’s not just finding the book they want, but showing them what else we haveDownloadableebooks; databases; using the library from home is all ADDED VALUEWe need to be looking at ways to sell our services and give people more options.
  • They ask different things at different desks. But we all need to know as much as possible about what goes on at the library.If someone asks about renewing an item, you need to know that. But if a patron asks about how to use their eReader, you are not expected to know that. However, you are expected to know who does know that.Don’t send someone away unless you are sending them to someone who knows the answerCall first before sending the patron awayTell the patron about other resources we have available to themILLDatabases from homeExpress computersSpecialty programs (Brian’s bird watching, investment, jobs assistance, etc.)+Book a librarian+Online Chat+Online Tutoring
  • What you KNOW is better than what you HEARD.Remember to write things down. I’d rather you write it down and need to refer back then forget and have to ask again (and again).
  • Wireless printing; esl; event newsletter; north hoffman; bookmobile; homework help/tutor
  • Staff development day; flu shots; library h3lp; my media mall; meeting minutes
  • Powerpoint – how do I repeat a sequenceWord – how do I
  • Error message - "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running..."alive and pierce paul reed (this works great for patrons in Millennium Circ Module too) example: rafaela sanchez-arriagaWriting program
  • We need to find a way to make things work.Whether a patron needs a computer but doesn’t have their library cardOr they are getting an error message on an ereader we know nothing about (but since they are using our product, we need to figure it out!)
  • We want to help others in way that they can help themselves in the future.Write things downWe learn from one another; we learn when we review a processWe all want to be part of a team
  • We need to know you want to learn and be part of a the team.
  • Tell TONE storiesGuy said I was using a “sing-song” voiceHusband says I have a TONE
  • Parent needed to look up child’s card but didn’t give the hyphenated namePatron wanted ReferenceUSA but was looking for a job: showed refusa (and +JobsNow + Learning Express + newsletter with upcoming programs
  • Troubleshooting Techniques for more Effective Customer Service

    1. 1. Oh, Darn! How am I Going to Answer That Question? Troubleshooting Techniques for more Effective Customer Service Kris Kenney Information Services Manager
    2. 2. Freya & Lily
    3. 3. If you build a great experience, customers telleach other about that. Word of mouth is verypowerful.Jeff Bezos, CEO
    4. 4. How do we do that?
    5. 5. Gather InformationWhat types of questions are people asking? What is important to know? How do we provide added value?
    6. 6. Where do we find information?* Library Newsletter Library Website Staff Intranet *Write it to remember it
    7. 7. Newsletter • Promotions • People • Hot Topics • Programs • Classes • Library News
    8. 8. Website Use the Site Search Be familiar with Research Resources, M y Media Mall, library events, etc.
    9. 9. Intranet Use the Site Search Be familiar with other departments, library activities, trai ning opportunities.
    10. 10. Write it to remember it  Closing Procedure  Refresh Displays  Turn off lights behind desk  Turn off catalog computers  Turn off monitors  Lock cash drawer and put key in office  Walkie talkie, take in back, turn off, recharge  Check to make sure office area is locked up MILLENNIUM deskcirc/read login:admin isd/value psd: p@lat!n3ne INTRANET Palatinelibrary b3zt5taff
    11. 11. Questions?
    12. 12. It’s not that type of question Computer Questions eReaders Stuff I just don’t know
    13. 13. Computer QuestionsMost programs have ahappy blue iconsomewhere on the screen. Click it! It’s there to help
    14. 14. Use theSite Search
    15. 15. Google• eReader/Overdrive error messages• Misheard/misunderstood titles• Check other libraries (programs, materials, databases)
    16. 16. Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. Theydo expect you to fix things when they gowrong.Donald Porter, V.P. British Airways
    17. 17. I still need help!You can ask for help
    18. 18. Helping people to do more for themselves isfar better than mere giving.Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company
    19. 19. When we help others, we help ourselvesHelping others gives us a sense of belonging
    20. 20. If you keep asking others to give you thebenefit of the doubt, they’ll eventuallystart to doubt your
    21. 21. Individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a team work
    22. 22. When all else fails…You can use a positiveturn of phrase
    23. 23. Turn of PhraseInstead of I don’t know Try Let me find out for you.Instead of It’s over there Try Follow me. I’ll show you.Instead of I can’t do that Try What I can do is…
    24. 24. Listen not merely to what is said but to the toneof voice in which it is said.Chinese Proverb
    25. 25. How does all this help build a better experience for our patrons?
    26. 26. I feel like Norm walking into Cheers – Puppies! They let me share stories about my dogs They smile at me and make me feel specialI walk away feeling good and wanting to go back.
    27. 27. Techniques We LearnedUsing the newsletter, website and intranetTaking notesUsing help screensUsing GoogleAsking other staff membersUsing a positive tone and turn of phrase
    28. 28. Specific example you would like to share?