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9. hear pathology; neoplasms


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9. hear pathology; neoplasms

  1. 1. Heart -Pathology    Neoplasms Rare in general MC are benign Myxoma  MC primary benign cardiac neoplasm in adults  Single  If multiple with spotty pigmentation, endocrine problems= CARNEY syndrome)  Clinical  obstruct Mitral valve ( like Ball-valve), systemic effects due to IL-6  Diagnosis Echo but confirmation is by pathology  Rx= excision is curative  Rhabdomyoma  MC primary benign neoplasm of infants & Children  ↑frequency with Tuberous Sclerosis  Pathogenesis= defective apoptosis in cardiac embryogenesis  Pathology = spider cells 1 Dr. Krishna Tadepalli, MD,
  2. 2. Heart - Myxoma 2 Dr. Krishna Tadepalli, MD,